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Why we have too few women leaders | Sheryl Sandberg

So for any of us in this room today, let’s start out by admitting we’re lucky.We don’t live in the world our mothers lived in,our grandmothers lived in,where career choices for women were so limited.And if you’re in this room today,most of us grew up in a world where we have basic civil rights,and amazingly, […]

Entrepreneur Life Update | 6 Weeks After Quitting My Job

– It’s been six weeks since I quit my job as a lawyer to run our business full-time, and so I wanted to give you an update on how things are going and some lessons that I have learned during these last six weeks as a full-time entrepreneur. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Tasha, and I […]

Talking about women you like – SEXY, HOT, SMOKING, CUTE, FREAKY

Hello. My name is Emma, and in today’s lesson, we are going to talk about personalities,we’re going to talk about looks, we’re going to talk about all the ways you can describethe girl of your dreams. Okay? The woman you like, the person you have a crush on. So,we’re going to talk specifically about women […]

E-Cigarette Messages: Exploring Messages on E-Cigarettes Aimed at Women and Youth

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Ellen Pliska, and I’m the director of family andchild health at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.Hi, everyone. My name is Diana Karczmarczyk and I am the senior analyst at the Associationof State and Territorial Health Officials and I focus on tobacco and chronic diseaseprevention. We would […]

Real Hypnosis induction 10

things like a swinging water yeah I mean everybody knows how this works rightvitaly’s no more we cleaned up the mess up there so you got nothing to worryabout look at Gary here in the wild right nowfocus on the watch you know what happens of course you focus on the watch youreyes start feeling […]

Real Hypnosis induction 9

like had some of the girls running around trying to kiss the boy is and theboys we’re trying to run away from andthey’re making funny animal sounds andokay great and did you remember how the person who ties those people up mymistake countdown so he was just kind of saying as I count down from […]

Sexy Girl turns into zombie slave – Hypnosis Induction.

is this yeah yeah this is a new and then you’re not gonna really want to hearthis but I was out of the club this weekend and yeah I saw I saw someonethere though it was your husband yeah I always hear about that but he’s not he’snot going out so close he doesn’t do […]

IRIS ROSE – My 18th Birthday | After Porn Ends 2 (2017) Documentary

Iris Rose: So my name is Iris Rose. I’ve been in the business exactly a year.Starting January 29th exactly, it’ll be a year so I’m almost a year, um.I was born and raised in Texas so I’m a little bit, exactly.So i’m a little bit of a southern sweetheart. And I’m loving,i’m loving work so […]