#20Millon Memorial – Remembering Those Who Have Died From Tobacco

-My story… -My story… -My story’s about my mom. -It’s about my best friend. WOMAN: It’s about my brother. Since the Surgeon General first issued a report on smoking and health -in 1964… -She loved to dance. WOMAN: He was on the golf course every day. More than 20 million people have died due to […]

How to Hand Roll a Cigarette (For Beginners)

Skip to 1:21 to start rollingHi, there. I’m Gonna teach you how to roll your ownCigarettes using tobacco papers and slim filters so first of all this is my little kitIt’s just a lot easier to keep everything togetherespecially if youWant to roll while you’re out or whateverso first of all we have the [tobacco] […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie’s Jokes

Burnie: One of my favorite jokes when I was a kidis there’s three guys and they have bricks, they find a pile of bricksand they want to see who can throw bricks up in the air the highest.But they can’t tell from the ground how high they’re gonna go upBut the ground’s all muddySo one […]

Real Hypnosis induction 10

things like a swinging water yeah I mean everybody knows how this works rightvitaly’s no more we cleaned up the mess up there so you got nothing to worryabout look at Gary here in the wild right nowfocus on the watch you know what happens of course you focus on the watch youreyes start feeling […]

Real Hypnosis induction 9

like had some of the girls running around trying to kiss the boy is and theboys we’re trying to run away from andthey’re making funny animal sounds andokay great and did you remember how the person who ties those people up mymistake countdown so he was just kind of saying as I count down from […]

Sexy Girl turns into zombie slave – Hypnosis Induction.

is this yeah yeah this is a new and then you’re not gonna really want to hearthis but I was out of the club this weekend and yeah I saw I saw someonethere though it was your husband yeah I always hear about that but he’s not he’snot going out so close he doesn’t do […]

Hypnosis induction 7

hi there how you good good my name is a mark Easton I’m doctor packing woodsassistant he asked me to come in here I’m just going to set up this cameraright now I don’t mind the camera it’s something that dr. packer always likesto have for all of his appointments so this is just standard […]

How I Seize It #165: STEREOTYPES

Hey! Are y’all tired of peopleassumin’ you a certain way just because of the color of your skinor the way you talk or how things just come fuckin’ easy to youcause you a fuckin’ knockout? Well this How I Seize Itis custom made just for you. This Loretta Jenkinsand just cause I’m blonde, don’t mean […]

Hypnosis induction 1

hi there I’m mark Easton I’m doctor packing woods assistant he just asked meto come in right now before he comes in and I’m just gonna set this up righthere he likes to videotape all of hissessions hope um I’m just gonna adjust this here the reason why yeah I was justabout to send a […]

Suppressed emotions can become baggage later in life

IThink that when we suppress the emotion that’s when it becomes some serious baggage that will rear its ugly head laterSo a lot of folks don’t think it’s okay like we’re taught as kids toYou know be seen and not heard and they don’t cry stop cryingI’m gonna give you something to cry about where […]