Why do intelligent people still believe in religion? p. 39 “Look deep into the eyes of Jesus”

Why do intelligent people still believe in religion? p. 39 “Look deep into the eyes of Jesus”

Focus completely on Jesus.
In my church growing up, everything and I
mean everything we did required us to think
about or have something to do with Jesus.
To spend any time not thinking about Jesus
gave the devil a chance to make us sin. Even
secular songs like “She’ll be coming round
the mountain” got the words replaced with
“We will learn of Jesus when we go to church”.
It didn’t matter how wholesome or moral the
song or activity we were doing, it required
to have something to do with Jesus. Prayers
before any activity, one of my friends at
the center who is a former creationist and
still has to hide it from his fundamentalist
family. reminded me of this when we were going
to start playing settlers of catan and he
half jokingly asked “you mean praying before
playing this game isn’t in the rules?”
As a child I was obsessed with Christianity,
on top of an asperger’s like obsession, my
fear of hell and the fear of hell for others
kept me incredibly focused on Jesus. Hypnosis
is the act of focusing on one thing to the
point that you reach an altered state of thinking
where you are open to suggestion. This allows
your reality to be twisted, it can be used
for fun like stage magicians tricks, or it
can even be used to implant false memories
by bad psychologists who want to make money
off of you in counseling when you have a fake
repressed memory rise of your father molesting
you. Scientists really do not know what causes
a person to be more or less susceptible to
hypnosis. Children are especially vulnerable
and open to suggestion. Perhaps one of the
positive side effects of Media induced ADD
in the new generation is their inability to
focus preventing them from being effected
by suggestion.
Hypnosis was of course considered evil by
my church and a possible way for demons to
get in. We didn’t even know what it really
was and that our single-minded focus on our
faith was hypnosis as deep as you can get.
I have a very vivid memory of playing baseball
or one of our calvin-ballesque version of
it out in the front yard. I remember it hitting
me that I had not thought about Jesus for
an hour because I was focused on the game.
I felt a pang of guilt shoot through me. I
seriously wonder how much of my intelligence
was wasted because of the narrow mindedness
of my beliefs.
This religious hypnosis has been key to recruiting
people especially children and passing the
meme on in the religion. Reality is distorted,
mindsets are changed, possible avenues of
thought are closed off, you are now controlled
and locked into a way of thinking that facts
and reason cannot penetrate. Learning self-hypnosis
and the mechanisms of it was a major game
changer in my life, as I was able to go in
and change the way my mind worked so that
I could become socially capable and not so
prone to panic attacks and depression of all
the people I knew who were going to burn forever
in the fiery pits of hell. My mind expanded
to other possibilities and helped me to overcome
my fear and change my habits.
Self-hypnosis requires you to reach a state
of extreme relaxation, usually using a particular
technique that slows your breathing much like
a ritual. Mine involves starting out with
the count of twenty with my eyes wide open,
but focusing on relaxing, when I’ve reached
a certain state I’m at 15 with my eyelids
heavy, I close my eyes at 10, 5 and zero are
even slower breathing and relaxation. Unlike
meditation, it doesn’t require you to stop
thinking and focus on one thing, your brain
can wander all it wants, but you then focus
on what you want and what you want to change
and figure out little ways to mentally feel
like you’ve exerted that change. For me I
imagine a column running through my brain
and I will run a string underneath the column,
I will then focus on something I need to change,
or need to keep in mind and I will pull both
ends of the string thrusting up the column.
Depending on how opposing to my normal ideas
the thought is depend on how hard I need to
mentally pull, whether the column will shatter
or pass through. I usually need to do this
exercise around 3 times before I’ve made significant
changes to my thoughts and behavior.
I never used self-hypnosis to overcome religious
beliefs, until after I had become an atheist
and was dealing with some of the after effects
of things like hadephobia and the feelings
of guilt I had for studying our evolutionary
ancestors. Mostly its, I’m slacking too much
I need to change that, or I’m too socially
afraid, I need to change how I view a social
situation so I don’t end up feeling embarrassed.
Changing these things about me also had the
side effect of making me less afraid to question
and less afraid to doubt and less afraid to
study new ideas.
Hypnotism requires several factors, relaxation
the feeling of community and singing helps
with this in the church, It uses ritual to
get your mind out of reality which religion
is rife with. Many of their buildings are
intentionally set up to be so different with
the pulpit as the central focus of the viewers.
Then it requires you to focus and think only
about one thing. The church is great about
this as well. It requires slowed breathing,
which reduces oxygen and CO2 exchange. The
church doesn’t have this but it does make
you short of breath via group singing, especially
the more charismatic churches. Eddy Izzard’s
rendition of the Anglican Church’s worship
service may indicate why their numbers are
declining yearly. Lastly symbolism to focus
on changing your mind, religion is nothing
but symbolism and allegory. The ability for
the mind to wander also occurs in the sermon,
believe me I have spent many a Sunday morning
with my mind wandering while trying to focus
on yet another redone sermons.
So there we have it, all the elements of hypnotism
all encompassed by the church. They need you
to come back for repeated doses or the effect
may wear off. Ones better engineered at capturing
your focus do better which is why the mega
churches are so powerful. Its been shown that
if you use hypnosis to try and quit smoking
it works very well but if you have a bit of
weakness like you were drinking or something
and you smoke, it requires a lot more effort
to rehypnotize you to get yourself back to
that state of mind. It is why its so hard
for a hardcore christian to return after losing
his faith, he knows the methods used and is
now immune to them. It would take something
extremely mind altering like death to cause
the return to religion.
I recently talked with someone who still goes
to my old church which has given me a new
perspective on my past. I felt like our youth
group was losing focus on Jesus back when
I was in it. It confused me and disheartened
me. We did a lot less that was focused on
Jesus and actually allowed more secular entertainment
in. We spent one night watching Grease which
I thought was just appalling condoning sex
and pre-marital sex. As it turns out now,
the youth group has been taken over by my
youth pastor’s daughter and the beliefs and
teachings are a lot more moderate, Focusing
more on social community and charity and much
less on brainwashing, changing with the times.
It must change or die, religion has continued
to evolve with every generation and will continue
to do so, although many are completely oblivious
to it. If they went even 25 years back in
time, I don’t know if they would recognize
the church and its attitudes, much less back
in the years of the early church.
Forcing children to focus on Jesus out of
fear or love is a power tactic that works,
but if they ever break out of the hypnotic
spell, they will never return.

98 thoughts on “Why do intelligent people still believe in religion? p. 39 “Look deep into the eyes of Jesus”

  • I can see why Christians would accept it since human mind is primed for social relationships with other human minds and knows authority and heirarchy. Glad my family are into adoption ism and consider incarnation a polytheistic idolatrous heresy. I only replaced songs with god when I became an atheist, singing about him seemed blasphemous before that, what would he need with a dirty mortals praise? I put god in there just TO blaspheme later!

  • Forget hell I was afraid YHWH would bury me in bird crap or give me leprosy – I wasn't even his chosen people!

    Also I wanted god on my side so any teacher who gave me less than an A or who cut in line would have a car crash or cancer or something.

    Remember chanting "I love god and hate satan" over in my mind and out loud (with I'm not a fag tacked on later) so much ._. For some maybe Christiianity is harmless or a help but for aspies that doesn't seem the case, we believe too hard =/

  • I don't remember hypnotizing myself, but changed my aspienes a lot – could you self-hypnotize without knowing it, or could other methods (socializing on-line?) be of help, or could a lack of hypnotizing yourself to believe do it by itself? The only time I did anything like hypnosis was when I was religious and I haven't since then and it seems to have helped by itself. Whatever works for you I guess, I might try doing this I don't change my mind too much.

  • Wonder if group singing / dancing, symbolism and a church-style lecture hall could get more people to believe the facts the scientific method spits out… though you can't dogmatically believe critical thinking I guess…

  • Changing with the times to be more social? sounds like the anglican church…which is dying… change or die might be better said with an and 😉

  • @unassumption Just zoning out, daydreaming or getting lost in a book is a form of hypnotism. The brain tunes out everything but what you are doing

  • So true. I remember my last day in church. I could stand to listen to the songs. I could even stay for the sermon. Everything was in a different light. I could see how these repetitive acts were keeping us controlled. I had broken loose. I wasn't completely an atheist then, but I was a free-thinker.
    I knew then and there I would not be able to return to that place and be "one of the group" ever again.

  • Oh, but there's more! Maybe you will do (or have already done?) a video on the high vaulted ceilings to make you feel small and worthless, the giant statue of tortured Jesus to make you feel sorry for him, etc, etc, etc.

  • Hi anubis. Thanks for the video, first comment but I have watched many of your videos. I'm interested in the self-hypnosis that you use. It sounds very helpful for making a positive change within yourself. Can you tell me more about it or direct me somewhere to learn about it? Thanks a lot for the videos. Keep it up.

  • As a counselor I caution against using the phrase "I need to …" While the sense of urgency can motivate some to action, most people will rebel against that internal script and do nothing to spite that parent voice.

  • @anubis2814 That's probably where I learned of those tactics in the first place, now that I think about it! Good work.

  • @SuperViten Self-Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Enormous Potential of the Mind by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate PhD
    Might be a good book. I learned from my shrink, and there is a lot of BS on self hypnosis out there. I will have to do further research before I feel up to making a video on this topic.

  • @1916Saoirse1922 Self-Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Enormous Potential of the Mind by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate PhD
    Might be a good book. I learned from my shrink, and there is a lot of BS on self hypnosis out there. I will have to do further research before I feel up to making a video on this topic.

  • @Zaunstar Self-Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Enormous Potential of the Mind by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate PhD
    Might be a good book. I learned from my shrink, and there is a lot of BS on self hypnosis out there. I will have to do further research before I feel up to making a video on this topic.

  • The church hypnotises you into believing hypnosis is evil…WTF?
    Kent Hovind/Kirk Cameron use logic to convince you that you shouldn't trust logic…WTF?

  • @nazmibest Sadly logic can be used to convince you of everything if you don't understand how evidence works. You narrow the field of possibilities and their logic sounds the most plausible. I was given a horrible ludicrous explanation of evolution growing up, so god done it sounded much more realistic, it wasn't til my early 20's that I understood what evolution actually was.

  • @anubis2814 One could say "God did it" is the most logical answer because of Occam's Razor (the simplest answer is usually the correct one) So I see how people are duped into believing this useless answer.

  • @nazmibest I never subscribed to Occam's Razor. Its kind of ridiculous in my opinion. The simplest answer is usually the correct one? In what world? We know evolution is the correct answer but is evolution anywhere near "simple?" I think not.

  • @crackerkiller89 Occam's Razor actually say's the simplest explanation the explains the most evidence with the fewest flaws is probably the correct one. People just tend to shorten it

  • @nazmibest Occam's Razor actually say's the simplest explanation the explains the most evidence with the fewest flaws is probably the correct one. People just tend to shorten it

  • What's wrong with thinking about Jesus during activities?

    I have fucked for hours longer than any viagra addict just repeating Galatians 2:20 in my head.

    Yes, I said it. Thinking about Jesus is the key to sexual stamina.

    That is the only good thing I ever got out of my many years of church attempts at brainwashing me. Every other reason for thinking about Jesus is just silly wasting of one's time.

    Oh, and the second half of Galatians 2:20, careful, that part can get you off early.

  • What churches did you guys grow up in? They sound like horrible places, and incredibly more effective than the one I grew up in, if they were capable of brainwashing. That word isn't being used for dramatic effect, is it? You all really mean brainwashing in the literal sense? The church I grew up in didn't have this kind of skillz; we just went because we cared what the neighbors would say if we didn't.

  • @danielhmanning Many of us grew up in evangelical fundamentalist churches out in the Midwest. And they for one thing did not consciously realize they were brainwashing, one of the reasons why religion has remained strong in the US is that there have been many varieties tried and some stick better with people than others. They didn't brainwash on purpose, they thought they were doing good, but they certainly fit the definition. /watch?v=RA-IVaIvB5Q

  • @danielhmanning "You all really mean brainwashing in the literal sense? The church I grew up in didn't have this kind of skillz; we just went because we cared what the neighbors would say if we didn't."

    THe very definition of brainwashing.

  • @RealHempman I don't follow. If I'd been brainwashed, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have stopped going to church the Sunday after my confirmation, and not going back for the next nine years. When I said 'we,' what I meant was my parents, and myself by default. They stopped going after I quit, having fulfilled their duty in the eyes of local custom 🙂

  • @Jordann7070 Fear overpowers reason. I have overcome this fear and are no long afraid of empty threats, even though these treats claim that good people are going to burn forever for acting exactly as they were supposedly made. Every part of neurological wiring is primed for both good, evil and mistakes so we can learn good or evil. He designed us to fail, if he made us.

  • @unknown18ify Sorry unless you can provide evidence I'm not going to believe it. You can't give god a free pass, especially if consciousness and matter require a creator then god also requires a creator. How bout instead saying we don't know where the simple stuff came from instead of making the question much more infinitely improbable by adding a super extra-dimensional being to the equation.

  • The Holy Bible is truth. Its not about who is more intelligent or not, its about who has been touched by the Holy Spirit. A spiritual conviction is what it is about. An awakening.

  • @VASINGER How do you know you've been touched by the holy spirit? An emotion, a sensation a feeling. These are the least reliable forms of evidence. People who do both good and bad things do so because they feel an emotions. Every single one of these emotional experiences can be recreated in a lab or on drugs. Your brain just has a different drug cocktail than mine and has been around a better emotion inducer than mine.

  • @anubis2814 When you actually realize you are a sinner, and the whole world is an illusion, and earthly life is but the blink of an eye, you search for truth and you find it. Its not an emotion. Its turning on a light that was off.

  • @VASINGER People who believe in all different beliefs just as strongly, for the exact same reason. We are horrible worthless beings compared to god, but you get insulted when we fit all the taxonomical definitions of monkey, sounds like a inferiority/superiority complex to me.

  • Look at it this way, you have two paths. Belief in a god or gods or atheism. If you choose the path of atheism and it turns out your wrong, you're screwed! But if you choose the path of belief in God and it turns out you're wrong, you've simply hedged your bet. You lose absolutely nothing by being wrong and you gain everything if you end up being right.

  • @VASINGER "when you actually relize you are a sinner" actualy, i now know that god is even bigger sinner. i allso know that reason why people worship the god of christianity is bechose they have twisted moral compass. yaweh him self kills people and does all kind of horrible things in new and old testament. yet he still thinks its the humans that are evil. even thou he is the bigger evil. and evidently allwasy was. what you belive is not light, its a lie.

  • @Jordann7070 actualy no, many gods hate other gods and religions. so if i am a jew and islam turns out the be true, then god is gonna burn be forever. if i am protestant and chatolisism is true then god will burn me forever. and it might be that god does not want to be worshiped at all, in that case you are screwd and atheists are not. if atheism is true, then religius have wasted their lifes on superstition and ruined lives and sociatys bechose of thier superstitions.

  • @gethsoftware You're forgetting the Bible is also a HISTORY book of the Jewish people. A jealous "angry" God is also about how God was preparing them because they were a set apart people. They were the people HE chose to reveal Himself. Jesus Christ died for our sins. Its the only way. God is the epitome of purity. We live in a fallen world- we have a fallen nature. Thats why under deception we can't understand God. But His character is basically love.

  • @VASINGER You show your own ignorance as to what evolution is. It is a scientific theory that has undergone the most rigorous of criticism and still held up and is accepted by all scientists. There are mountains of evidence for it all branches of science and none of the life sciences would make any sense without it. Sadly studying even part of the evidence for evolution is boring so you will never learn what it actually is and what scientists actually say about it.

  • @VASINGER The bible is no more a history book than the Illead. It is a ton of political spin and Oral folklore, considering literacy didn't exist in Israel until the reign of Hezekiah, and nothing in the bible matches archeologically until the reign of Hezekiah. Historicity declares the bible, NOT a history book.

  • @anubis2814 Natural selection is highly improbable when you look at the human body alone. It cant even be scientifically plausible. Its an antiquated theory that existed since the Greek Philosophers. Did you know that it was originally called the Wallace-Darwin Theory. But Darwin wanted all the credit for it, and Wallace was out. There is just as much Scientific evidence for the Bible, it not more. Science highly fallible, though. Carbon dating wanes beyond a certain point.

  • @anubis2814 Actually, I have studied evolution more than you would care to know. Its a work of Science Fiction. Half the models they use dont even exist. For example, there is no such thing as "Java Man" or "Peking Man". That is made up. There is no missing link found. Moreover, why cant a dog turn into a cat? Why won't a snake turn into a frog? Evolution unsatisfactory. Mainstream Science is mostly BS.

  • @anubis2814 It is a history book, and many archeologists have verified these places and things found in the scriptures.

  • you have been brought up by bad christians, in a bad christian culture. i was brought up in a hedonistic, binge drinking, drug taking, masturbating, fucking any women who will, smoking since the age of 14 years old, and i have just become a christian. i have been deeply depressed for the last 190 years, including a long stay in a mental hospital. i have never felt better in my life. i feel like i am on ecstasy. i feel amazing. so, all i can guess is that your christian culture was rubbish

  • @FreeBornJohn1600s saying that, american christians are know for being a bunch of intolerant racist cunts. i don't hate gays, or people of any other religion as long as they don't hate me, which they seem to be doing at this taime, because im a chrisitan. blocking out the whole world doesn't sound very chrisitan to me. plus i think you have to put the bible into its historical context

  • @FreeBornJohn1600s As Socrates said "A life unexamined is one not worth living". It Sounds like you needed a pre-set list of moral principles to enhance your life. Depending on which interpretation of the biblical moral code you follow it can be a very good frame work, especially if you have never been taught to reason and self-control. After leaving the religion I assessed all of my ethics with reason and discarded some like masturbation, moderate drinking and homophobia.

    "Actually, I have studied evolution more than you would care to know."

    Well that sounds encouraging.

    "Moreover, why cant a dog turn into a cat? Why won't a snake turn into a frog?"


  • There are some things that atheism can not prove such as how the universe and galaxy is all intertwined in a perfect system. Science can not explain all things.

  • @Jordann7070 The universe is hardly perfect, humans can only live on 1% of the planet without freezing or burning up and there are diseases galore that only science has cured. We haven't hammered out all of the laws of the universe but we are continually getting closer. Yes there is so much we don't know, but there is so much that we do know that you are completely ignorant about.

  • @Jordann7070 lol atheism dose not explain anything, it just non belief in a god, Science looks for what is real and questions it, and with little strides we are able to make real things……..but how do you prove something that has no proof of fields unseen effects, tangible properties, smell, touch,foot prints, a voice, all the things that we can tell are real

  • @unknown18ify I can imagine superman too I can imagine the 5th dimensional being from superman, Mr MXYZPTLK, who has very similar properties to your definition of God. However without evidence for any of the 3 I will not believe in any of them just because I can imagine them. You also assert I'm bitter most atheists I know are the happiest people you just happen to see us angry because we get a bit irritated when people use ancient books to rationalize wars & the removal of rights

  • According to the scientific evidence, our brain ceases to function and we decompose. There is no evidence for anything beyond the body as damage to the brain can completely change a personality or identity of an individual. Our ideas and genes are passed on to those left behind. As a college science instructor I pass on ideas passed on and expanded on by people before me and people dedicating their lives to exploring the reality of science. At some point we not have to worry about death.

  • In near death experiences peoples brains cease to function and they have lucid, memorable, and life changing experiences. Now you might bring up well maybe theres some minimal brain activity going on but you cant deny the fact that the higher functions of the brain aren't working and by that fact alone people shouldn't have lucid and clear let alone memorable experiences. However people who have ndes usually end up becoming less religious but more spiritual

  • Memory is a funny thing. When the brain is dead, nothing is happening, no activity is occurring. Its during the dying and reviving process that the brain works like intense lucid dreams. There is a lot of research done on the brain and the dying process. Old memories often forgotten are reaccessed very vividly. Most dreams take around 5-7 seconds but they seem a lot longer to us because of how they are processed with important details left out.

  • It is innate for intelligent superconnected societies to shed religion (-s ) just research it (…). Shame the "religious" and rid yourself of "religious trainingwheels" ( you don't need them) .
    It is an insult to our "Superior 21st century Brains" allready (…)  Ugh.
    What are you doing? Dignity ,have you got any of that ?

  • I mean no offense, but from your description of your childhood church, and your childhood believes, you were never really a true Christian, that it, if that was the "religion" you were speaking about. Christianity is not about focusing solely on Jesus every minute of every day, and it is certainly not about doing good things to avoid going to Hell. In fact, I'd say that's the opposite of true Christianity. The real purpose behind Christianity is to have a relationship with our creator.

  • Also, as to your argument for hypnotism, although convincing, you have to realize that all kinds of religion have been around for a long time, and the idea of dancing, singing, etc. was not implemented for the sole purple of hypnosis, considering that they weren't aware of hypnosis and how to use it at the time religion first began, and considering religion has been around as long as recorded human history, well, I think it's safe to say that those weren't intentional devices.

  • And finally, to address the question in the video title itself, intelligent people believe in religion and science alike, simply because both can be found appealing, as "Science" allows for an individual to no longer be accountable to any deity, whereas religion give a person guidelines to follow. However, I believe that pursuit in either area is futile, and that the wisest choice is in Non-demoniational Christianity which I don't categorize as a religion, because it is the only non-works faith.

  • My childhood religion was a non-denominational. The hypnotic elements are for the most part used unwittingly and are what helped the religions survive natural selection and evolve. Definition fail Religion 1 b the service and worship of God or the supernatural (2) : commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. Also no we are no longer accountable to a deity but we are always accountable to each other, humanism means taking care of others, we don't need a god to do that.

  • Then A.) You either didn't understand your Church, or B.) You're Church caused you to misunderstand to basic principles of Christianity. Simply from the way you described your childhood as being afraid of God and feeling guilty anytime you didn't focus on Jesus, sounds absolutely ridiculous, and I feel horrible that you had to live such a guilt-filled childhood that had you strive for perfection. As for accountability, I meant it as doing whatever you want, and not feeling like tis wrong.

  • He means that the perfect conditions that allow for humans to exist at all. When you look at the overall complexity of Earth, as well as the rest of our universe, the idea that it all came about by random chance or by a "Big Bang" sounds pretty ludicrous. As far as I'm concerned, something, or someone, had to have designed it with a purpose.

    And if you're going to throw out the multi-universe theory, think again, because something would have had to create all those universes…

  • I don't do ANYTHING I want. I care about hurting others and the effect I have on them. I also care and my consequences on my own life. I don't feel guilt for what I do unless I've hurt someone else. If I have a thought or do something to my body that just hurts me. Empathy is what keeps me from doing harm to others. You don't need god for that at all. As for the people at my church, they being only human probably didn't understand how an extreme literalist aspergers would understand it.

  • As far as your definition of Religion goes, yes, Christianity is technically a religion. however, I just don't like the word, because it sounds to me like man searching for God, whereas Christianity, Christ (Meaning Savior), sounds more like God, coming to earth, and searching for man, for our hearts, and for a meaningful relationship with us.

  • You might not, but many do want to feel as though they are allowed to do whatever they want, for example, pre-marital sex. This is probably one of the most common areas where a human being prefers to do the wrong thing, for moments of pleasure, even though their health,a nd the health of their partner, is at stake, which is why Christianity warns against it.

  • That video is truly a load of crap, I've watched it. Refusing to call your faith a religion is a rebranding ploy similar to Phillip Morris changing their name to Altria. You are a religion by Merriam Webster terms. And a close personal relationship with god? Really? When they do an MRI scan of a brain telling people to think about god its no different than when they tell them to think about a person. Our Imagination can easily make us crush on imaginary beings. /watch?v=QVB7nlK6er4

  • Actually teens not taught actual comprehensive sex ed and instead of being treated like grownups and taught how to do it safely and how to have self-control and instead put "sin" in a black and white box are the ones most likely to have dangerous pre-marital sex and get pregnant. If you black and white something, ones one crack in the dam & it all goes, I've know people who god from straight edge virgins to drunken sluts overnight because they were never taught self-control just "don't do it".

  • one person has an imagianary friend and he is called crazy. thousands have the same imagianary friend and we call them christians.

  • Insanity is believing your hallucinations are real. Religion is believing that other peoples hallucinations are real.

  • Religion is mass hypnosis, relationship with a higher being or presence that is latent is exploration into further understanding. Further understanding of ones self, or understanding a reliance on something superior to our knowledge.

  • Wow I've never heard that one before. So in your eyes, people of all religions are religious because they are intelligent. You all believe just as strongly as each other, for all the same emotional reasons and personal experiences. You can't all be right but you can all be wrong.

  • yeeap that's true of me. It's going to take something very strong and incredibly intellectually satisfying for me ever to go back

  • As an Atheist and an amateur hypnotist, I follow in the footsteps of Jesus in self sacrifice and humility that we are all children of God on this tiny grain of sand called Earth floating in this great infinite universe started billions of years ago by a giant explosion. A billion years from now they'll get it. Still the mountains don't see a thing, it's all but a moment for them.

  • That was me until I was about 23. Most of them have been told a comical warped version of what science has to say such as Dawinian evolution is LaMarkian evolution. When presented with stupid "science" or religion, most go with religion.

  • Unless it has changed to be skeptical at which point if evidence is provided than you will accept what was once rejected.

  • I enjoyed your videos up to a point and was enthusiastically looking forward to sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience. But then I realized, you have no need for me or anyone else on earth, because you already know it all. Someone should make a movie about you. R u sure that You are not the Messiah?

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