Personal Disease Scanner? — Mind Blow #89

Researchers in Israel paired the smell of rotten eggs with cigarettes to form a negativeassociation to help smokers quit while they sleep.And a new aquatic exosuit will help archaeologists explore deep sea shipwrecks for longer periodsof time. It’s outfitted with cameras, can be controlled remotely and is basically likewearing a submarine.Vsauce! Kevin here. This is […]

Why I Stopped Smoking Weed… (Life Changing)

What is up guys and welcome back to Koi’s corner. If you enjoy this video, make sure to like, subscribe, and leaveme a comment letting me know why. This is just a quick video. Um, I thought I would address and explainto you guys in detail simply because with almost every video I post, reading […]

5 Weird Reasons Not to Smoke

We all know that smoking is bad for you, there’s even a possibilitythat there was a horribly frightening advertisement before this video featuring some person who talks through a hole in their throat.You shouldn’t smoke, and you know the reasons why.Or do you?There are, in fact, some really surprisingand weird reasons to not smoke, in […]