What is an Atomizer? | Vape Questions Answered

– [Narrator] Atomizers come in a bunchof different configurations and variations.If we broke that all down, well,we would be here all day and as someone so quaintly put it,“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”So let’s just get to the basicsso you can get a grasp on what an atomizer is.Cool?Cool, let’s go.Well, I mean let’s […]

The SX Mini G Class Full Review – “I Love This Thing!”

hey guys it’s Dale and today we’re going to be doing my full review on the SXmini G class and I am very excited this is one of my favourite mods in a verylong time what we’re going to do is we’re going to do theup-close-and-personal I’m going to show you how the actual mod […]

Doctor Reveals The Truth About Vaping – Illnesses, Cancer & Death

One of the many perks about living in Southern California is that there’s no smoking andit’s been going on for years, specific to many cities.It’s banned, which means I don’t have to smell it, let alone deal with the potentialhealth risks.But then a few years ago, people started using “healthy” forms of tobacco from e-cigarettesand […]

How to Fix Atomizer Short & Check Atomizer Message Issues

– Atomizer short?What does that mean?Isn’t this one of the worst thingsthat you can have while you’re vaping?Yes, yes it is. So, how do you fix it?It’s a lot easier than you might think.Before the walkthrough,make sure that you subscribe to our channelfor more info and fun.Atomizer short, check atomizer.These are both messages that tell […]

💪Public Service Announcement: ElegoMall Sponsorship is gone…🔨

Vape Reviews and TutorialsHuge thanks to my Sponsors:Hello everybody and for those of you that don’t know me I’m Daniel DJsb vapes on my channelI have a couple of sponsorsI constantly have sponsors on my channelThem being shops willing to advertise on my videos and willing to help my channel obviouslyare companys paying a fee […]

STOP SMOKING WITH THIS DEVICE || mylé pod system review || vapes in lebanon || only banese vapes

hey hey hey vapers andwelcome back to my channel so todayi’m gonna talk about a subject that won’t be a reviewnor a vape trick tutorial ok the subject isthere is a lot of people that are getting vapesthey can’t stop smoking the drag of the vapeis too strong a little complicatedfor themthey need to change […]

VAPING TERMINOLOGY! – Glossary Of Vape Terms Explained!

Hi welcome thank you for joining me in this A to Z glossary of vaping, in this video yourgoing to find out lots of interesting facts and terminology, belonging to vaping. So withoutfurther a do lets get into it and lets get started.A is for atomizer and an atomizer in vaping is very very important, […]