Get It Together 04: Me to We

Welcome back to the final week of our Fall Kickoff series – Get It Together: Finding Jesus in Each Other!It’s time to take out your Bible (or get a visitor Bible, or look on with someone close by, or use a Bible app on your phone). We’re about to learn something life changing. This is […]

Quit Smoking Tip #4 – How to Help Someone Stop Smoking – Do Things Together

Sign up together for a photography, painting, or cooking class.Try something different,or out of the routine.

Half Baked (8/10) Movie CLIP – Thurgood Goes to Rehab (1998) HD

[ Thurgood ] Man, that first day of sobriety sucked.And l realized something: l was a real irritable guy when l wasn’t smokin’ marijuana.l couldn’t stop thinkin’ about gettin’ was time to get help.Hi, everyone. My name is Thurgood.– [ Together ] Hi, Thurgood. – Hi.l’m here today because l’m addicted… to marijuana.– [ […]