Vaping in Australia: As e-cigarettes’ popularity booms, safety concerns grow | ABC News In-depth

Vaping in Australia: As e-cigarettes’ popularity booms, safety concerns grow | ABC News In-depth

Health authorities are considering youth
e-cigarette use an epidemic in the
United States. We have never seen the use of any substance rise so rapidly amoungst
American youth as e-cigarettes have. The
federal government today warned
Americans not to use e-cigarettes
following several mysterious deaths
linked to vaping. There are more
questions now than answers.
The recent outbreaks that we’ve seen in
Colorado and other states demonstrate
that these products are just simply not
safe. At this time here in Illinois we do
not know what is contributing to these
respiratory illnesses. We join with the
Centers for Disease Control to advise
people to stop vaping now.
Interestingly for all of these cases there is a history of using a cannabis or marijuana
type products. Many individuals had
reported vaping THC the ingredient in
marijuana or other substances.
So a 2017 Australian survey that
talked to 12 to 17 year-olds showed that
one in 10 young people in Australia have
tried an e-cigarette and of those
one-third had used a cigarette in the
past month. There’s quite a number of
ways that the vaping industry is
starting to target youth. The vials are
very very colourful they’re really
enticing towards the adolescents and
young adults. If you were to put them
next to lollies or packages for popcorn
you wouldn’t be able to tell the
difference and then there’s also the new
wave of marketing that we’re seeing at
the moment with social media but also
that brand awareness, we’re seeing launch parties, we’re also seeing very
glamorised pictures, ads as well and the
flavourings themselves are heavily
marketed to youth. So you get things like
bubble gum flavour, popcorn flavour
apple pie flavour. Mango, mint, cucumber.
Their marketing it as cool, stylish, sexy,
popular. Everybody that starts vaping
says it’s harmless and that’s wrong.
In places like the US and Canada where e-cigarettes are freely available there’s
been a 78% surge in the use of
e-cigarettes amongst young people.
The story is so incredibly common, I went to high school my friend brought out this
vaping pen or or a USB drive and they said
hey you want to try it I tried it and it
was nothing, it’s like breathing air and
so it’s really easy and they think it’s
cool. Now they’re hooked I don’t think
there’s enough being done in the schools.
Vaping actually came to our attention
through some cyber safety work that we were
doing with students because the
advertisement for the vapes
was popping up in their Social Feeds. So it is about us
educating our young people around this
social phenomena that has taken off in
the U.S. that we don’t necessarily want
to see here. We actually want to see
our young people educated about the
dangers and make informed decisions if
they choose to to eventually do it when
they become adults.
The issue here is people don’t really know what they’re inhaling so a bit of better labeling or
a bit of better awareness around what’s
actually in these devices is probably what’s required.
People who switch to
vaping can expect substantial
improvements in their health and we need
to make these products at least as
available as cigarettes not restrict
them more than a product that kills two out of three uses.
E-cigarettes have a
potential to fuel nicotine addiction and
renormalise smoking in Australia.
Australia leads the world in tobacco
control. We are very concerned that it’s
too easy for young people to purchase
these products online and we’d really
love to see stricter controls at the border.
Young kids who are exposed to the
behaviour of smoking and then may want to
go on to try traditional cigarettes to
get a bigger hit for instance, they might
think, oh you know this cherry-flavoured
e-liquid or e-cigarette tastes
lovely I might try some cigarettes. And
we’re certainly seeing that in the
research that we’ve found on young
adults in Australia, but also a lot of
research coming out of the U.S. that
shows that kids who use e-cigarettes are
more likely to go on to then become
actual smokers of traditional cigarettes
which is very concerning

10 thoughts on “Vaping in Australia: As e-cigarettes’ popularity booms, safety concerns grow | ABC News In-depth

  • Oh crap, you just want us to keep smoking so the government gets money.
    Kids n non smokers shouldn't touch them. They're an aide to stop smoking n they work.

  • Legit would rather a fine cigar. Which is next to impossible to get a hold of in Australia these days.
    Let the kids vape, the government has no buisiness telling people what they can and cant do with their bodies.

  • A lot of disinformation here. Well done ABC maybe you should have done some real research when putting this segment together. Like looking up the royal college of physicians in the UK who've done the real research, not the sudo science (That's been debunked) that's coming out of the US that most of these people have obviously read. As for 'epidemics' in teens, more teens smoke(not vape) and consume alcohol. But vaping is at 'EPIDEMIC' levels…..PLEASE

  • 4:26 1. Most Ecigs dont contain nicotine, the entire culture kids have around ecigs is anti smoking. Nobody is switching to ciggies for a bigger hit.
    2. Thanks to all the governments interference I as responsible adult have to jump through hoops to get some decent tobacco you authoritarian pig.

    "Australia leads the world in tobacco control"
    Translates to Australia is an authoritarian hellhole that doesnt trust its population to make decisions for themselves

  • If morons weren’t adding cannabis oil to their e liquids (a fact conveniently left out of this news article), or buying counterfeit pods and liquids, they probably wouldn’t be getting sick. Most people who vape don’t consider it harmless, but they have often done their own research and come to the conclusion it’s ‘better’ than smoking (and a great quit aid). Australia’s response is weak, head in the sand stuff. Contribute to the research rather than just shitting on something that doesn’t attract delicious taxes, like those killer sticks that are available everywhere despite absolute knowledge that they cause cancer, and are a huge burden on the health system.

  • this story is full of misinformation and outright lies. proper regulation not prohibition is what's needed if people are worried about kids vaping. nicotine vaping is strictly tobacco harm reduction and is far safer than inhaling smoke; there are plenty of reputable studies that confirm this. Australia needs to follow the UK and endorse nicotine vaping as quit smoking aid

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