Vapor Product Spotlight: Efest 18490 E-Cigarette Battery Case

Hey there vape fans and welcome to another Mt Baker Vapor product spotlight. My nameis Lisa and today we’re going to be going over the Efest 18490 battery case. So theEfest 18490 battery case is a simple hard plastic case to hold two of your 18490 or19500 batteries. And yeah, that’s all there really is […]

Mt Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Tutorial Episode 2: Cartomizers Part 2

Hey vape fans. Welcome to another episode of Mt. Baker Vapor’s video tutorial series.My name is Preston, and like the title says we’re going to be talking about cartomizers.If you don’t know what a cartomizer is then click the link on the screen where it’s allabout the introduction of cartomizers. Just as a reminder, there […]

Electronic Cigarette Quick Tip #4: Making your own 70/30 VG/H2O E-Liquid Base Blend

Hey there vape fans, and welcome to another Mt Baker Vapor quick tip. My name is Lisaand today we’re going to be showing you how to make your own 70/30 e-juice base with vegetableglycerin and water. So making your own electric cigarette bases is actually pretty simple.All you’re going to need for this process is […]

Vapeccino Mate 1 Full Review

hello guys it is Dale I’m here today for the full review of the VAP Chino mateone it is a refillable pod system that has direct two lung and mouth two lungpods and I’m super excited to tell you my experience with it so let’s just getstarted the mate one is amazing I have actuallybeen […]

What is an Atomizer? | Vape Questions Answered

– [Narrator] Atomizers come in a bunchof different configurations and variations.If we broke that all down, well,we would be here all day and as someone so quaintly put it,“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”So let’s just get to the basicsso you can get a grasp on what an atomizer is.Cool?Cool, let’s go.Well, I mean let’s […]

Vapor Product Spotlight: Aspire CF VV+ 1000mAh E-Cigarette Battery

Hey vape fans, Grant here with Mt Baker Vapor and we’ve got another product spotlight foryou. We’re going to be looking over the Aspire CF VV+. This battery is a carbon fiber wrappedstainless steel battery with a battery life of 1000mAh. It’s also got an output voltageof 3.3 all the way up to 4.8, and […]

Mt Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Tutorials Episode 7: Fixing Flooding & Dry Hits

Hey vape fans! Welcome to the Mt Baker Vapor video tutorial series. I am Michael. Todaywe’re going to be talking about a topic we’ve been getting a few requests on in some comments.We’re going to be going over flooding, dry hits, and different kinds of atomizers andcartomizer tanks. So, first we’ll go over flooding and […]

Vapor Product Spotlight: Infinite Panzer E-Cigarette Mechanical Mod Clone

Hey vape fans, Grant with Mt Baker Vapor here. Got another product spotlight video for youtoday. We’re going to be going over the Panzer clone by Infinite. The Panzer comes in bothblack and silver, and can be found on our website at HYPERLINK “” Panzer clone is an anodized stainless steel mod with brass firing […]

Vapor Product Spotlight: Mt Baker Vapor Electronic Cigarette Supply Case

Hey vape fans, Grant with Mt Baker Vapor here with you today, and we’ve got another productspotlight to go over. We’re going to be looking at the Mt Baker Vapor zip up cases. With thesecases you’re going to get your choice of small, medium or large. Each one is going to be justabout the same. […]

Vapor Product Spotlight: Innokin iTaste 134 E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Hey vape fans, Grant with Mt Baker Vapor here and we’ve got another product spotlight foryou today. We’re going to be looking at the 134 from Innokin. So the 134 like the VTRcomes in a pretty nice little box, it’s going to be hard plastic and aluminum. And thenit’s going to come with a little […]