The Surprising History of Tobacco

Tobacco: It was thought to be a heal-all, but in reality, a harm-all.The origins of this controversial plant are in the fields of the Americas, and the mostcommon species, Nicotiana Tabacum, originated in Mesoamerica, a region in the central partof the Americas.Tobacco usage started among the people of the Americas, then europeans through exploration,and eventually […]

Davidoff Winston Churchill – Corona Cigar Product Review

(lively acoustic guitar music)– Hey, it’s Jeff from Corona Cigar.Today, we’re doing a video reviewon the Winston Churchill by Davidoff.Now, Winston Churchill is an absolute icon.The reason these are called Churchills,because back in that time period,most cigars are much smaller.Winston Churchill, he was a pretty big, robust guy.He liked a big cigar.So that’s why in […]