Top 10 Ways on How to Quit Smoking

Top 10 Ways on How to Quit Smoking

It is not really surprising to know that smoking is one such addiction which every smoker wants to quit! If you are wondering why did they get addicted to smoke, if they had to quit smoking, then there are millions of reasons which made them smoke for the first time and it slowly became an addiction. It is a tough battle to quit smoking and here are top 10 ways on how to quit smoking within a small span of time.

  • Have a Reason Behind Quitting Smoking

A smoker quit smoking only if he has a solid reason to quit smoking and that reason is the sole source of motivation to him. Having a strong reason to quit smoking can give you the courage and the confidence to quit smoking. Always remind yourself about this solid reason whenever you feel like having a smoke on the journey of going smoke-free. A strong reason can be the best reminder and motivational thing for you to quit smoke once and for all.

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine is the substance which is found in the smoke that makes us addicted. It is tough getting rid of nicotine addiction hence there are many NRT’s in the form of skin patches, candies, gums which has nicotine. These NRT’s are much better than a cigarette as they don’t have carcinogenic substances and chemicals which causes huge and irreparable damage to the lungs and other body parts. NRT’s are suitable for those who smoke heavily and may have severe withdrawal urges. It is best to visit a doctor who can help you quit smoking by controlling your urges.

  • Gift Yourself a Goody Whenever You Achieve a Milestone While Quitting Smoking

Give yourself a reward whenever you achieve a small target to keep yourself motivated on this journey of going smoke-free. Get yourself that watch or that belt which you have always wanted. This will keep you motivated and help you in staying away from the urge of having a smoke. Reward and pamper yourself whenever you have not touched smoke for a week or for a month and so on. Loving yourself is the best way to get rid of this addiction.

  • Get Away With all the Memories of Smoke

Throw away all your cigarettes packet, lighter, match boxes, clothes everything that remind you of smoke is one of the best ways to how to quit smoking. This is the way to trick your mind that you are going smoke free. Find alternatives to all those smoke breaks so that your mind doesn’t remind you of smoking. Start taking a small walk or have a small talk with someone during your break time so that your mind is distracted.

  • Seek for Emotional Support From Family and Friends

Having a back support while you are quitting smoking is one of the most successful ways to how to quit smoking. Ask them for support since the withdrawal symptoms of smoking can make you aggressive and frustrated. When you get support from your loved ones, you feel loved and wanted thus distracting your mind from having that one smoke. Always remember that if you feel like having a single smoke after quitting smoking then be assured that you will next cigarette and next and the it will again become an addiction.

  • Distract Yourself Whenever You Miss Your Smoke

One of the most challenging ways on how to quit smoking is controlling your mind. Since, you have been addicted to smoking for quite some time, your mind will wander for smoke. But you need to control your mind and distract yourself from smoke by doing other activities by going on a walk, talking to friends, chewing gums, having healthy foods or working out. Do not sit and talk with your mind about smoking and old memories, it will definitely make you smoke!

  • Remind Yourself About the Health Benefits

Many a times you may forget the exact reason why did you quit smoking therefore remind yourself about the multiple health benefits associated with quitting smoking. This is how to quit smoking secret as nothing is more important than health. You can also remind yourself about the financial savings which comes from going smoke-free.

  • Stay Away From Temptations

If you are wondering how to quit smoking and still maintaining peer group, then don’t worry all you need is some planning. Plan ahead about these temptations in advance so that you are well prepared to quit smoking. If you have quit smoking recently, then you must avoid going to parties where you are likely to smoke or drink. Always make sure that you stay away from alcohol as it is hard to resist from smoke while you drink.

  • Start Working Out

Start working out on a daily basis so that your hormones are released and keeps your body fit. Working out keeps your mind diverted and eases out the process of going smoke-free. Practice deep breathing so that your mind will stay focused and help you relax. Deep breathing also improves lung functioning which has been highly damaged by smoking.

  • Drink Lot of Liquid

Once you have quit smoking, there are a lot of residue and toxins in the body which needs to be flushed out. Hence, drink a lot of fluid so that you can flush out toxins. Drinking plenty of water and other fluids help in flushing out of toxins from the body quickly.

These are the top 10 ways on how to quit smoking for a healthy well-being and a better life. Your lungs functioning will improve slowly once you have quit smoking.


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