The Harms of Marijuana & THC on the Young Brain

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  • I've been sober for Five weeks now and I am so high strung and stressed to the max now. I was hoping not smoking weed would be the opposite but it's not!! Smoking weed truly relaxed me!! I don't know what do? I'm struggling!!!

  • 👎🏻 Jeez, have you run out of physical therapy video ideas?
    Get this pharma-douche outta here!

    I liked your channel before you started pushing propaganda.

  • To all the dope smokers defending this crap all you have to do is get off your ass and do the research no seeds no stems any more ..growers using roach spray, tranquilizers etc to make it stronger you “say” you’re fine but your lungs say otherwise. Learn how to cope with crappy life in a healthy way not smoking it’s also total waste of money I was a pot head in my teens all the way til mid 20’s life’s much better WITHOUT it

  • complete hotse shyte.
    look at you 3 !!!
    who would want your imaginative creative inpit on anything soulful.
    …not me.
    bones and muscles and nerves yes.
    3 ties?

  • The talks with Chris are always very informative, and he has no qualms getting right to the point and setting things straight. I will be sharing this video with some folks I know who use marijuana as older adults (sixties), and whose kids grew up seeing it as an okay thing to do, and with those kids now having kids, it is easy to see how this drug usage just gets passed down generation to generation. The older adults I speak of used back in the 1970s, and it is my understanding that now in our culture where it is now legal in many states, the THC levels are significantly higher, so as time goes on, each successive generation is getting a more potent dose per use, and thus even greater brain consequences than back in the 1960s and 70s. Thanks guys for this very important talk!

  • In complete agreement on postponing any nonprescription drug use post adolescence. Not sure twin studies and depression are the best way to present an argument against early drug use given distinct personality traits between twins. Sometimes it’s ok to be a pessimist in a constantly optimistic world… That’s it right there, no? The twin dilemma exemplifies more than one perspective of any given view and we don’t have to ingest pot to understand that. Pot is an herb like sage, rosemary, tarragon, etc, and it makes things like life taste good and like most herbs it has medical use, but it is not a panacea for what ails us. It is , however a good reason to get together and celebrate our humanity. Btw, my kids are drug free. Love you’re channel. Thank you.

  • really dont understand why some of you are mad i understand if a children would need it for medical purposes but just smoking to get high screw that just go be a kid thats coming from a 4 year smoker. i hate seeing all these young broken kids in middle school now smoking blunts they don't understand what they're doing they're just getting "high"

  • I don't smoke weed or drink alcohol, nor do I take any prescription drugs, so I have no horse in this race. I do question the wisdom of having a pharmacist, a guy whose livelihood depends on big pharma, speak on this topic. Way to show your closed mindedness. 👎

  • I disagree with the premise of this. I respectfully hope that you guys will consider my rebuttal before dismissal.
    Teenagers have a rollercoaster of emotions with or without weed. One cannot die from an overdose of THC. He even mentioned that those 2 examples were not direct illness. I will concede that I do have concerns about the fertilizer chemicals, mold, & other hazards from home growing, though most of our food has similar hazards. We are a nation of various drugs; caffeine, alcohol, sugar, & various non opiod prescription drugs are all used as crutches to "deal" with our lives & woes, yet sometimes can be used responsiby. The legalization does not mean that "new" & serious ailments will flood hospitals; large portions of the population, including teens have been smoking for generations. Medical reactions would too have been documented for decades.
    I also think you should consider the potential for a conflict of interest in having someone associated with pharma being a consult on this topic.
    I really do enjoy your videos & respect the expertise in your field. I feel like you made a misstep here by not finding an objective source, cutting a piece of the interview, and vering so far away from the physical health aspect into a predisposed position.

  • Here let me educate some people. Not one pharmaceutical could help me bring down my dangerous inflammation levels, as a last resort I was put on medical marijuana, in 2 weeks my inflammation levels went down to near normal from dangerously extreme levels, I went from not being able to bend my hands to turn on my taps or open the door to my house and being told I'm heading for a group home, to having my life back. I went from using two crutch canes down to one now and can actually mow my lawn by myself and not hire anyone. When my markers go up i just use my low THC high CBD cannabis and I'm fine again for a while. My dear elderly aunt had terrible glaucoma and she tried a tiny amount of edibles before she goes to sleep at night and voilah next time her pressure was tested in a few weeks it went from extreme going to go blind to a clean bill of health. She shakes her head at how silly the fear mongering is around this plant and kicks herself for suffering for so long and not trying it earlier, you dont need to get stoned like a hippy a tiny amount helps. So I can safely speak from experience and tell you it's a miracle plant that needs to be thoroughly researched, not shot down as some 1930's devils lettuce. I am unsubscribing from this channel because I will not have someone talk propaganda against a legitimate medication that is helping so many including myself. I had subbed this channel to actually get pointers that may help manage my disease further. I will gladly be getting my disease management advice elsewhere.

  • Been smoking pot since my Boy Scout leader gave me my first hit in 1977. I took a couple of short breaks in the military and some other reason other wise, puff puff like Willy and Ted Turner having a wake and make before starting million dollar businesses. I too had a million dollar business until one day I woke up to the truth in 2007 with that superior tofu mush of a brain and stopped paying Federal and Stare taxes in full compliance with the United States constitution…..and more (emphasis mine)

    Best thing that happened to me. Only wish I never picked up a bottle of Smirnoff. FYI, booze free for 15.

  • A Stoner looking out for their own desire for pleasure, will always rebuke what ever negative statement science may make… even with 100% proof.
    Don't ever bother arguing with a Stoner, like an alcoholic in denial, they have too much at stake to admit being wrong.

  • It is highly irresponsible of you two to allow guests like this to spout nonsense; referencing “many studies” to prove his anti-cannabis prejudices, when there is not a single corroborated study making these claims of anxiety, depression, and stunted brain development , which has survived scientific debunking. All actual medical research and scientific studies show the promotion of braincell growth and reduction of innate depression and anxious feeling. You all need to research and vet your guests better.

  • You got money in your pocket and you talk like that, THC kills cancer and marijuana smoking is dangerous , don’t smoke for sure ! but hemp plant is healthy in plant form for brain and all body , you effect people stating that hemp plant = marijuana 🙂 , if you have cancer , use TCH if government allows you .

  • It's important to remember that these two gentlemen have opinions, just like the rest of us.

    Some of what they say has evidence and is very useful. I have found some of their techniques really beneficial. Other stuff is just nonsense, even by their own logic (like their videos that contradict their own advice that you should "never" do a particular exercise). But, take it for what it is.

    I have no opinion on this subject as it is not relevant to me. But, if all those commentators who are visceral and swear at them for this video really believe that marijuana and THC are so good, then make a video with your evidence and post it. All it takes is a smartphone.

    That way you'll contribute to a constructive debate and not just engage in name-calling, or shouted opinions.

  • The twin that used probably wanted to kill hisself because his brother and family rejected his marijuana use which caused him a lot of anxiety and depression. You really just can’t isolate a drug and blame it for issues someone is having. If you take a drug and have society accept it a lot of the problems “caused by that drug” go away. People banding together and excluding other people is the issue.

  • What makes life tougher for marijuana and other drug users is other people not being accepting and supportive of their drug use.

  • Just eat your vegetables:

    "The beauty is that beta-carophyllene is not only found in cannabis but also often in plants as a whole and we consume the substance in our diet. The non-toxic compound, which incidentally has been used as a food additive for many years, can be found in spice plants like oregano, basil, cinnamon and black pepper. "

  • I said this years ago. As a nurse, I have seen allot. Some People need that co dependence. I think it is a personality flaw, they have to be taken out of reality. I have 2 friends that have done this for years, they both have severe anxiety.

  • Hobby horse warning. I'll try to put the TL;DR of it here, and then go on and on and on and on in "replies".

    1. I've always thought that there is a problem with narcotics (including the "harmless" ones). This might just be because the bit of marijuana I tried in my life made me paranoid/ unlocked some of my potential to become paranoid. But there you go; there's at least one person on Earth for whom marijuana is not harmless.

    2. I think it's pretty much obvious that the way we "deal with the issue" today at best doesn't work. A "War on Drugs" is probably a nice way of building a little empire inside a democracy (and some "dark ops" military capabilities that you get "for free" – ie some drug addicts pay for it). This is the "part 1 of that hobby horse". We're not dealing with this; we're just sweeping it under the rug and giving ourselves ways to feel tough about that.

    3. The things that do work tend to be more in the nature of a "medical treatment" – something potentially unavoidably complex, and requiring "patient cooperation", at very least.

    OK enough for now. I think we need to experiment with trying to do something better than legalization, and better than "getting tough". Best compromise I've managed to think of to date is: "Don't legalize; rather regulate".

    I mean don't just let the "market take care of it", and make this a free choice, but decriminalize. Trying to fix this problem by way of the criminal law just creates whole new categories of other problems created by the criminality of the trade (Prohibition … ). Take the money wasted on the "war", and try pilot projects where you aim to "Get Control of the Entrance Gates".

    And if you think this is interesting or horribly wrong enough to worth attacking, it all continues in the "replies".

    (It's a bit long, isn't it?)

  • Kids use marijuana to feel good when they feel bad.
    If you feel bad and don't deal with it then that emotional stress goes unsolved and you don't learn the tools to deal with the pain life can bring.
    Good news is that after a few years of good sleeping, eating, working out etc. you can pretty much turn it around completely.
    You will always be different than you would have been if you never smoked weed or abused alcohol or any substance really, but different means you have other strengths.

    Try and go without weed for a week and see how you feel.

  • 1. If you have a guest presented as an expert on a subject, you should give some qualifications about why he's an expert. Being "The Pharmacist" isn't enough for this kind of subject.
    2. You should cite your sources. Saying "some studies say" here and there isn't enough. Put links to those studies, or clearly identify them otherwise, and cite the results accurately.

    Many things he said are put in doubt by a prominent lack of distinction between causation and correlation, and by a lack of evidence-driven discussion. Cite your sources and then I can trust you, otherwise all of this is useless.

  • Dope is no longer a reason to get high. I’ve been through alcoholism, parental abuse, spousal abuse and I am the pacifist. My life is going down the drain. I tried marijuana 20 years ago and it made me happy. I’m going back on it at 60 to stop my own suicide.

  • Wrong wrong wrong. There are no studies showing this BS. All are poorly designed or biased. The body makes its own “thc” that’s why there are receptors for it in the whole body.

  • Not to say that weed is harmless but in the context of a society where drinking a beer after work is as normal as drinking coffee before work I don’t get this obsession with being completely sober when it comes to pot.
    I can smoke till green is coming out of my ears and the next morning I might be a little dazed but if I drink a few too many beers the next morning I feel like I am dying. If pot is bad for you in your youth then booze must be even worse. And considering many kids under 25 binge drink every weekend how bad can smoking a bit of pot be?

  • Gradually losing respect for this channel.
    First it was flaxseed curing high blood pressure, now it's this paranoia.
    You guys are going senile.

  • So every genius or scientist that smoked from high school through college debunks everything he just said!!!! Dam Bob and Brad I'm a fan but im putting you guys on a timeout and I don't smoke

  • Maybe my son should have waited smoking until he finished college. He is now a Dr. Maybe if he didn't smoke he would be a pharmacist and chiropractors or like Bob and Brad. Dam Fools.

  • I need studies and sources on this. Im not a heavy smoker, I do it about 3 times a week. I started maybe at 16, but I own 2 buisnesses now. Weed does nothing, i got plenty of succesful friends who smoked. Let ppl do what they want. If we arent discussing the 1800 deaths from drinking booze annually we dont want to hear it Bobby and Bradley. The gov. Makes something "illegal" and all of a sudden we're forced to discuss things now. Lets talk about alcohol that should be banned. You guys are going on timeout for this b.s.

  • Vaccines and many other pharmaceutical drugs damage the children FAR MORE than smoking a plant. An M.D drug pusher damn near killed my oldest son with drugs when he was 3 months old, 37 yrs ago. Less than 2 yrs ago another Pharmaceutical drug pusher almost killed my youngest daughter with prescribed antibiotic. Pharmacist- a poisoner, a sorcerer.

  • Pharmaceutical drugs are worse than weed. Next episode lets talk about the opioid crisis and all the damage pharmaceuticals can do to your body. Oh, i forgot that big pharma is sponsoring this video.

  • I made it 30 seconds in, then said, "Nope! I love my dope! It absolutely helps calm my anxiety, ptsd and severe to major depression." It, also, keeps me from slapping nonsense out of folks. Having my medical marijuana card is great! Also, having a degree in CS.Cyber/InfoSec, with 4 certs of mastery in CS is fantastic! I've been smoking marijuana for 36 years. Somehow, my brain didn't fail me. So there's that. You people need to stick with physical therapy. You don't appear to be brain surgeons. Block me if you would like. Because at the end of the day, I feel like your study was done with/on people who know absolutely zero about the effects. Nice try though. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  • Wrong.
    Sorry Bob & Brad but stick to what you are actually edueducated in.

    You are not chemists nor actual physicians.
    This "pharmacist" doesn't know what hes talking about.
    Do your homework before commenting.

    If used properly Marijuana does not cause all of the negative affects your claming.
    I agree that it's not for "kids"
    But do your research.
    You just lost a few subscribers over this one.

    Stick to physical therapy. …
    You know… the other types of joints.
    Muscle, ligaments, tendons ?

  • I would really like to see these studies. Because this pharmacist knows a lot but sounds incredibly biased anti marijuana. There is a difference between correlation and causation. There is also an epidemic of stigmatized and *untreated* mental health issues in this country — which means that desperately miserable teens who are self medicating. I am really skeptical that the MJ caused the majority of the mental health issues as opposed to being a desperate grab for help that they’re NOT getting anyplace else.

  • Pretty sure social media is a bigger threat to young minds than marijuana. Let's worry about the house fire before we worry about clean sheets on the bed.

  • Wow ! The vehemence of the negative commentary is both surprising and somewhat off-putting. All The Boys appear to be doing here is to put forth a note of caution regarding pot use in the young- what's so terrible about that ?

  • I went 3 straight years drinking, smoking weed, smoking cigarettes as a teenager, still VERY functional. Most people were surprised I did so much, because I wasn't a total wreck, or anything – So, I openly have shared with my kids, why they should not to smoke weed, or drink until they get older. Said those exact words, wait until your brain is fully developed. Basically, because of the horrible long term effects I've noticed, (physically, emotuinally, and mentally), that I can't trace back to anything else.
    So far, have a 19, and 14 yr old who are choosing to wait to drink or smoke, at least until they get older. Hopefully they stick to it 🙂

  • Can you comment on problems caused by second hand exposure, if any? Also, I have witnessed this occurence with family members and I think it actually leads to eating disorders, such as anorexia and weight loss.

  • I don’t mind the advice that young adults should avoid trying mind altering substances through development, but the tone of this feels very patronizing. Ive known folks who smoked 20+ years and are sharp, productive, and never ended up in the ER. The abstinence mind frame is possibly how those who had issues at the ER were taught and they didn’t see adults using in a responsible manner. Like alcohol, like drugs, like sex, like a lot of anything in life, education, moderation, and skepticism should be applied liberally. Pro marijuana use or con marijuana use, I don’t believe there is enough information at this moment in time for either side. If teens and young adults can take away one lesson from your chat that I agree with, is that weed is not as bad as alcohol is. I firmly agree with that opinion.

  • I smoked copious amounts of weed from 12 onwards and also took a lot of LSD too. Did me absolutely no harm whatsoever and i'm now 42. In fact, I would say that I'm better for it.

  • I have an abnormal chronic nerve condition and it’s just hard to deal and to cope with. It’s hard because I used to be healthy, I used to be active, I played sports, and I used to have a job. I’ve been dealing with this for 3yrs now and doctors, neurologist, and physical therapists don’t know how it even happened? Throughout the years I have been given numerous medication and narcotics. I was starting to be so dependent from taking oxy and Vicodin because of the constant chronic pain from my nerves. When I started to smoke weed, it was the first time that I felt relieved. I swear to you, I was able to walk, I was able to sit down comfortably because the nerves on my legs and arm are constantly inflamed and I was able to sleep for the first time. With weed, I felt normal for a while and I am able to cope with chronic pain. I can’t play sports or go hiking again, but if I could stop the pain from taking over, I’m gonna stick to smoking weed. Best thing about it, NO SIDE EFFECTS! only munchies lol I don’t feel sick like how I used to be when I took my pills. I dumped them btw, I talked with my doctor and I stopped taking oxy and Vicodin and just kept the one medicine I need.

  • Unfortunately marijuana is a big lie.
    It does cause paranoia.
    It compounds schizophrenia even further down the rabbit hole.
    It does not ease anxiety it makes it worse.
    The only thing it does it makes you high.
    It is also very addictive.
    Can anyone that is smoking it really quit?

  • I smoked pretty habitually from 14 to 16 years old in the early 00's. I ended up with a crystallized IQ score in the low 130's. I wonder if I'd be even potentially smarter if I had never picked up weed as a habit in my teens. Regardless, that shit still made me lazy, broke, unmotivated and paranoid. I tried some of the more advanced marijuana of today, recently…WAY too strong to enjoy recreationally.

  • Talk to the youth Chris. I don’t need your side comments that implements my adult usage. I really don’t need your type dictating what cannabis does to me. Your drugs contribute to the number 1 cause of death in the world. Wasted airtime 🤪

  • “The THC causes a more potent high, I think it’s safe to take that to the bank.” Such a poor statement. 😂

  • “Tell Your Children” by NYTimes reporter Alex Berenson. The truth about marijuana, mental illness, and violence. This book cites the Norway twin study & other studies as well. Highly recommend reading it! The book will convince you that today’s marijuana is not worth it.

  • I agree 100% with the stunting of brain development. The younger the worse. The second part; the one who used THC and had depression and anxiety, could it not be he had those and used THC as a solution? I smoke every hour, I listen to lectures, read, and write every day. I started smoking 3 years ago as a solution to my alcoholism. Marijuana has changed my life for the better. My depression is almost none existent, and my anxiety is slowly going down over time. I may have lapses in memory once in awhile, but I can still do anything anyone else can if not more, because I'm freed from my anxiety. My long term memory has suffered little to none. I can remember text books from high-school, lectures I've listened to over a year ago, books I've read two weeks ago.

    Speaking on dosage, I think THIS is the major problem right now. The THC in high-grade Marijuana these days is so high it can definitely cause psychosis and paranoia. Mine is around 20-25% THC, which is almost 5x higher than weed from the 90's or 2000's. I've had many terrible experiences from too much THC. This is something to watch out for.

    My conclusion is smoke it later in life 21+ and I don't think you will see many problems if you continue to use your brain and don't let it rot. My opinion is that the kind of people who are depressed and anxious use marijuana and don't have the motivation to continue to use their brain.

  • This is a pharmacist who is protecting his livelihood. The legalization of marijuana threatens his job. Marijuana vs. valium. Which one keeps him in business?

  • Most of you dont wanna hear the TRUTH because you LOVE your SIN! Bob and Brad I will always be subscriber to your channel! Thanks for sharing the truth!

  • "Its easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled". Lungs are for oxygen not burnt plant matter! When your heart gives out or when you get c.o.p.d, emphysema, or Alzheimer memory loss, you will wish you listen to these men! Instead of a salesman!

  • The point is that the effect is different on a developing brain. This is not about what happens when adults use. Children, s brains are still developing and susceptible to impact.

  • Let’s clarify. They are saying you shouldn’t smoke at a young age. 25 and after, you’re fine. Let your brain fully develop that is all.

  • No links for the studies that you're quoting? Marijuana is a plant…it doesn't typically go through the chemical processes that opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, and cigarettes, do. To group marijuana with these other things is ridiculous!

  • I, for one, do NOT use marijuana to get high, and don’t appreciate the broad generalization. I have MS and use it @ night to sleep because sleep meds no longer work. I could use it for pain during the day but I loathe feeling high. Everything else he said was completely negated by that uneducated statement.

  • LOL, when you've got someone representing big pharma dissing what can be cultivated in the yard… This all boils down to atheism, whether you like big pharma or illegal drugs. They are both false gods.

  • So glad to hear someone speak out. These same warnings were told us in school in the 60s. Yet, foolish people have signed petitions to make it legal. Legalization has not changed its danger.

  • you lost me the minute your expert is a pharmacist. the one point all you folks seem to miss is causation and correlation its a very simple principal really but lost on you. unsubbed

  • A lot of these comments show they are not even understanding the video. Underage is the key here. I get there are pros to weed for chronic pain and ptsd. But young people have a high risk for any medicine including weed and alcohol.

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