-That’s what I said. -How much? -$75. -It’s on me. -No. I’ll do it. -Every day now, Lucas? -How much? -$75. For me, how much? $75. Is $20 ok? $20 here for you. -$20 and it’s fine. -No. -Here. -No need, Lucas. -It’s Ok. Wait. -I will only charge the bill. -We can get to […]

Every Bar on Thanksgiving Eve – Second City Sketch Show

– ‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the city, the booze began flowing, folks about to get. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, every d-bag from high school, reuniting right here. – I thought you had to work, man. – I’m actually in tech now, so I’m making my own hours. […]

aftertheparty – weekend (Lyrics Audio)

[Hook] She just wanna party on the weekend Catch me on the deep end I’ve been fucked for no reason Percocet and molly got me fiendin Yeah I’ve been tweakin On the weekend She just wanna party on the weekend [Verse 1] Rick Astley rollin like I’m dreamin (Never gonna give you up) I’mma give […]

why secondhand/passive smokers most harmful than active smoker? how about vapor / e-cigarette then ?

there are billion people are smoking today you know like billion with ‘B’ and most of ’em like 80% of them, are living in the poor country.. i mean low-income country.. developing country? you know what i don’t give a F… and apparently 200 million of this cult are a Woman from Now on it […]

Oral Cancer Screening – Lake Mead Dental

Hello my name is Dr.Ellen and I’m the managing dentist for Wigwam and Lake Mead Dental. Today I’m going to educate you a bit about Oral Cancer Screening. April is the month for oral cancer screening. When you go to the medical doctor your mouth is not necessarily checked. Medical doctors rely on all the […]

Access Consciousness The Bars

The Bars is 32 different points on the head. They are basically like hitting delete file on your computer bank. Garbage in equals garbage out, so when you have too much stuff on your computer, it sort of jams it, and things don’t work. So with this stuff, what it does is it eases off […]

5 Wildest Moms on Bar Rescue

Even as her business fell apart around her, Karen maintained her seat at the bar, ringing her bell. A lot of times, Karen, She’ll want a drink. She’ll sit there and ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding until somebody comes. Dave. Can I get a shot please? Where’s my bell at, dude? There’s Karen. […]

Examination of the Mouth (CDC, 1967)

[Sound of medical instruments and doctor murmuring] [Robert H. Johnson, M.D.:] Once you have developed a system, an examination of the mouth can be done quickly and should be a part of your routine examination of patients. From a general health standpoint, an oral examination will help you detect infections that may contribute to systemic […]

Herb Smokes – A Tobacco Cigarette Alternative

Smoking Tobacco is injurious to Health. Smoking causes addiction which make a person regular smoker. Smoking can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer India is home to 12% of the world’s smokers. More than 10 million die each year due to tobacco in India Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than […]

Kansas City Chiefs Do Recon for Jon | Bar Rescue S6 Sneak Peek

Mr Taffer: So let me tell you why I’m at this bar. Billy wrote me a letter and I want to read it to you. Dear Mr. Taffer, I’ve been to two of your seminars in Chicago a few years ago. You said if I ever needed anything you’d remember me and help. I’m willing […]