Vaping: A Lesson in Irony

Vaping: A Lesson in Irony

got a quick question for ya…
do you vape?
Thank you to Health Canada for sponsoring this video.
But as always 100 percent of thoughts and opinions are my own.
Laws of nature.
They are the unavoidable forces that govern our universe.
And sure in physics class, you may have heard of something like electromagnetism or…
But today I am going to talk to you about my favorite inevitability:
the law of unintended consequences
Now the law of unintended consequences is exactly what it sounds like.
A person does a thing for a reason and then something
Unintended happens
Now, there are a whole bunch of types of unintended consequences, but my favorite is probably
The perverse result mainly because it’s also known as the cobra effect.
I mean…
Anyway, the cobra effect is when the action has the exact opposite effect than the one desired.
It got its name from this anecdote that
takes place during the crown rule of India. Basically the British were like:
“There are too many snakes…”
And so, they set a bounty on dead Cobras.
Basically people can kill a cobra, bring it in, and get money.
Which was great!
Until people started farming Cobras instead of hunting wild ones
which totally defeated the purpose and when the British were like:
“This is not ideal!” and scrapped the bounty.
All of the Cobra farmers were like, “oh well,” and freed their remaining Cobras!
The purpose of action was to put a bounty on snakes
The intended outcome was less snakes.
The actual outcome was MORE SNAKES!
But that’s just the story told in economics classes
and I couldn’t find any evidence of this Cobra story besides a podcast.
So, do perverse results actually exists?
You bet they do!
Let’s talk about vaping.
Whether you were scrolling through Instagram or just walking down the street,
you have definitely encountered somebody vaping before.
Maybe you’ve been hit with that sweet fruity scent of a vape cloud,
followed by the immediate realization that you just inhaled someone’s vape cloud
But today’s modern trend of vape had some pretty humble beginnings.
Now, there are a couple of origin stories for the first vape but the most popular belongs to Hon Lik.
He was a pretty heavy smoker and one day he thought, “You know what? Maybe… I shouldn’t.”
And he gets dead set on this idea that in order to get smokers to stop smoking traditional cigarettes
They needed a bridge that was less jarring than a nicotine patch.
They needed something that’s still pretty similar to smoking but safer!
So Hon takes action and invents his own electronic cigarette.
The first vape!
What could go wrong?
[cellphone ringing]
Hey, hey Carl.
Got a quick question for ya…
Do you vape?
Hey there! It’s future editing Sabrina over here coming in to say that that guy on the phone is my little cousin Carl
I’ve known him since he was literally a baby. Anyway, we’re gonna call him my Official Youth Correspondent.
And I just want it to be known that everything he says is his own opinion!
It’s not Health Canada’s. I didn’t fact check it. So keep that in mind.
Now back to the video:
So assume your mom isn’t gonna watch this video
Do you know what a vape is?
Do you know anyone who vapes then?
Like classmates, or, like, older people?
Classmates included then, huh?
Oh, gosh!
I feel like a narc. I feel like a narc right now!
How – how old are you again?
I’m a bad cousin I don’t know this. How old are you?
In all of this, do you or any of your classmates ever consider the fact that vaping might be dangerous?
So with all those signs around, wh-why are people still doing it?
And his answers match up pretty well with Health Canada’s Canadian Student
Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs survey which, other than having a very long name, is this anonymous
questionnaire that students from across the country in grades 7 to 12 fill out.
I remember doing one a gym class and realizing that I do…
Literally nothing.
No drugs. No smoking. No physical activity.
Anyway, the survey showed that in just the past few years,
the number of students who have tried e-cigarettes has grown by 23% nationwide.
That’s about four hundred and seventy thousand kids, and this stands in stark contrast
to the recent historic lows of traditional cigarette use by students.
So you gotta ask:
What makes them want to try?
Have you ever been tempted to try vaping?
So do you only want to try it because it’s there?
And does anyone ever talk about nicotine?
Like in the way that it’s an addictive chemical?
Wait, so it’s like a competition?
And all of that
isn’t the coincidence.
Maybe you have a friend and you want to try their vape just to give it a shot.
Joke about doing a vape trick or make a meme reference.
And then a little while later, you try again
And again and again and again.
And you realize you haven’t always checked if your friends are vaping with nicotine or not
But you kind of just want to try again.
And that’s the thing, in a lot of cases vaping is just a mechanism to nicotine
Which is an addictive chemical.
And there’s two big problems with that:
One: nicotine can alter teen brain development
which is a pretty freaky thing to think about.
And Two: even if some vapes don’t contain nicotine, the ones that do vary widely in amount
and that means that some vapes may even contain more nicotine than a typical cigarette.
And if we’re already comparing the two, nowadays
It’s a well-known fact that smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and premature death
But nobody really knows what happens with vaping.
Because some of the chemicals found in vaping liquid
Vape juice??
I don’t know
It’s stuff like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
Which ARE safe for use in cosmetics and sweeteners and all of that,
but nobody knows the long-term safety of inhaling them.
So, Hon Lik’s purposive action was to invent the electronic cigarette.
His intended outcome was to help cull an unhealthy addiction!
The actual outcome?
Well, while smokers are saying that vaping has helped them quit,
we are also seeing more and more young people
picking up a vape and risking a future of nicotine addiction and lung damage.
That’s about as perverse of a result as you could ask for.
But before this video gets too preachy, if it hasn’t already.
Let me tell you about one last unintended consequence
It’s called Goodhart’s Law, named after the British economist Charles Goodhart
The law basically states that when a measure becomes a target,
it ceases to be a good measure.
And I think that’s the problem with most coverage about youth and vaping
It’s that it talks about young people instead of to them.
Every news story I’ve watched and article I’ve read have just been
have just been adults talking to other adults about how all of their kids are vaping and
It’s so stupid!
Because the whole focus is on lowering this number in a report and it ignores the people it’s about.
And that’s the reason I teamed up with Health Canada for this video
It’s to support their approach on speaking directly to young people about vaping,
but here’s the thing, I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to live your life.
I’m not your mom.
This video is just asking you to think
about your actions
And remember that sometimes there might be some unintended consequences
Ii hope you liked that video!
Thank you to Health Canada for sponsoring it,
and thank you to my little cousin Carl for being young and relevant…
Now, what about you guys?
What do you think about teen vaping?
Let me know down below,
and a couple of people have been asking
what’s the best way to support my channel and my honest answer is sharing my videos.
Maybe this one??
But either way have a lovely day

100 thoughts on “Vaping: A Lesson in Irony

  • It’s honestly fear mongering. Every case of death by vaping is either vaping THC, is an illegal vape, or they do other drugs besides vaping, but call the cause of death the vape. They’re looking for an excuse because parents and paranoids community are aggressively rallying against the legality of vape because of superstition that has arisen from the past mistakes of the government allowing tobacco and weed.

  • In a cigarette…


    Nicotine is a colourless, poisonous alkaloid derived from the tobacco plant. It is a powerful drug, which affects the brain and quickly becomes addictive.


    ‘Tar’ is the term used to describe the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. It’s a sticky brown substance that forms when tobacco cools and condenses. It collects in the lungs and can cause cancer.

    Carbon monoxide

    An odourless, colourless gas that is released from burning tobacco. When it is inhaled it enters the blood stream and interferes with the working of the heart and the blood vessels. Up to 15% of a smoker’s blood can be carrying carbon monoxide instead of oxygen.


    Arsenic-containing pesticides used in tobacco farming occur in small quantities in cigarette smoke. Arsenic is commonly found in rat poison.


    Ammonia is a toxic, colourless gas with a sharp odour. Ammonia compounds are commonly used in cleaning products and fertilisers. Also used to boost the impact of nicotine in manufactured cigarettes.


    Fragrant volatile liquid ketone, used as a solvent. Nail polish remover is a solvent, for example.


    Toluene is a highly toxic chemical. Industrial uses include rubbers, oils, resins, adhesives, inks, detergents, dyes and explosives.


    Chemical found in tanning lotion.


    A number of pesticides (toxic chemicals used to kill pests, usually insects) are present in cigarette smoke. These pesticides find their way into cigarettes because they’re used on tobacco plants as they are growing.

    Polonium – 210

    Radioactive element – used in nuclear weapons as well as an atomic heat source.


    Fuel used in the aviation industry.

  • This isn't the case everywhere. Look at the E.U. and in particular the U.K. There's much heavier regulation on E-Cigarette products including limitations on the amount of nicotine used, advertising campaigns, labelling and even tank capacity. You'll see far fewer young people in those countries vaping. It still happens but not anywhere near the degree it happens in the U.S. / Canada.

  • Okay so take this as you will but I’m a heavy smoker and I’m currently 21, on a trip to Algeria my vape broke and I switched back to cigarettes, the minute I came back home, ordered a new vape with 50 MG of nicotine (my usual) and I my hands actually started shaking because I wasn’t acclimated to the high dosage of nicotine yet.

  • Cigarettes kill 1,300 people every single day. Black market thc carts kill 2 people and the Gov't already banned flavored pods. Should we ban vending machines, since it kills 13 people a year? Vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Most of these hospitalization cases werent even about nicotine vape products. It was about black market THC carts. This is why weed should be legal. Vaping has been a thing for more than a decade and now outta nowhere theres been cases of people sick due to "vaping"

  • ughhhh the media doesn’t truly explain anything. they wanna scare you. it’s the idiots that bought crap from black market dealers that are dying and they clearly deserve to die if they’re that stupid to purchase that poison. i stg people need to actually do their research.

  • This doesn't make sense, vaping ofcours is not for kids just like cigarettes and marijuana, go ahead and ban vaping then and watch kids will go back to their same old cigarette and marijuana. Unless if you can ban smoking too.. Well good luck with that. Stop being a hypocrite, you're just advertising smoking tobacco. Sponsored by a government institution said it all.

  • Kids who vape are still breaking the law and doing it underaged so that's not vaping fault, it's the new shiny thing on the block, still better then one less options for smokers
    Kids are stupid lmao

  • We always invent smarter ways to be stupid.
    In my country, there is a limit on how much nicotine can a cigarette contain… about 10mg ( yes, metric system, hi there )

    And then there is vaping… which has, as far as I am concerned, no limits to how much nicotine can the liquid inside contain ( except for the ones imposed by solubility )
    Oh, and… it is forbidden to smoke inside in public places… but it's not forbidden to vape inside… which begs the question… how stupid is my government?

    I'm a smoker… I did reduce the number of cigs I smoke lately… found a lot of routines and little rules that help with that (if anyone is intereseted):
    – Don't smoke inside ( @home or @friends' places )
    – Don't interrupt activities or work for smoking
    – Don't smoke early in the morning
    – Don't smoke before going to bed
    – When you feel like smoking, find something else to do to delay smoking

    (you can uphold this rules by feeling shame and calling yourself weak or… I don't know… I am pretty harsh with myself lately and it has its good parts)

    And I dropped from one pack to around 3-4 cigs a day. The only good thing I did lately, but I mean, it's a start

  • I live in Germany and watching Americans handling the Vape-Situation is kinda silly. The German Government and I think the entire EU just put the same laws on Vaping like for cigarettes from the start. You can only purchase it at 18 and the juices are highly regulated.

  • im from Australia and never knew vaping was so big overseas, in Australia if you owned a vape in a high school you would get the absolute piss taken out of you (made fun of). smoking darts (cigarettes) is still so much more popular in teens here. vaping is seen as hell cringy and just a meme to be honest

  • Nicotine is no more dangerous or addictive for you than coffee. Are you going to stop kids from going Starbucks now?it's all the other s**t in cigarettes that is harmful and toxic and in all makes a stupidly addictive combination. There's a recent studdy released from Italy where non smokers and smokers both vaped and the health of their lungs and body as a whole was studied. Non smokers who vaped in the study saw NO CHANGE in their health, and smokers had a ridiculously significant improve net and signs of advanced healing after switching to's like finding a cure to cancer then saying we can't use it because it works. Regardless, kids are gonna do what kids are gonna do. Parents are responsible or at least should be for the actions of their children, black market sales and especially sales of fake thc cartridges shouldn't mean I as an adult am told I'm not allowed to vape maple cinnamon bun 0mg juice. Take the vapes away from convenience stores and sell only in vape shops, introduce electronic ID verification and if that's not enough for you, ban the sale of pod systems. A kid isn't going to pick up a series mech mod with an rda on it. But should it have to come to this? No. Adults need to parent better and accept that kids make stupid decisions but inform them properly about the decisions they make. The NHS in England has OPENED VAPE STORES IN HOSPITALS. This video is pure propaganda and not only is the U.S. killing off another few generations of people with this flavour ban should it carry on after the 90 days, but it's also risking the health of thoes generations globally with its ridicules propaganda due to the way world politics runs now.
    The only people who should truly really worry about vaping is the tobacco industry. They're the only ones who it really will affect.

  • "many died from smoking cigarettes, only 6 people died from vaping"

    listen, vaping became popular around two years ago. How many people died from the effects of cigarettes in two years? Practically no one. Cigarettes kill you slowly but surely, hence why many of the people killed by cigarettes are long term smokers. The idea is to stop this vaping trend before it actually STARTS killing people you know. Some of you are basically comparing the result of something that has been known to kill people and something that we know it's dangerous af, but we still don't see the consequences.

  • My friends and i picked up vaping at about the age of 16 to 17, purely because it was "cool" to blow a big cloud and it compliments the effect of alcohol really well, when you aren't used to it.
    I'm not really sure why, but we dropped is as quickly as we begun, it was just a party thing, since non of us was actually dumb enough to do it outside of the party setting, even the guys who bought their own vapes.

  • People have been smoking cigs for years and it killed thousands of people. And a correlation to vape and death is made and now we are going mad

  • I don't quite understand the point you're trying to make. Are you trying to say nicotine is bad or vapes are bad or people underage using nicotine is bad? I sense a kind of all knowing, gate keeping, egotist attitude immediately. I think we're all able to understand the risk involved in using nicotine, and also understanding of the instability of trying to control teenagers. They're going to do what they want regardless of "I'm not here to tell you what to do, I'm not your mom". Also, anyone who has taken the time to research, or even ya know physically pick up a bottle of vape juice, knows what is in vape juice. Most companies even put it RIGHT ON THE BOTTLE, and if they don't it's on their website and usually FDA regulated as well. I understand that you're trying to educate people, younger people, on this matter but most if not all of your points of discussion are easily dismissed with even the slightest of research or experience. The reason I don't agree with 90% of what you said is because a video like this adds to the confusion of right and wrong when it comes to vaping, especially with older generations, by generating baseless facts and opinionated analysis. This is going to end in taking the vapes out of teenagers and adults hands, and placing cigarettes right back in its place. As a race we are meant to move forward, not back. It's been nice to not walk down the street and smell like cigarettes, or have to hear someone hack up a lung preparing for their morning smoke.

    kindest regards,
    a person who vapes.

  • 5:05 , according to the data you show yourself it has not grown by 23%, it grew by 3%. I don't think kids should be vaping but exaggerating data to make it look like an epidemic just reminds me of anti-drug infomercials.

  • There are also alot of people who are just too depressed to care about the consequences. When you are so sad/stressed you could see a vape or a cig like an answer to relieve that stress.

  • In like 10years they will find it causes some freak cancer or some shit and y'all vapers will be screwed. Back in the day they said cigs were fine even doctors recommended them and look at it now. Cancer, fucked lungs and heart attacks.

  • This is stupid "what about kids" argument is getting so over used.
    If you truly cares about the kids you would be looking to ban teen driving, flavored alcohol, guns, better back ground check on this pedos who some how become teachers, better founding for schools so kids can have a better education. Yes kids are vaping and it's less harmful then smoking, and who's buying this kids vapes random people, there friends who are 18, vape store aren't just selling to kids.

  • I'm from Greece and here the whole e-cigarette/vape technology started and still is marketed as a medical device and is really only used by former smokers so maybe the problem is that in America the sellers are pushing vaping like something cool and stylish or whatever

  • There's a guy at my school that's a grade below me that thinks that smoking doesn't cause cancer… I'm so done with humanity

  • If the intention is to reduce smoking cigarettes, then this is not an example of perverse outcome. Given that you already smoke, vaping is better.

  • Thing I hate the most about vaping is the assholes who think it's still ok to vape indoors in a store because "it's not smoking man".

  • nicotine btw on it's own has medical uses, the rest of the chemicals are harmful, not the nicotine. the vape juice of course is a new thing… sort of. the hookah has been around for centuries.

  • I have been vaping for 3 years, used to smoke a pack a day before that. After switching to vaping i noticed a great difference in my breathing and overall health. I also got 4 of my friends off smoking and into vaping 3 of them still vape and the one just stopped smoking and vaping all together. We use the smallest amount of nicotine and since a few months ago when i started mixing my own liquids i cut out nicotine all together. Overall i saved money and my health.

  • I feel like I just saw some article about a kid who went to the hospital and they found crystals in his lungs? From vaping? fever dream, propaganda or accurate?? idk

  • All this talk of "unintended consequences…" As if "unintended consequences" is some sort of founding principle or right outlined in the Bill of Rights in the US…. The issue is freedom, not consequences, not intentions, not controlling individual's behavior for them with your "intentions…" We are all free to drink, free to smoke cigarettes (or weed in many states), free to drive fast, free to overeat on candy and fast food, free to have sex 7 times a day, free to marry someone with the same genitalia, etc… <– All of this freedom leaves us with all kinds of CONSEQUENCES similar to any proposed consequences of vaping…. So why must THIS FREEDOM be banned? Why not cigarettes? Why not weed? Why not junk food? Why not alcohol? It is a double standard and a contradiction. AND THE PRINCIPLE AT HAND IS FREEDOM!!!! Discussion of consequences and intentions, implies that you are authoritarian and think you have some ownership over your neighbor's actions, that you can INTEND things FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR, that you can MONITOR THE CONSEQUENCES of your neighbor's actions and weigh those consequences against YOUR INTENDED CONSEQUENCES for your neighbor… <– This is all very Orwellian and creepy. You own yourself and only own your individual actions. Any "intentions" you had for me, are your own pet topic, not something I should adhere to on principal.

    So the entire premise of this video is authoritarian and anti freedom.

  • I might be wrong, but does the lower number of youth smoking cigarettes to the increased number of you using vapes relate to one another?

    Also absolutely agree that youth shouldn't use either. It's dumb to start vaping if you're not trying to quit smoking. Neither is good for you unless you're a smoker trying to stop using traditional cigarettes.

    Also in line with unintended consequences and the cobra effect – when the flavor ban in the US takes effect in an effort to cull youth vaping and prevent the current rash of deaths, more and more black market products are going to be made available and sold on the street, and thus make deaths more likely.

  • Why would young people try? Because it smells sweet (nice?), it kinda looks cool i mean its literally clouds coming out of your mouth same with fog/smoke machines in clubs/festivals.

    I vape (for 5-6 years) but keep in mind vaping has been here for a decade and most of the PG and VG are exhaled out of the lungs (you notice the clouds exhaled) rather than absorbed,
    the nicotine is mainly absorbed in the lungs.

  • I feel like vaping is more like a American thing, because in Scandinavia and many places in Europe the “cool kids” actually smoke and your considered a “nerd” if you vape

  • Shut up if i wanna put in a horseshoe while dragging a vape and a cigarette at the same time i sure as hell will because merica!!!!!

  • This is only a perverse affect if you look at it in the light that vaping was created to reduce cigarette or nicotine addiction. On the other side of the coin, if you consider that the reason this is necessary in the first place is to reduce smoking related deaths and illnesses, it has still done its job. Even with the recent news coverage of vaping related deaths, which mind you the evidence points specifically to counterfeit and discount products, the fatality rate is still significantly lower. Now, we’ll see if this is really the case 25 years from now, however for now, the evidence points to the trend being a better one than smoking.

  • When nicotine is separated from all combustibles and other chemicals in tobacco it’s not that addictive. Not something really relevant but I found it interesting.

  • Lol teens aren't suppose to be able to smoke unless their 18 so even if they are it's their decision not the companies

  • Your video was well put together. But you can't expect me to agree when you're 1) sponsored by a government and 2) your direct line to kids was a family member who is 14. Vaping has been proven to be safer than smoking, and I know people who have vapes for 7 years and have had zero issues. Yeah issue isn't vaping. it's people buying black market thc pods that are unregulated and most cases in the US have involved Juuls, which I have been saying for a while is NOT the same as your run of the mill atomizers.

  • You know you can lie and say there is nic in it. when there's only none. Nicotine is a stimulant. Similar to prescription medication like Adderall. But yes i get the premise of the video. I got into vaping then i started smoking then i switch to vaping. Thinking about switching to cbd idk. Popcorn lung seems bright in everyone's future.

  • Huh, so theoretically if you tackle the issue by trying to do the opposite effect, you would be successful? Not definite but this could be an interesting way to go about problem solving

  • it’s not like one puff gets you addicted it’s more like fun and a stress reliever in a way but then ya the nic gets addicting

  • So we should get rid of a safer alternative to smoking all because people can't control their kids. In your next video you might want to actually name the health risks associated with vaping instead of giving vague warnings and trying to attribute the effects of smoking on to vaping.

  • I'd prefer someone to vape than to smoke. The problem too is that we have had multiple deaths in the US from thc cartridges sold in illegal states and that were cut with various things.

  • I always thought that the bad side of nicotine is addiction, and that's it. That the thing about smoking that gives you cancer is the fact that you're inhaling ashes regularly (which is obviously not healthy), and the nicotine is just what makes you "need" to keep doing it.

    When vaping one does not inhale ashes, so that's a good thing, and it's probably healthier than smoking cigarettes. But at the same time, you're regularly inhaling weird oils that, as you said in the video, we don't really know the long term effects. Smoking cigarettes used to be considered healthy because it helps to handle stress, but then people started catching on to the fact that it has some really nasty long term effects.

  • I mean it’s not like the opposite effect. The point is that people can do this without it being too harmful. I’m not saying it’s good to vape, I’m saying it’s the exact point of vapes, so stop people putting themselves in as much danger.

  • This video is so full of fallacies and bologna, I don't even know where to start. First of all, I get that it's possible you're only speaking to an underage audience, and if you would get off the vape-hater propaganda wagon, maybe you could have said that explicitly. Second of all, yes, science does in fact know the things about vaping that you use to drum up a negative reaction in this video. They do know the effects. They do know how safe it is. Third, this technology was not designed for entitled kids and their lackadaisical parents — it was designed for adults who needed a way out of an addiction that is harder to escape than that of heroine. Did you know that? It's harder to stop smoking than to ween a heroine addict off heroine!! Thanks to dumb kids and bad parents, you vape haters are sending adult smokers backwards in terms of progress and essentially sentencing us to death. We had a way out until the youth ruined it. This is a parenting problem at the core, parents need to stop being so damn naive and careless and do something with their kids instead of blaming the rest of society. Good job spreading more hate and anti-vaping propaganda! I'm keeping a list of vape-hater names because I'd like to send you a bill for my cancer treatment when you cost me my escape from smoking!

  • There are other unintended consequences. Vaping messes up your lungs. I have seen a few videos about it. But the fact that vaping doesn’t stink and cigarettes are disgusting and the filters are going to be on this earth far longer than we are – vape does seem like it’s a good option to stop smoking.

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