E-cigarette giant Juul suspends sale of all fruity flavors

Eastern red giant jewel is a no longer selling certain flavors onlinespecifically a fruity ones like mango cream fruit and cucumber the companysaid Thursday that its new policy is effective immediately the popular Eastagura company previously stopped selling the kid-friendly flavors in stores andthe Trump administration has announced plans to remove all flavored podsincluding mints […]

Electronic cigarette Vamo V5 review and instructions manual

I’ve given up. You may remember my varivolt passthrough review, where I spokeagainst battery mods for their size and the necessity to unscrew them every timeyou need to replace the battery. Joytech now has a mod with charging via USB,but it requires more than 1 amp of input, whilst you normally can’t draw morethan half […]

Young e-cigarette users more likely to smoke – U.S. study

Despite their “marketed” function,… electronic cigarettes may be a gateway for adolescentsto become REAL smokers. According to a study published in JAMA Pediatricson Thursday,… adolescents who used e-cigarettes were more likely to smoke REAL cigarettes,…and less likely to quit than those who did not use the device.The study was based on data from some 40-thousand […]

Rick and Morty for Cigar Box Guitar (slide) | CBG lesson 1

Hey what’s up guys, welcome back. My name’s Alex, this is Regulus Blues and today we’regoing to be looking at how to play the theme from Rick and Morty on cigar box guitarSo if you haven’t heard already, AdultSwim have commissioned another seventy whole episodesof Rick and Morty – which is something like twice as […]

Which electronic cigarette to buy

I’ve been asked quite a few times what is the best electronic cigarette for a newbie?What battery mod should you buy, which atomizer, and what batteries, chargers and other accessoriesdo you have to own to enjoy first class vaping? This video will give you an idea of a well-balancedset to start vaping right away. Please […]

Korea’s Supreme Court rules in favor of KT&G in ‘tobacco suit’

The country’s top court has stubbed out a years-long legal battle over smoking, rulingagainst a group of lung cancer patients who had appealed for compensation from Korea’sbiggest tobacco company, KT&G. Kwon Soa reports. A 15-year-long legal battlebetween cancer patients and Korean cigarette maker KT&G has come to an end, and the tobaccocompany has come out […]

Walmart stops selling e-cigarettes; S. Korea warns against vaping

Walmart in the United States is stopping sales of electronic cigarettes becauseof a growing tangle of regulations according to US media Walmart said in aninternal memo Friday that e-cigarette sales will stop once it’s existing stockruns out in the memo Walmart cited increasingly complex regulations at thefederal state and local level following at least eight […]

Walmart stops selling e-cigarettes; S. Korea warns against vaping

Walmart in the United States has stopped selling electronic cigarettes because ofa growing tangle of regulations according to American media Walmart saidin an internal memo on Friday the e-cigarette sales will stop once thisexisting stock runs out in the memo Walmart also cited increasingly complexregulations at the federal state and local level following at least […]

FDA запрет электронных сигарет

Давайте запретим пить воду, потому что она так похожа на водку! А! Охуенный способ борьбы с алкоголизмом же! Попытки запретить пар электронных сигарет потому что он так похож на дым сигарет настоящих – выглядят также глупо. Но есть гораздо более опасный звоночек – попытки FDA – это такое федеральное агентство США по контролю за едой, […]