The Mystery of Our First Interstellar Visitor Just Got More Complicated

The Mystery of Our First Interstellar Visitor Just Got More Complicated

Just over a year ago, on October 19, 2017
astronomers saw an object from interstellar
space flying through our solar system for
the first time.
It was dubbed Oumuamua — Hawaiian for “scout”
— and almost as suddenly as it had appeared,
it was out of sight again.
Of course we at Seeker covered it and reported
that based on what scientists saw they concluded
it was an asteroid.
Now though, they’re not so sure.
There are a few things we can be certain about.
We know it must have come from outside our
solar system because it was traveling so dang
Oumuamua shot past us at almost 88 kilometers
per second.
That sort of speed couldn’t have come from
the sun’s gravity alone, so it must have
been fired at us from somewhere beyond.
We also know it’s shape, size and.
It’s likely very elongated, like a stubby
cigar, and it’s tumbling through space.
We also know it’s about 400 to 800 meters
long and stained dark red, possibly from it’s
interstellar journey.
Everything else about Oumuamua is basically
a question mark.
We still don’t know exactly where it came
from, but new research just narrowed down
new candidates as Oumuamua’s potential home.
Using data from the European Space Agency’s
Gaia spacecraft, astronomers identified four
dwarf stars, two that have been identified
and two unnamed ones, that Oumuamua might
hail from.
Scientists aren’t convinced yet, because
there’s still so much that’s unknown about
But the biggest topic of debate around Oumuamua
is what the heck this thing actually is.
Astronomers originally thought it was an asteroid
but now they can’t agree because it’s
done some things a comet would do, and there
are plenty of reasons to believe it could
be either.
Comets are icy balls of dust, and when they
swing past the sun that frozen volatile material
turns into gasses that carry away the dust
and give them that distinct tail as well as
a haze, or coma, around their nucleus.
Oumuamua didn’t have that, so scientists
concluded it was an asteroid.
But recently, upon a closer examination, they
noticed something odd.
Oumuamua had accelerated ever so slightly
on its journey out of the solar system, more
than the Sun’s gravity could account for.
The only way they could explain it would be
if it was jetting off material, but if it
was outgassing volatile material than that
would make it more like a comet than an asteroid.
So it could be a comet.
But it’s long and tumbling, and if it were
a ball of dust instead of a rocky and metallic
asteroid, some astronomers believe it’s
should have torn itself apart.
It’d have to be something more solid, like,
you guessed it, an asteroid.
But comets are more common and can be ejected
from star systems much more easily than asteroids,
so for the first interstellar visitor to be
an asteroid would be unlikely.
The debate probably won’t be settled any
time soon.
Because of Oumuamua’s speed we only had
a couple of weeks to observe it, and it didn’t
help that Hurricane Maria took Puerto Rico’s
Arecibo Observatory out of commission.
All we can do is sit and wait for the next
object like Oumuamua to come by and hope we’re
lucky enough to spot it.
In the meantime we’ll just pore over what
we know and hope something definitive emerges,
or we’ll have to come up with something
of an in between category to put Oumuamua
I know some of you are sitting at home screaming
that if it defies explanation, then it must
be extraterrestrial in origin.
Well we thought of that too.
Even though it was only observable for a couple
of months, which left astronomers scrambling
for telescope time, SETI managed to scan it
to see if it was emitting radio signals.
It was not.
Trust us, no one wants to find signs of alien
life more than astronomers, but as Dr. Meech,
an astronomer on the team that helped spot
oumumua told us last year, “if you were gonna
say it’s something extraordinary, you better
have extraordinary proof.

And as of now, we still don’t have that proof.
So Oumuamua probably isn’t aliens, but that
hasn’t stopped scientists from looking for
alien messages elsewhere, check out this video
to learn more.
And fun fact, a new telescope set to start
scanning the skies in 2021 is expected to
find as many as 10 new interstellar objects
in a decade.
Don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll catch
you next time on Seeker.

100 thoughts on “The Mystery of Our First Interstellar Visitor Just Got More Complicated

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  • Honestly, it could just be a rock…the only thing remotely interesting about this rock is its shape. That’s it…the shape. Wow big deal.

  • What if its a commet but made of an element that we havent discovered yet and that element has different properties compared to the ones we know.

  • The object 'Oumuamua can be many things, the fact is that it has passed and left the Science unanswered and therefore we are free to speculate at will … Faced with the danger that materialist or speculative political currents use this phenomenon to try to create instability social and unbelief in God or shake up the Theist thought or the Faith, fighting Conservatism, I made a video where I show that we may indeed have received a message besides being intelligent, is Divine. Let's be calm, ET's also have limits and believe in God.

  • This isnt new news? Im pretty sure Seeker already put a video out about this already (that its velocity changed like a comet would). I could be wrong though.

  • Youtube. Corey Goode. Thatll answer all your questions on this topic. It has been in orbit for quite some time.. its an ancient ufo from the builder race literally thousands of years old. SSP went out to take a look and here we are today.

  • They say it is a alien probe. Harvard scientist said so. And if we have never picked up a radio signal before cause a duuuhhh am I the only one who thinks advanced technology specially for space travel wouldn’t be radio waves. If they are light years from home what do they send a signal and wait 100 years for them to get it then 100 to get the answer all on a simple question. I hate hearing o it’s not alien cause our piss poor technology says so cause it’s not using what we use. Plus it sped up. And o it turned to. And passed by earth at the PERFECT time to gather info and did a slingshot maneuver off the sun. O and it’s cigar shaped. A shape that can’t be made in space and gravity. I Medan I’m a no one from Baltimore and can say these facts. Why didn’t u. U can’t pick and choose facts. Like that it’s made of metal and yet is showing in test that it’s red. So red metal that speeds up and turns that isn’t the rite shape that has never been seen in ALL the years of astronomy by no one, nothing cigar shaped that got threw the walls of asteroids coming in and out. Also it left the opposite way it was coming. Like you know turning around a complete 180 back the way it came. Also turned when it got next to out solar system. But u know it’s so normal that one or two people say something and ppl don’t form there own opinion. Doctors and scientist just 50 years ago thought to cure a woman who was gay would be to put em in insane asylums and master***t them till they where cured. Sorry to say all this but put all the facts out. Not what ur opinion is.

  • Apparently there's 4 more of these cylinder/cigar shape objects that just entered the Solar System.
    Next to Saturn an Neptune.

  • nasa if u read this, just fucking prepare weapons and heavy artillery and smash that alien camouflaged alien spacecraft already u dummies… they've sent this to observe humans and our techology and then to come back with whole army to invade us, just do it omg

  • Its like a giant boomerang that was thrown by an alien civilization that went around the sun and brought back the data relating to all planets around it. The scout could be followed up by a probe…followed by an actual recon vessel. Who knows !

  • “Fired at us…”??? REALLY???
    (come on… get an education – please!!!)
    How about “shard” from a larger space body which was struck and caused an acceleration of speed beyond that of what is normally observed.

  • It could be a boomerang of alian……it's moving so fast v can't match up…better send someone on the alian ship…. definitely it I'll reach back where it came from….😎😎😎

  • why does it need radio to be alien? what if its a space craft or satellite that broke and doesn't send radio? or a piece of broken off of a space craft? although just guess means it has a equal chance to be a weird space rock. but its interesting to think what it can be.

  • Unless you have some sort of conspiracy theory about Illuminati reptilian Sasquatch killing Kennedy on his way to Area 51 I'm going to have to unsubscribe….
    I have standards!

  • Maybe we shouldn't think of aliens as another civilization like us. Maybe we should think of the earth like a cell & the universe as a body. If we make ourselves known maybe the white blood cells will come.

  • “Space is very big and very empty”

    And yet one looking odd shaped “space rock” from outside of our solar system happen to flyby our solar system first time ever and happen to be right on track of the sun to do a slingshot effect.

  • Maybe it only transmits in bursts not continuously and nothing was happening during the observation period

  • This object could be an alien attack. Isn't it interesting that a mysterious fungus just arrived shortly after its passing coincidental yes I'm just putting it out there as a very big swing at a very small ball.

  • As if it’s going to emit radio frequencies come on they are not 1940s aliens they could use something completely different or something beyond our understanding ffs.

  • Didn't think about this till now. But If Oumuamua is our Next Haley's Comet? What if this whatever has come to Earth in the past and merely didn't realize it because we either didn't have the technology or it appeared slightly different.

  • It turned off all of its power source and radio emissions to escape detection. They do it all the time in Star Trek, Star Wars, and other galactic missions to escape hostile species that are not so friendly to the federation. So we know it works. Seems it also worked for these galactic missionaries and their spaceship Oumuamua.

  • UFO = Settled. FYI: Just because the UFO is not emitting radio waves does not rule out aliens. How do you know they don’t have shielding to block radio waves and anything else from being emitted. Think of Star Trek and how they went backwards in time to Earth and the first thing they did was block all emissions. If you use your head you can think more logically than just simply disregarding the possibility.

  • Ok, I know that this a bit stale, but I have a theory that happens to be a little scary, but it also happens to fill in a few blanks.
    I know the best way to control an issue is to control both sides of a debate. The whole question of "is it an asteroid/is it an alien spacecraft" is 2 wrong answers for not even the right question. Neither of these silly points is even remotely relevant. The relevant question is "where is this from?" Why is this the relevant question?
    Because this is obviously an extra-galactic object. Lets look at some knowns…
    We know the Milky Way galaxy is fairly large as far as galaxies go, and one of the reasons for this is we suspect it has collided with and consumed other galaxies in the distant past.
    We have seen a certain "periodicity" with extinction events on Earth. This seems to be roughly every 70 million years or so.
    We have seen evidence of TITANIC collisions in our solar system, from objects that would seem hit with such force and trajectory as to be impacting in retrograde fashion, ie the object being hit and the object hitting it seem to be traveling TOWARDS one another, rather than a happenstance meeting from 2 objects having similar relative galactic motion, which is how MOST collisions seem to occur. There is evidence for this everywhere. The huge scar on the side of Mars sure does look like a double side-swipe impact of 2 bodies, probably a moon orbiting a larger body, both just glancing off the surface of Mars, after which they careen off into space. Earth itself bares the scars of an obvious tremendous impact.

    There are hieroglyphs that have been found that actually depict humans riding dinosaurs.

    Dozens if not hundreds of human civilizations have seemingly mysteriously disappeared.

    There is an asteroid belt. The existence of an asteroid belt is in and of itself evidence of a titanic collision. Bah, you say, the immense gravity of Jupiter prevented it from forming a planet. See, it's idiocy like this that gives real science a bad name. If the gravity of Jupiter PREVENTED a planet from forming, then THIS WOULD BE THE ONLY PLACE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE WHERE THE FORCE OF GRAVITY HAS ACTED TO PREVENT PLANET FORMATION. Read this very carefully. IT IS GRAVITY WHICH CAUSES PLANETARY FORMATION. Gravity can NOT and WILL NOT PREVENT PLANETARY FORMATION.

    Ok ok enough you say, put it all together for us.

    Ok. This is what I think it all means.

    As a direct result of the consumption of smaller galaxies by our own Milky Way, not all material in our galaxy travels in the same direction in the same elliptical plane.

    In the roughly 250 million year time span it takes for us to complete 1 orbit around the center of our Galaxy, we pass through 3 debris fields which are the leftover remains of those canabalized galaxies, roughly once every 70 million years or so. As these debris fields are not orbiting the galactic center in the same direction as us, the relative velocities are extreme and impacts can be colossal.

    It has been roughly 65 million years since the last extinction event. But that's 5 million years away from the next debris field, you say. Wellllll, first they're estimates. Second, these debris fields will be HUGE. It will probably take 10 or 15 million years to pass completely through one.
    I think we existed when the dinosaurs did.

    I think because of our intelligence, we managed to survive in isolated pockets, our last trip through the "galactic shooting gallery". Dinosaurs? Not so lucky. Why have we no memory of this? How would you expect a population hiding from global extinction in caves to maintain their history?

    I think we're back on our way through the shooting gallery. I think we'll start to see more and more objects moving counter to our galactic motion. I think Oumuamua is an isolated rock on the outermost edge of this debris field.

    I think they know the risk we're coming into right now.
    I think they aren't going to say a WORD. I think they'll keep the population arguing about "It's aliens! It isn't aliens! It's an asteroid! It's not an asteroid, it's a comet!" when this whole argument is IN AND OF ITSELF THE DISTRACTION FROM THE REAL TRUTH. The truth is we're entering what is probably responsible for cleansing life from the majority of worlds that experience extinction events over and over.

    If this is true, the sights should be spectacular. As we pass through concentrated pockets of debris, we should begin seeing larger and larger and more and more frequent objects. Entire solar systems might be part of this debris field. Imagine seeing another star pass between the orbit of Mercury and Venus, it's own solar system in tow with it.

    I think it's entirely possible life once developed on Mars and moved here long ago because of the results of one of these impacts. But whether or not this is the case is irrelevant. What IS relevant is, is my hypothesis true, are we coming into a galactic debris field which threatens life on Earth. The question then becomes, what are the odds? Well lets face it. If the odds are SO overwhelmingly against us, there's really no reason to go on is there? No reason to go slave at that job if none of it will mean diddly squat in a decade or two. Maybe that's why they don't tell us. Maybe if they tell us, the next few decades are going to be one where we tear down society as we self destruct out of sheer hopelessness and despair. Maybe, that being the case, those that know this terrible truth are just like "Ya know what, I'd like the few years we have left to be spent in the blissful happiness of a society plunging unknowing towards the infinite abyss unaware of it's impending doom. It'll make those vacations spent in the Caribbean with the family much more tolerable."

    Yeah, I might not tell us either. Cause you know we're going to wreck up the joint on the way out. I've seen too many renters to think otherwise.

  • Meteorite measure astreroid Oumuamua didn t have shape or be like stars its should be pillers for roundabout space or be literacy for someone at galaxy ? .. .

  • Do you ever get the feeling the universe keeps throwing clues at us & wondering why we can't figure it all out? 𝓡𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲 𝓣𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲.

  • It was sent by other civilization creatures maybe inside of it there's technology camera machines lots of thing. They sent it to check on us on our earth planet. I think their technology system much smarter advanced than us. This object oumuamua is their airplane it's so fast that we humans can't see how it looks or what's inside. Trust me it was sent by other creator of God to check on us

  • The arrogance of these scientists to be thinking this is the FIRST and only bit of space rock that has come into our solar system EVER is utter ignorance and arrogance.

    If one has come through the system before, then it will have been happening since time begun. Why do they make out that these are the only times this has happened. Such arrogance.

    What they mean is this: This is the first time we have detected this object or objects that have come from outside our solar system. Not this is the first time ever that an interstellar rock has passed through our system. Such arrogance and they have so little knowledge.

  • The sun him it's radio signals so we haven't heard whether Omar or move it was reflecting the sun's Radio waves or not. we also don't have a spectrum logical analysis of what a more mobile was made of. It looks like anodized titanium. But nobody's talking about which direction it was accelerating. The fact that we see a new Object so soon is a very strange indication. Why didn't we see these before?

  • At 44 KPS, that's aprox 96,000 MPH. So the thrust that sped it up even slightly must be coming out at aprox 96,000 MPH. That's some SERIOUS thrust!!! If we could understand how it does this, it would open up solar system wide travel. If they can figure out Hibernation that would make interstellar travel possible.

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