Quit Smoking in one Hypnotic Session

Exclusive images from the courses of Dr. ParetInduction to stop smokingIn a single sessionYou would stop smokingThis will be your last cigaretteThe fascination beginsI would like you to visualise the desire of smokingVisualise the idea of smokingand then look at meVisualise the smokingand then look at meNon-verbal hypnosisLight touches deepen the stateYou feel to cough […]

Hypnosis Pain Control Demonstration: Chronic Pain From Nerve Damage

Gary, so you want to tell you us a little-bit about what is happening in terms of the painthat you’ve come … that you can talk about?I suffer from chronic pain.First time I felt, I call it an attack was when I was about 12 years old.I’ve spent most of my life trying to cope […]

Conversational Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: Intention vs. Behavior

Before the break, we started playing a little bit with some revivification, and did youall experience the emotions starting to arise, it’s kind of pleasant, it’s fun, it’s wow,this is great stuff, right?Before we carry on down that path, I’d like to have a chat about something which is ofgreat importance to our work as […]