How Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party” Put Brooklyn Drill On The Map | Song Stories

[HOST]Pop Smoke’s “Welcome to the Party” is one of this year’s drill anthems butinstead of coming out of Chicago, it’s coming out of New York.With his raw, aggressive delivery, Pop has become the one to watch out of Brooklyn’slively drill scene.The song dropped in April 2019 and went viral a month later with its music […]

The Sao Paolo Cigar Humidor with Inlay

The Sao Paolo Cigar Humidor with Inlay. This humidor features a rich mahogany finishand an exquisite inlay top. The humidor measures 12 1/4″ wide, 8 3/4″deep and 5″ tall. On the back of the humidor you can see thegold plated brass quadrant hinges. Inside the humidor, you can see this Spanishcedar lip which meshes with […]

How To Infuse Cigars With Liquor

now there’s a little trick that I do and this is something that people find to bekind of fun if you want to know what liquor tastes like infused with the cigarits a very simple process …. long draw, put it in the cup, swirl it, holding in the smoke, then you set it free…again, […]

Quit Smoking With Me!

– Thanks for clicking through.As a clinical hypnotherapist and a quit-smoking specialist,working with thousands of clients in recent years,I really know how you feel.Trying to quit smoking is just so frustrating.Book in with me and I’ll work with you one-on-oneand provide a treatmentthat is specifically tailored to your needs.You’ll find that something you thought was […]

The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Cigar Humidor

The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Cigar Humidor. This humidor measures 13 1/2″ wide, 9 1/2″deep and 6 1/4″ tall, will hold up to 100 cigars and comes in a beautiful high glossmaple wood finish with a tobacco leaf inlay on the top.On the front of the humidor, you have a brass lock that comes with a […]

Tutorial – How to Get Started with your blu PRO® E-Cigarette

How to with bluGetting started with your blu PRO®Here we’ll show you a few tips onhow to get started with the blu PRO®.The blu PRO Kit consists of a mouthpiece,a clearomiser,and a Rechargeable Device.Put them all together andyou’ve got a blu PRO®!First thing’s first,your blu PRO needs to be charged.Although it comes with a little […]

The San Marco End Table Cigar Humidor

The San Marco End Table Cigar Humidor This humidor holds up to 300 cigars. It measures20 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 27 inches tall. It features a beautiful maple veneerwith French antique distressed walnut finish. The top has a nice ash burl parquet.The front of the humidor has an antique brass pull. The […]

Napoli 75 Count Dome Top Cigar Humidor

The Napoli 75 Count Dome Top Cigar HumidorHigh Gloss Walnut Burl Finish Lined in Kiln Dried Spanish CedarApproximately 12 1/2″ by 5 1/2 inches with a depth of 9 1/2 inchesCan Hold Up To 75 Cigars Unique Dome Lid With One Analog HygrometerOne adjustable divider with a traditional foam humidifierSureseal Technology Standard Enjoy

Getting Started with Cigar Pairing – Famous Smoke Shop

Cigars are synonymous with celebrations and special events. The drink youpair with them should be just as special. This isn’t throwing togetherwhatever is in the fridge, this is matching the flavor and strength ofyour drink with your cigar. Each should complement the flavor and strengthof the other without overpowering the drink, the cigar, or you. […]

New law to require cigarette boxes to carry pictorial warnings 흡연경고그림 내년 12월부터

After thirteen years and eleven failed attempts, the Korean government is finally going aheadwith a tobacco policy that requires cigarette packs to carry graphic health warning images.Oh Soo-young shares with us the latest in Korea′s efforts to curb smoking. Startingfrom December next year, the Korean government will require all cigarette makers to labelpacks and boxes […]