Did You Know – Smoking Can Cause Premature Wrinkles

If you need another reason to quit smoking, Did you know, smoking can add premature wrinkles?According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking can speed up the normal aging process of yourskin, contributing to wrinkles. And smoking doesn’t cause wrinkles only on your face.Smoking is also associated with increased wrinkling and skin damage on other parts ofyour […]

Why People Who Smoke Look Old

You know why babies look so young?They don’t smoke!Also they’re babies!Ok Jules wrote this joke didn’t he?Hey puffy people, Julian here for Dnews!We all know smoking can dramatically shorten your lifespan and give you a whole host ofterrible diseases.But did you know it can also make you look like you chose poorly when trying to […]

Hormones and Gender Transition

Hormones. Everyone has them but do youknow just how powerful these molecules are?How they affect your entire existence, as you know it?So let’s talk about them.But let’s put a slight twist on it.We’re gonna focus on what happens whensomeone undergoes hormone therapy.This is commonly for women going throughmenopause, but we’re going to look at hormonetherapy […]


Are you starting to age?Are the wrinkles starting to show up?I have a home remedy for you.Remedy number 1.Wrinkles appear on the skin as you age when aging skin starts to lose its ability to holdon moisture, makes less oil, and is slower to heal.It also produces less collagen, and because collagen is what makes […]

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

For our viewers out there, who maybe are looking at this thing saying ‘I want to quit’what would you say?>Me too. What would you say, doctor? I’m gonna start withthe doctor first. >Yeah, state the obvious you should it’sthe best thing that you can do for yourself and it’s so dangerous tosmoke affect your heart, […]