Mt Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Tutorial Episode 2: Cartomizers Part 2

Hey vape fans. Welcome to another episode of Mt. Baker Vapor’s video tutorial series.My name is Preston, and like the title says we’re going to be talking about cartomizers.If you don’t know what a cartomizer is then click the link on the screen where it’s allabout the introduction of cartomizers. Just as a reminder, there […]

How to Clean Your Vape | Pre Made Coils & Rebuildable Coils

– What’s up guys my name is Gabriel and I’m with VapeWildWe’re here to talk about cleaning your coils,but before you do that make sure that yousubscribe to our channel and click the little bell iconso you can stay up to date with all of our new videos.First we’re going to talk about rebuildables,but there […]

How to Clean Your Vape | Sub-Ohm Tank and RBA Tank

– Hi, I’m Gabriel, and these are some tipsto cleaning your tank.Before we begin, make sure you clickthat subscribe button so that you can stay up to datewith all of our new videos and fun.So what’s the point to cleaning your tank?Obviously it’s to get the most flavorand performance out of your tank.First you gotta […]

What is an Atomizer? | Vape Questions Answered

– [Narrator] Atomizers come in a bunchof different configurations and variations.If we broke that all down, well,we would be here all day and as someone so quaintly put it,“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”So let’s just get to the basicsso you can get a grasp on what an atomizer is.Cool?Cool, let’s go.Well, I mean let’s […]

SMOK Stick V9 Max Starter Kit Review | in 90 Seconds

– [Narrator] Go big or go home withthe SMOK Stick V9 Max kit.This stick mod/tank combo is all about giving youa lot while still retaining portabilityand ease of use.Are you already a fan of SMOK Stick Mod lineand need to add this to your collection?Head on over to VapeWild by checking the linkin the top […]