How Manaforts 2016 meeting with a Russian employee at New York cigar club goes to the heart of Muell

How Manaforts 2016 meeting with a Russian employee at New York cigar club goes to the heart of MuellThe 2016 nominating conventions had recently concluded and the presidential race was hitting a new level of intensity when Paul Manafort, Donald Trumps campaign chairman, ducked into an unusual dinner meeting at a private cigar club a […]

Smoking Crack in Hell’s Kitchen

-You take your crack and you put it in this top piece right here,then you burn it.For most people, the pleasure is seeing the clouds.And after that it’s going, that’s your high.There is no more.-[rapping]: Attention, users and abusers-[rapping]: Down and out losers-Stop chasing that cloud-(both) It never fails to elude ya-Spendin’ that money like […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition. Episode 1 Pre-show interview

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An Intimate Conversation with Dr. Richard Harte Part 1 HD – Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition

hello and welcome to this episode of hypnotist burn a sex position joining ustoday is dr. Richard heard hey dr. Hart how are you doing ok good to see yougood to see it with this year dr. Hart is my mentor he’s my instructor forcertified instructor in the year two thousand two I’ve known him […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 62 with Jacqueline

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Quit Stories: How Ash Quit Smoking

The first step was attending the StopWorkshop. They gave me the education thesupport I needed. I used the patches andwillpower and stuck to my guns. So I mademany adjustments in my daily life,obviously removing the triggers, thereminders – things like ashtrays andlighters. Making all these small changesin your routine

Quit Stories: How Corrine Quit Smoking

So I chose the patch because I knew that I was getting the nicotine and that I couldalso go through the holiday with my support system in place. I was looking ahead at thecalendar and chose a date. I had a plan in place. I was prepared for those fleeting moments.Those situations when I may […]

Quit Stories: Why Ash Quit Smoking

I was young and stupid and didn’t think it would affect me. I was smoking for 35 years.It started to interfere with day-to-day activities. Sometimes you just felt so tired you didn’twant to get out of bed. I could feel that it was taking a toll on me. I just wantedto be around for my […]

Quit Stories: How Richard Quit Smoking

I think it’s really important when you are quitting to find other avenues to really keepyourself almost busy. One of the things I did is I picked up mountain biking. I reallyhad to break a lot of my routines. Typically when you are a smoker, you know all the smokers.When you quit smoking, you really […]

Quit Stories: How Dave Quit Smoking

I went to a smoking cessation course and they gave me the benefits of stopping smoking.They showed us different ways of trying to quit which really helped me to decide to wantto quit. It’s not easy, especially the amount that I smoked. I was always reaching for thecigarette package in my pocket. And I would […]