Will Big Cannabis Turn into Big Tobacco?

Will Big Cannabis Turn into Big Tobacco?

[Music] opinions on marijuana legalization ranged from regarding it as a landmark Human Rights advance to one of a disastrous anarchic profiteering sham most may agree though that the trillion-dollar war on weed has been a failed policy a vehicle for the hideous expression of our racism diverting law enforcement resources away from violent crime and yet having no appreciable effect on marijuana availability yes legalization might free up law enforcement but opponents argue that legalization may increase marijuana use among the youth not because they couldn’t get it before but because it’ll be cheaper and more socially acceptable in other words the argument goes think about the children so what happened and states like Washington and Colorado after they legalized marijuana among teens in Washington State perceived harmfulness indeed went down in marijuana use went up doubling from two to four percent in contrast no change in Colorado but presumably that’s because they had five years of commercialized medical marijuana before recreational use became legal and indeed with the original liberalisation in Colorado perceptions of risk among teens dropped more than elsewhere and rates of dependence went up a frequently cited concern with legalization said it would allow the rise of big cannabis a similar to big tobacco and big alcohol after the cannabis industry successfully beat back pesticide regulations in Colorado public health advocates experienced a feeling of deja vu trying to mitigate the adverse public health consequences in the face of an industry that just aims to maximize profit the biggest concern though may not be big cannabis turning into big tobacco but rather big tobacco turning into big cannabis marijuana legalization advocates may not have concerned to the potential effects of the multi all tobacco companies entering the market internal memo show that Big Tobacco have just been waiting in the wings for the right time to strike the fact that they created perhaps the leading cause of preventable death in the world shows how much they care about people compared to profits so that should raise some red flags Big Tobacco was expected to profit from legalization whether or not it takes over though as frequent cannabis use is a predictor of future cigarette addiction for teen non-smokers weekly cannabis use predicted a more than eight fold increase in the odds of moving from just joints to cigarettes this may be because tobacco is commonly mixed with cannabis to help it burn more smoothly thus cannabis use may indirectly exposed one to tobacco which may be seven or times more addictive than cannabis or it may just be that teens who smoke marijuana are hanging out more with a crowd that tends to smoke more cigarettes and that’s the reason though even after controlling for pure use cannabis does still seem to be a gateway drug to tobacco and perhaps is a way to deal with cannabis withdrawal either way one of the most potentially harmful effects of cannabis is that it may lead to nicotine addiction which wipes out nearly 5 million lives every year about twenty four times more than all illegal drugs combined [Music] you

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  • I live in a legal state. I make an edible by decarbing the flower and then warming it in coconut oil. I pour that into a candy mould and make uniform (dosed) nuggets that I keep in the fridge. The retail cannabis stores around here carry so many more products that do not involve smoking. There are many options for medicating with cannabis and smoking does not have to be one. I certainly prefer using it in lieu of the opioids and sleeping pills my doctor gave me.

  • We are about to legalize this in Canada this summer. No one is talking about the issues for the local community, and the terrible mental health consequences of heavy use. No one is ready for this, and I do not believe the population is smart enough to know how to deal with this properly. We are not like the Dutch, who are unbelievably practical on all issues. All they are talking about, is who is going to make the biggest profits!

  • Starting a mushroom patch outside is much less predictable than inside, because there's so many more independent and dependent variables… Same with legalizing ganja.

    Cannabis is a Herb/Tree with unique plant compounds that can be abused if overused or combusted, a lot of herbs have the same potential, a potent herb with tree-like biomass is something we can either form symbiosis with by utilizing it for all applications or we can ban it from life; as if, to serve us, is this planets only function.
    So let us grow mushrooms off it, cast your votes, and the garden mushrooms will cast mycelium onto it's dead, dried, and hydrated biomass… and then awaken to the paradigm shift.

  • If Morning Glory seeds were as useful and combustible marijuana, they'd be criminalized because of that and the fact that they contain a trace amount of LSA.

  • Marijuana was proven at the UW seattle to be just as toxic to lungs susceptible to Lung Cancer as smoking Cigarettes

  • I bet they start smoking cigarettes to mask the smell of the smoke! I remember I used to do that frequently back when I used tobacco and Cannabis together

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