Smoking Vulture Brains in South Africa

[Music] thanks motivation is very very good lots of people is coming in to one day is the vulture great if you use virtual brains for for the open your mind some places like this really put your water boiling then you drink it inhale people are using men and horses agree I get out […]

A Brother in Christ From India Being Delivered from Demons

In South India, its very superstitious over hereI do not know what the love of a mother is..I am telling you franklyI can see 2 beings full of lightThey were clothed in lightThey were like, standing right in front of me!and every knee shall bow, and every mouth, every tongue shall confessThat JESUS is the […]

Real Hypnosis induction 10

things like a swinging water yeah I mean everybody knows how this works rightvitaly’s no more we cleaned up the mess up there so you got nothing to worryabout look at Gary here in the wild right nowfocus on the watch you know what happens of course you focus on the watch youreyes start feeling […]

Real Hypnosis induction 9

like had some of the girls running around trying to kiss the boy is and theboys we’re trying to run away from andthey’re making funny animal sounds andokay great and did you remember how the person who ties those people up mymistake countdown so he was just kind of saying as I count down from […]

Sexy Girl turns into zombie slave – Hypnosis Induction.

is this yeah yeah this is a new and then you’re not gonna really want to hearthis but I was out of the club this weekend and yeah I saw I saw someonethere though it was your husband yeah I always hear about that but he’s not he’snot going out so close he doesn’t do […]

Hypnosis induction 7

hi there how you good good my name is a mark Easton I’m doctor packing woodsassistant he asked me to come in here I’m just going to set up this cameraright now I don’t mind the camera it’s something that dr. packer always likesto have for all of his appointments so this is just standard […]

Hypnosis induction 1

hi there I’m mark Easton I’m doctor packing woods assistant he just asked meto come in right now before he comes in and I’m just gonna set this up righthere he likes to videotape all of hissessions hope um I’m just gonna adjust this here the reason why yeah I was justabout to send a […]

Hypnosis induction 5

oh hi I’m dr. B packing wood what’s your nameAmy Lee pleasure to meet you there Amy Lee ahso tell me me what can I do for you todaywell what kind of disorder can you please explain a bit more but you can’tgain weight do you know why is there something so you don’t know […]

Check out this Insane clip of this Guy Being Hypnotized!

Marc Savard: The person I’m touching right now, whenever you hear this next piece of music,the Mexican Jumping Beans in your Shoes will become active causing your feet to go 100 miles per hour into an Irish Jig.A great big round of applause for these people right here sharing their personalities with you.Here we go. […]

Hypnosis induction 2

hi there my name is mark Easton I’m doctor packing woods assistant I’m justgonna be setting up this camera here today if you don’t mind this is veryimportant you always set these up here doctor packing wood likes to have thecameras set up for all of his sessions that way if ever anything you knowdoesn’t […]