SMOK INFINIX 2 vs SMOK INFINIX Review and Comparison

RightThe Smok Infinix is goodBut you know what’s better the smok infinix 2 this bad boy is great, and I will be reviewing this productSo stay tuned to find out why this is a badassWhat’s up, my ducklings welcome back to my channelMy name is fumb duck and I like to do vape reviews and […]

Vapeccino Mate 1 Full Review

hello guys it is Dale I’m here today for the full review of the VAP Chino mateone it is a refillable pod system that has direct two lung and mouth two lungpods and I’m super excited to tell you my experience with it so let’s just getstarted the mate one is amazing I have actuallybeen […]

SMOK Stick V9 Max Starter Kit Review | in 90 Seconds

– [Narrator] Go big or go home withthe SMOK Stick V9 Max kit.This stick mod/tank combo is all about giving youa lot while still retaining portabilityand ease of use.Are you already a fan of SMOK Stick Mod lineand need to add this to your collection?Head on over to VapeWild by checking the linkin the top […]

JUUL vs UWELL CALIBURN Review and JUUL Giveaway

The u well caliburn might be the best pod system out thereI’ll explain to you why this is actually the best bang for your buck and smokes the juuls ass so stay tuned and find outwelcome back my ducklings to my channelI am fumb duck The Vape reviewer and today’s review I will be reviewingpristine […]

Mi Pod by Smoking Vapor “Super Simple Pod System!” Vape Review | Product Spotlight

Hey, what’s up YouTube! Joe with Mt Baker vapor and today I have got something special for you. A real treat! SomethingI’m really, really excited to show you guys that is going to be making its way here to I can’t say enough good things about this device or the company that makes it. […]

Airistech Headbanger 2-in-1 Quartz Cell Wax Vaporizer Review

What’s up guys, Matt from VapeFuse here. Back again and helping to keep you up-to-datewith the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and technology. Now, werecently copped a bunch of awesome new wax products from Airis Tech and I’ve hada heap of fun testing them out and finding out what they’re all about.Now, wax […]

How to Fix Atomizer Short & Check Atomizer Message Issues

– Atomizer short?What does that mean?Isn’t this one of the worst thingsthat you can have while you’re vaping?Yes, yes it is. So, how do you fix it?It’s a lot easier than you might think.Before the walkthrough,make sure that you subscribe to our channelfor more info and fun.Atomizer short, check atomizer.These are both messages that tell […]

💪Public Service Announcement: ElegoMall Sponsorship is gone…🔨

Vape Reviews and TutorialsHuge thanks to my Sponsors:Hello everybody and for those of you that don’t know me I’m Daniel DJsb vapes on my channelI have a couple of sponsorsI constantly have sponsors on my channelThem being shops willing to advertise on my videos and willing to help my channel obviouslyare companys paying a fee […]

Beginners Guide to Pod Vaping Kits

Hi there, this is Stephen from Vape Club and over the last few months a newvaping kit has come to the market – the pod system. These pod systems areparticularly good for two types of vapours; those that are just starting outon their vaping journey, and those that already vape but they want a nice […]

MEDO Kit by MedoVape & Golisi

MmMmMm mm mmMm Mm mm mm. MmMmMmMm. Oh.UhUhUhUhWhat is happening everybody welcome back to the channel when we talk aboutbetter isn’t as far as battery companies are battery re wrapping companiesmany of you already know Gallucci right. Today we are going to take a lookat a new port system from a new company called Meadow […]