The truth about vaping

The truth about vaping

E-Cigarettes, also known as vapes, have
quickly risen in popularity with 3.9
million people in Canada reporting have
tried vaping at least once. According to
a study by researchers at the University
of Waterloo 6.3% of
youth reported having used a vape in the
past 30 days. With such a large portion of
the youth population using vapes, it is
important to ensure people using
e-cigarettes or vapes are aware of the
potential health risks involved. There is
still much to learn on the health risks
associated with vaping much like
cigarette smoking when it first became
popular and more accessible. Now you may
have heard that vaping is a health
alternative to cigarette smoking and
this is true as vapes do not contain
nearly as much toxic chemical additives
as cigarettes do.
Nonetheless, most vape juices contain nicotine which has been
shown to affect the development of the
adolescent brain. Many studies have shown
how nicotine consumption can increase
one’s risk of psychiatric disorders as
well as having negative effects on
cognition function later in life.
Nicotine addiction can also cause a
young person to become dependent on
nicotine affecting their ability to
concentrate in tasks such as schoolwork.
It is also important to understand that
every different flavor of vape juice
contains a unique chemical used to give
the vapor its characteristic taste.
Although these chemicals are usually
safe to consume in foods it is unknown
what effects they will have when inhaled
into the lungs.
For example the butter flavoured vape
juices used in many e-cigarettes use a
chemical called diacyl. Diacyl is also
known for its use in buttery flavored
popcorn and is notorious for causing a
condition called
popcorn lung in factory workers. Popcorn
lung, also known as bronchiolitis
obliterans, is a life-threatening
condition and is just one example of how
a chemical that is safe to eat is not
necessarily safe to inhale. Now it is
important to be clear that although
e-cigarette use has its potential health
risk, many studies have shown that they are
useful tool for smoking cessation in
long-term smokers. A study conducted on
40 long-term smokers found that they
were able to produce cigarette
consumption by 50 percent over a 24 week period. The participants also did not
exhibit the usual withdrawal symptoms
associated with quitting smoking. With
this information in mind, it is important
to realize that e-cigarettes are a
potential tool for smoking cessation but
still has its associated health risk.
This is why it is important to limit the
availability of vapes to underage
individuals to avoid exposing them to the
negative health effects of nicotine and
vape juice but it may be advantageous to
introduce e-cigarettes to an
individual who is addicted to smoking
cigarettes as it is relatively less
harmful for their health and can aid them
in quitting smoking cigarettes altogether.
Be sure to stay informed and for more
information on e-cigarettes and how it
can impact your health visit the
american lung association or

100 thoughts on “The truth about vaping

  • Eum did you even know that nicotine reduces chances of getting parkinson ? Damn all these video's did like 0 research.. It's unknow what is inhaled in the lungs… Eum PG and VG ? And yeah Diacyl is not even in juices for a long time now. Did you know PG is in inhalers for people who suffer from astma? My god .. learn your stuff before making a video

  • What it all boils down to is how much taxation on smoking tabacco. It;s unfortunately in the billions of lost revenues

  • We all know cigarettes are harmful. Why did not FDA banned cigarettes all those years? Why do they consider banning e-cigs now?

  • I think people just over exaggerate over vaping. It's like knowing smoking kills people, so people think that if someone is breathing smoke or vapor out of there lungs, then it's dangerous

  • Vaping is so much worse then everyone thinks, in fact there is long term things being found. Well at least in Canada

  • I don't get why people aren't satisfied with free oxygen, get yours while it still lasts. Just plant a tree atleast once in your life.

  • I smoked like a fiend i.e. Marlboro Reds for 41 yrs. and I quit on June 2, 2016. First, using the Patch, then I started vaping…I researched vaping as an alternative, and I found that it is a much better alternative to smoking. It has only been found that certain (some) flavorings have been linked to popcorn lung, and that is primarily "butterscotch" (yellow flavorings) which has since been banned. Some of the flavorings may be the only cause for future health issues with vaping. I personally, do not use any of the fruity, or sweet flavorings…I just use Marlboro Red flavor…w/6% nicotine, when I started with 24%. I will never again put a paper cigarette to my mouth again. The youth should not vape…There should be an age limit…just like with cigarettes, and booze. The youth should not be the cause of banning Vapes…or vape juice…because vaping is for adults, and it is saving adult now non-smokers lives. To hell with the youth that go to vape lounges, and have vape competitions…That is insane! Regulate them according to their age. I see teens hanging around vape stores…they have taken over a lot of the vaping industry…typical rebellion, and trying to be different…but they do not hold the patent, nor the creation, or purpose for vaping. I read once, that the first vaping machine was created in the 1920's. It has just gained in popularity the past several years, because of the cigarette ban from most public places. Vaping is saving lives…we as adults should not have to suffer, because the youth may be abusing it, and I believe that many are…typical youth rebellion, and this too shall pass.

  • I personally have quit smoking twice, for a few years at a time. I started vaping about three years ago with a standard pre-built coil mod, and I didn't know anything about it. I now have a better understanding of vaping and now build my own coils and have a squonk mod and I really am happy with it. I do not ever plan to stop vaping because It is a very fun hobby for me now. There is no better satisfaction than vaping on a tank that you built from scratch yourself. I love it and I am okay with the science behind the health problems associated with it. Honestly it is probably one of the least unhealthy habits I have. Now energy drinks. Those things are bad man.

  • If you vape and can’t resist lower the MG amount and make your way down to 0mg and use it less. Talking to the underage kids too

  • i dont smoke. As long as the secondhand exposure to vape is not as harmful as secondhand exposure to cigarette smoke,
    just keep using it. Damage yourself than damage other people's health. Also try it for science sake.
    Smoking cigarette is so uncool, only grandparents and easily stressed people do it.

  • Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit there are countless studies done on how safe vaping is compared to smoking it's around 95% safer, it would be 99% safe but long term they are not sure. This is obviously a smear campaign to ban a good thing.

  • Renowned lung specialists and heart surgeons on YouTube state that vaping after numerous studies found no change in subjects health unless they were smoking cigarettes before the tests were carried out. Smokers lungs became more clear after vaping and health improved dramatically. If you listen to this garbage and smoke research vaping because big pharmaceutical industry and big tabacco industry want this gone.

  • There are 4 ingredients in e liquid, PG Propylene Glycol, VG Vegetable Glycerine, Flavourings and an option to include Nicotine. PG is used in the food industry it's in millions of products and is registered as Safe for consumption, it also kills viruses and germs. VG is also used in millions of products and is registered as Safe. Nicotine is safe if you do your research if used correctly it doesn't do any harm but it is fairly addictive. Nicotine can be dangerous if used incorrectly. After finding out that vaping is getting millions off smoking the big pharmaceutical industry and big tabacco industry want this gone hence this YouTube MISINFORMATION video.

  • I'm just trying an alternative to help quiting cigarettes i just bought one yesterday I only had two smokes since I got it and I smoked every hour or sometimes 20 minutes

  • I hate when people say a juul has as much nicotine as 30 cigarettes and it is worse than smoking. Smoking puts tar into your lungs and you breathe in thousands of chemicals that can lead to cancer. VAPING IS HEALTHIER. people literally do not understand what is the difference between vapor and smoke. Nicotine does not kill. The thousands of chemicals in cigarettes and the smoke burning your lungs and throat is what kills. People learn your facts.

  • I feel like this is not bad if you don’t use nic and if you use cbd oil I feel like that has more pros then cons

  • This is crazy I'm reborn again Christian an I was a long term smoker drug addict ya so I smoked more than I should have but God released me from it all expt I vaper machine to help the addiction cravings but most of all Jesus Christ is the true healer I breath better than ever have ever I got COPD vap lies get on my nerves this is helping people stop smoking an finding Christ if you look at it smoking is one of the number one tools used by Satan an government to control us an kill us I'm so blessed God luvs me and you.

  • I know this sounds stupid but I live in UK but I think kids should vape but just as long as they bring a parent with them to prove that they are addicted to cigarettes I am 15 and I have had a smoking problem since 11 and have been unable to stop and it was very difficult to but e cigarettes but when I got my hands on one I stopped smoking for about 2 years when I was 13 I did smoke cigarette sometimes (like once a fortnight) but that was because I ran out of e liquid but I have been off smoking for a while now and here in the UK too many kids smoke so I introduced my friends into vaping and they have all stopped now I think that it should be a thing that you should get a licence or a doctors note to show to the shopkeeper so that they can give you a e cigarette with nicotine in to stop smoking ( I don't want people to argue about this it's just an idea in the UK) thank you this is a good video by the way good job!

  • I was a 2 pack a day smoker. I have tried many ways to quit and none of them helped. I quit for 5 months once useing dumb dumb suckers. Needless to say, I ended up with quit the dentist bill. Maybe dumb dumbs should be outlawed. I have been vaping for about 6weeks and I prefer it over cigarettes. We inhale all sorts of chemical every day so maybe all processed foods, perfums, air fresheners, and on and on should be outlawed. We use the oils in vape juice and flavoring in just about everything. I am now smoke free and no one else has to inhale smoke from me. I certainly smell better and feel better. It only takes common sense to know that inhaling flavored fog dose no where near the damage of inhaling tobacco smoke with its far and 450 other chemicals. If it is an age problem only vape shop owners should sell these products and customers should be at least 18 just to enter the store. I started smoking at 15 and the FDA did nothing to keep me from buying cigarettes. I would much rather my children vape rather than smoke. Bottom line….kids will break the law to drink, smoke, use drugs and vape. The reason this is an issue in my opinion is because the table has now turned on big tobacco companies. Lastly you decide how much nicotine you want in your juice and you can work your way down slowly until you no longer need it. Then you can quit smoking and vaping. Vaping saves lives so leave it the hell alone.

  • #1 Diacetyl** is a buttery flavoring used in Popcorn and some popcorn workers who were inhaling the powdered chemical in large amounts day in and day out developed popcorn lung. It is important to note that this ingredient has been black listed among American Juice and flavor manufacturers.
    #2 Kids shouldn't be vaping at all with or without nicotine and I think the pod systems and nic salts should be outlawed. The jul and similar are attractive to kids because they are easy to hide and kids are vaping 50mg Nic salt juices and getting a nicotine high. Many people were able to quit smoking with Vapes long before nic salts we're a thing.
    I was able to quit smoking after 10 years thanks to Vapes. I now build my own coils and make my own juice. I am nic free but continue vaping for the flavors and enjoyment. My lungs have never felt better. Vaping is healthier than smoking and alot of doctors agree on that point. However vaping is not healthier than not vaping or smoking and if you don't smoke you shouldn't vape. I still have the habit. The oral fixation they call it. I went from 6nic to 0 over night to see if I Vaped more or less and I Vaped the same.

  • Wow, really happy I live in a country where people actually value science and not the talking points of Big Pharma, where vaping is encouraged by the health department to all smokers and where instead of crying wolf over a so-called "epidemic", there are regulations to prevent youth vaping. I guess some countries have learned from the Snus example.

  • Hey fckers, vape is 10x better than cigarettes
    Cigarettes damage you real quick
    Vapes dont!
    Deal with it!!

  • i call bullshit on many things in this. you need to take more time to do your study on the history of tobacco.

  • First diacetyl second it is thought to maybe be a possible part in the cause for popcorn lung perhaps. Studies are unclear

  • I been smoking for 25 yrs and been trying to quit for several times.. tried everything from nicotine patches, gums only to go back to smoking again. My health is clearly deteriorating, i even woke up several nights with dry coughs. Then My brother introduced me to vaping. Started from 6mg Nic ejuice and now to zero. And since I bought my first MOD, i haven't smoked a cigarette for a month now. I also felt its benefits, my sense of taste and smell has clearly improved, im more energetic during the day and sleep better at nights, and my coughs are totally gone.

  • It is a proven fact that nicotine helps people with mental health problems,it is just the way it is ingested that is harmful,that is why I advocate e cigarettes/ vaping.when you look at the long term damage that medication does to some people with mental health issues,nicotine is no worse than drinking cups of tea and coffee.

  • Thank you for sharing the truth! It's so important for our kids to realize that vaping is not a safe alternative to smoking.

  • Wake up people! Vaping is not healthy and it's not better than cigs! But yeah it's good and i can't stop vaping

  • Its healthier than cigarettes and for the kids using it then maybe parents should be more involved and actually parent than trying to be their kids best friend.. raise ya damn kids right and that wont happen 😉

  • 300th comment, and my only say on Vaping is do it when you become that age you get to have your own home, then decide.

  • There is a hundred times more dyhasile in cigarettes if eny one going to get pop corn lung it's cigarette smokers thanks for you miss information

  • Been vaping for 6 years now I'm trying to give it up I'm finding it harder then quieting smoking wish I never vaped .

  • Looking for the videos "truth about vaping" and then get this.
    There is little "truth" in here.
    Then I see it's from McMaster University, and that makes sense.

  • They are both bad. Don't justify it. U can't say they're good for you unless ur replacing cigarette with this e cigar. Ur still inhaling stuff inside and it ain't good either, just getting out of the worst

  • Diacetyl! At least get the name right. Wasn't brochiolitis obliterans only found informers exposed to high concentrations over many years, with the link never wholly confirmed? Do cigarettes not deliver 100 times the levels fouvaping vaping devices with no evidence of this leading to the disease in question? Wasn't diacetyl banned in e-liquids years ago? How am I supposed to take the rest of this bovine excrement seriously?

  • I have to disagree that ANY of those chemicals are safe to eat. We are not meant to ingest or inhale anything artificial. Smoking anything period is not good for the lungs. It leaves a residue that eventually cakes on and reduces your oxygen / CO2 transfer making you less healthy. NONE of these things are good in our body no matter how they try to spin it.

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