Your Favorite Netflix Shows… Without Cigarettes

Your Favorite Netflix Shows… Without Cigarettes

This show has more cute animals
than any show on television.
But, do you know what
Netflix has the most of?
scientists found out
that Netflix shows
have more smoking
on TV than anything else.
And I love Netflix, so I
want to help this problem.
So I took the most
popular shows,
and I removed the cigarettes.
And it looks like this now.

Not the queen, nor anyone
else in my family–
No, sir.

I shall have to be brave.

My darling one.

We are in the lab?
No, we’re in NATO.
That is not what’s happening.
I turned into the hawk.
I came here to warn–

This is the confron–

Yeah, she showed me a
signed first edition
of The Old Man and The Sea.
And she says we’re–
I bet that girl can’t even–

Another for my friend here–
Oh, thanks, man.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, it’s all right.
I’m celebrating.

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