Trans Woman Accuses Malik Yoba of Wrong Doing

rut Malik Yoba run girl Mariah Lopez is coming honey and she’sgonna pull you together hey good evening this is the star report aka the gun showbang bang alright listen I’m a little uh tiredtonight I’m gonna keep it real with you um I was gonna cancel I fucked aroundand took to a Hydroxycut somewhere […]

No Thanks! I Don’t Smoke!

alright hey everyone Sean here and todayI am one whole week smoke-free so as youmay have guessed today I am talkingabout how I am quitting smoking what isworking for me why I decided to quitsmoking all of the above so let’s getstarted so some of you may be wonderingwhy I decided to quit smoking some […]

BALLS episode 5 Danica – a Woman’s Story part 1

– When I started the injection, it was so strong that I got to a point where I called many of my ex girlfriends to tell them how sorry I was for being a guy back then. (uplifting music) I am Danica and I’m a woman. Some will view me as transgender. I don’t mind […]

5 Things All Ex-Smokers Know

[Music]I’ve got extra cash for more important things—like clothes!I discovered I actually LIKE my grandma’s squash casserole!Now, I can go the distance…at the gym.People tell me I’m more kissable these days.Discover everything there is to know about quitting.

Hormones and Gender Transition

Hormones. Everyone has them but do youknow just how powerful these molecules are?How they affect your entire existence, as you know it?So let’s talk about them.But let’s put a slight twist on it.We’re gonna focus on what happens whensomeone undergoes hormone therapy.This is commonly for women going throughmenopause, but we’re going to look at hormonetherapy […]

FTM Transgender Pre-Surgery Preparation (Top Surgery).

Chase: Hey guys! Today I’m gonna be doing part oneof I guess, a two-part video seriesabout how to prepare for surgeryI’m gonna be talking about pre-opand then there’s gonna be a post-op videocoming up shortly…So this video is gonna be focusing onhow to prepare yourself for surgery, pre-opI’m gonna split this video up into two […]

Of Men and Angels 090817: Who You Really Are! If You Only Knew!

Good evening streamersDeliverance Center rightsDid you see the healing house next doorHave you seen that you know Mikey did that play unbelievable?That looks like a Red Sea miracleYou should have seen that crack house when my fatherNew York I bought that house next door look like a crack houseYou want to see that place now, […]

NO EQUIPMENT At Home Chest Workout- Pre T or Pre TopSurgery – FTM Workout

What’s going on YouTube, it’s your boy Aydian here. In this videowe are talking about building up your pectoral muscles your chest, your pecs, whatever you want to call themEither pre hormones or pre top surgery or just in generalOverall no matter what you decide to do in your life as per your own personal […]

EXPLODING VAPES – Why It Happens & How To Prevent It

Hey, what’s up?You guys so I was watching this video and playing it back after editing it and I realized that it came off as me beingLike really rude and sarcastic towards people who are concerned about my healthBut what I actually the actual target of this video and the sarcasm in it isLike the […]