The Smoking Spirit of Sachs Bridge – Paranormal History

The Smoking Spirit of Sachs Bridge – Paranormal History

in this video we’re gonna tell you the
story of the Smoking Ghosts from Sachs Bridge in Gettysburg
Well Hello there parapeeps and welcome to another
episode of our haunted travels I am your
host Shawn Donley and I’m your co-host
Marianne Donley that’s right we’re gonna
go over a very interesting experience
that we have done over several different
visits to the Sach Bridge telling you a
story of the smoking spirit that could
potentially be there at Sachs Bridge but
before we get into that if you’re into
the paranormal history and forensic type
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don’t miss anything so back to our story
we took the dark shadow Ghost Tours team
to Gettysburg that was our second time
together together and we thought while
we’re there as a team I wanted to look
around and find different activities
things that we could do and I came
across the video that was on YouTube of
all places of a different paranormal
team from the Gettysburg area that had a
recording of a spirit that they named
Tennessee and I think they got the need
through EVP sessions that if you put a
cigarette on the railing and talk to
Tennessee he actually smokes the
cigarette that was the claim yeah and
then when he’s done if he wants another
one he just flicks it off so think we
thought it’d be interesting to go out
and try to duplicate that video and I
think we did
there’s skeptics in the group
yeah all right so here’s what we’re
gonna do instead of showing you all the
different hours that we went out there
oh you I was just gonna I was just gonna
say if we just simply go to duplicate
the video I agree that we did okay but
as far as was it really an entity
smoking the cigarette well we’ll leave
it up to our viewers to decide our
subscribers can be the judge and jury
there we go all right so we duplicated
this test on three different occasions
that’s pretty multiple times while we
were there so we have hours of footage
from different recordings and different
pictures and all kinds of stuff I’m not
gonna show you guys all of that stuff
you’re not gonna bore them with although
we would be here forever and ever and
originally we had a video out on dark
shadow Ghost Tours and it was over 20
minutes long okay so we’re not gonna do
I’m gonna show you a couple clips all
right so the first time that we did it
this was the night in July second
weekend in July
roughly ish ish of 2013 when we arrived
in Gettysburg we went right to the
bridge and we tried the experiment so
I’m going to show you a little clip from
that so watch this yeah
can you turn it the other direction
are you feeling any wind there Mike no
nothing I I’m not selling it any breeze
at all no no Bruce no time Saint once
you give me another cigarette
nothing can you turn it over here so you
turn to sir it’s yellow away please
and he took a hit yes all right there
you go
take another one
do you like that yeah we we make them
ourselves you know that did you roll
your own like Mike does Oh Mike you’re
leaders might think you can’t take the
part of lead does that you can you knock
the cigarette off can you do that for me
oh maybe come this way if you don’t mind
yeah laughing evilly not coming behind
can you turn the circuit some more for
me no look another hit off of it you see
going red
laughing behind us
Thank You time Street yes thank you very
yeah there you go suck it down buddy
here that’s Roy that’s for going down
there look at that
I don’t know you you be the judge
leave a comments down below and let us
know what you think so then after we got
back to where we were staying
the group was having a conversation
about the experiment and one of the the
girls that was with us said I think I
might have bumped a rally yeah I may
have bumped the railing – she felt so
bad she’s like she thought I don’t know
I may have I may not have I’m just not
sure but we tried it so many different
times I don’t know how many different
times we did that night and we were
having we were having a very nice
conversation we were analyzing the video
yeah we were going like frame by frame
smokers and non-smokers and we’re like
well if you’re a smoker how does that
exactly work and they’re like well you
have to drag and when you drag you’ll
see this long extension of red and so
that’s when it’s being drugged but if
it’s just burning it’s just gonna be
kind of there so we were having a lot of
conversation yeah
so we decided to go back was it the next
day I think we went back two days later
because we had an event already
scheduled yeah okay so we went back two
days later but we went back during the
daytime to try to duplicate it again so
I’m gonna show you a little clip from
that so watch this we’ll be right back
looks nice going a little bit nothing
it’s drawing over too
can you turn it before it falls apart
you’re done let’s just turn it over
oh there was a good movie how does she
not know how to breathe smoke was the
same very good thank you
you know the budget is there’s a there’s
a guy here from the Tennessee Volunteers
they call him Tennessee and you put a
cigarette up here and he smokes the
cigarette and then he’ll move the
cigarette and when he’s done he’ll knock
the cigarette off he’s been doing it can
you move it Tennessee gets some
interesting results that we got and
actually that second time we went thick
we actually shook the rail we tried to
experiment like how much of a bump would
have to be to make the cigarette not you
know fall off or get knocked off that
kind of stuff and we’re playing with the
railing and everything and just trying
really hard to make it do a fall or
something like that yeah so we were
making sure okay was the wind blowing is
this blowing what’s what’s going on here
we were testing the whole you know
everything was going on so when we went
to Gettysburg
this past summer 2017 when your sister
went we said we’ve got to go down there
and show you this this is like amazing
and we went down and kind of got the
same result
but this time Marian added something too
yeah this time I added some crepe paper
so I taped some crepe paper to the
railing so that we could see the wind so
we would see flutter and what direction
that was coming from that kind of thing
it was just a jerry-rigged type of thing
but I made sure I brought crepe paper
along because I figured crepe paper was
lightweight and it would flutter nicely
in the wind and we’d be able to see it
it was a nice bright color and yeah so
go ahead and watch this
and will come back again so I made this
for a wind kind of showing that it’s not
that windy and then I’m gonna go ahead
and shake this so you could see
it jiggles a little bit but it does not
fall on its own
okay the wind is not blowing at the
moment and cigarette is no wind
whatsoever and that’s a pretty good drag
that’s a very deep drag right there
so you see Marilyn Horne that goes read
like that and then it stops and then the
smoke goes up that’s like a drag off of
a cigarette let’s see how it’s going
read again
and that thing’s not blowing
all right Tennessee you suck that one
down we’ll give you another one and when
you’re done with that just flick it off
the railing can you make it turn towards
the bridge can you turn it for us
he’s enjoying it for a moment
I don’t show anyone do you guys realize
that’s the villain in this book that’s
crazy that’s why I wanted to bring the
crepe paper it’s not born because
everybody was saying oh it’s just the
wind it’s just the wind or somebody
shakes the rail and that’s what does it
I want to
scientific experiment
so if there’s anybody here with us you
could come and speak into this camera or
Marines got a recorder going down there
are you recording John no I stopped
because like my aunt I could say gross
what I have over here you could feel
like them tipping at it
so you don’t look like this flick it off
there rattling Mary and I’ll shove it in
our pocket now the winds by it’s moving
too quick
all right there you have it three
different times
I mean we’ve tested it multiple times
while we were there but on three
different occasions what do you think
leave it down in the comments and do you
think Tennessee is there just waiting
for somebody to give him a cigarette
it’s interesting we go back we’re gonna
be doing it again just to see the
smokers versus the non-smokers clearly
we’re not smokers so we didn’t really
know much about it really but the
smokers they they had like down to a
sign so like well it’ll do this and it
should do that and we also had some of
our smokers actually roll their own
cigarettes as well and so they had
filtered and unfiltered and that was
something that we found as well there
seemed to be more that was done with the
unfiltered horn so the question became
then if it really was Tennessee did he
like that one better because it was more
like what he had been used to because
they didn’t really necessarily have
filtered cigarettes back in the 1800s
that’s right alright so hope you enjoyed
this video please leave us a comment let
us know what you think until next time
thanks for watching and happy hunting
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thanks for watching happy honey

18 thoughts on “The Smoking Spirit of Sachs Bridge – Paranormal History

  • Creepy awesome interesting video friends absolutely loved it superb well done friends sledgehammered that like button shared to our YouTube fam playlist and Twitter

  • Wow this is very interesting and it's amazing how a spirit could interact by smoking. What an amazing experiment and finding. I have learned something new lol. They're spirits out there that can interact like Tennessee out there very stocked

  • this is interesting but as a person who smoked I can not see how a drag could be that long and it be from wind. But when the crape paper works you can see the red drag.

  • Very interesting! My grandfather smoked most of his life. When he took a drag, it would light up orange. So, seeing it happen without human intervention was … Ummm … Quite intriguing!

  • Hello, Shawn & Marianne 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 Watching the vid, I was surprised the cigarette didn’t go out… they do most times if no one is taking a drag off of them… especially outside. Hmmmm, I say: Creepy Cool, Tennessee ! Here’s one on me 🚬 👈🏼🤐 👻😎👻 Creepy Cool ✌🏼☺️👍🏼💜💫

  • It’s interesting! I can’t enable Tennessee cigarette consumption lol. I want to believe tho! Put a joint up there see if we can get him to cough 😂

  • My mom always swore our neighbor was hanging out in our basement after he passed because she could smell his cigar smoke. Guess he likes the cigs ya made! I'm not so sure about that though…I've watched my parent's cigarettes turn red by the least amount of wind as it was sitting somewhere…

  • Ok, the first two clips didn’t convince me, but that last one! Something is dragging on that cigarette. Especially when you consider that almost all cigarettes these days are designed to go out unless they’re being actively smoked. As a smoker I can attest to having a cigarette in my mouth go out because I wasn’t actively puffing on it. I can’t say if home rolled cigarettes would be affected the same way. In my opinion, you really found something here! Wow!

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