Adding Flavors to E-Cigarette Liquids Changes Chemistry, Creates Irritants

Our research was inspired by the concern of the dramatic rise of use e-cigarettes, specifically, by young people. And what’s known is that this is driven by the large variety of flavors that the industry is adding to these e-cigarettes. And based on our knowledge of the chemistry of a lot of the favor chemicals […]

Effects of “Social” Smoking

Thinking of having a few cigarettes in your next night out?Sure, it’s only the few smokes, every now and again… It’ll be grand!Won’t it?Well, not really…It might only seem like a harmless bit of fun, but occasional “Social Smoking”means that you’re up to four times more likely to become a regular smokerthan your non-smoking friends!You’re […]

The Best Time To Quit Smoking Is Now

People start smoking for lots of reasons, but the reason people continue to smoke isbecause they become addicted No matter why you started, there are lotsof good reasons to quit Smokers between 18 and 24, smoke 15 cigarettesa day on average Quitting a habit of 15 a day will save 50euro a week, and over […]