How Lil Tay Ended Her Career

Lil tay, stay away from the old-fashioned mediaI mean if you want to be completely wiped off your platform, be my guest, because if you continue to accept any of these likeThese more of these slip-ups are gonna happen in the futureLil tay youngest flexa in centurySpoiler alert, she’s not, that’s a factShe’s a nine […]

How to Quit Smoking | Tamil Motivation | Karaikudi Sa Balakumar

One of my friends would smoke at least 30 cigarettes a dayOne day, he asked meYou are good at talkingTalk something to me and make me quit smoking, he saidI thought for a couple of minutesThen I talked with him for 5 minutesThen from the next day onwards, he quit smokingWhat was that 5-minute speech?Why […]

Tobacco Cessation Course

– Hi. My name is Dr. Yavar Moghimiand I’m a psychiatrist who specializesin the care of HIV patients.I wanted to talk to you today about tobacco usein individuals with HIV.In the US, 19% of the populationuses tobacco on a regular basis,but that percentage is two to three times higherin HIV positive individuals.While that seems like […]

Can Hypnosis Help Me to Focus by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

– Can hypnosis help you focus? Yes, it can. One of the things I have to do in my work is focus acutely. If I’m working with a patient, I have to, or coaching someone, I have to sit next to them and I have to absolutely observe them all the time and focus and […]

Instagram vs. Reality

Have you guys ever browsed Instagram and wondered why everyone looks so beautiful?Why does everyone have such a perfect life?Why is everyone having so much fun?Has perfect skin?Is always laughing and smiling.WHY is my life so boring, as I sit here in my underwear covered in breadcrumbs?Sad and alone.Why?I’ll tell you why.Because they’re faking it.We […]

College Girl Hypnotized on live TV #hypnosis #hypno #NLP

yeah okay so what we’re about to do is hypnosis you will not be unconscious atany time so it’s not like you are knocked out, there’s no sleepinggas yeah you won’t be knockedover anyways you still be aware of what’s happening around you it wouldjust be like right before you fall asleep you still be […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 117 with Ashley (Patience) part 2

right now i think that in the big problem i have is a great friend and iuh…sanitation framefrom back on the beat the shit i think that thehanding over our injurywell withit’s cut honestlyisn’t you know i guess itand dot is that it might be this debateso open so it’s aso i think it’s a […]

Associated Students TownHall

[ Music ]>>Simon Fraser: Okay, if I can ask you all to sign in,I think we’re going to start in about two minutes;so if you want to take your seats, get your refreshmentsand they’ll still be there.And for the students who are here for extra credit,extra credit signups will go to the back at around […]

Blind vs. Blindfolded – Everyday Tasks (feat. Chris Chann)

[drum beat]TOMMY: Today’s let’s have some fun and take a gift away from a YouTuber.The gift of sight!The gift of sight! CHRIS: Wait… what?[music plays] TOMMY: Today we’re going to play another gameof “Blind vs. Blindfolded” and we have a special guest with us.Chris Chann! How are you doing, sir? CHRIS: Good. Thanks for having […]

Becoming Interplanetary

>>Lucianne Walkowicz: Thank you, everyone,so much for being here today.I have some brief opening remarks before we getto our first wonderful panel.I wanted to begin with a territorial acknowledgment,which I will read from because I cannot memorize anything.We acknowledge the Piscataway and Pamunke peoples,whose traditional and unseeded territory we’re gatheredupon today.Gathering here, we pay respect […]