Programs to Quit Smoking: Compared

Looking to kick the habit? If so, there are plenty of support programs out there designedto help you quit. And a few of them have just been compared for the first time. I’m ShelbyCullinan with your latest health news.In this study, a team of researchers looked at the Web-based and phone-based tobacco cessationprograms available in […]

Nicotine and tobacco addiction video NIDA

Male Speaker: Nicotine addiction, take one.Dr. Gaya Dowling: [coughing] Boy, that smoke is really obnoxious.Do you think that guy knows how bad smoking is for him?Dr. Redonna Chandler: Probably.He just thinks that that stuff won’t happen to him.Did you know that nicotine is one of the most widely-usedaddictive drugs?Dr. Gaya Dowling: And that’s scary, because […]

How Your Brain Could Keep You from Quitting

I’m Shelby Cullinan with today’s health news. Many have tried, but not all have succeeded.And as it turns out, the attempt to quit smoking may have a little something to do with yourbrain chemistry. A new study found that those who have an easier time kicking the habittended to have stronger connections between the region […]

E Cigs: The Lesser of Two Evils?

I’m Rachelle Grossman with today’s health news. When it comes to E-cigarettes, the studiescan be conflicting. And the latest has the pendulum swinging back into the corner ofelectronic cigarettes being significantly less harmful than traditional brands. A majorreview from Public Health England also finds that e-cigs may also have the potential tohelp smokers kick the […]

#TobaccoFreeMe | Can We Win the Fight Against Tobacco? | Ep #3 | AXA

In this film, I’m going to meet some peoplewho will give us some insights into the world of big tobacco,why we have to stay vigilant,and what we can do to promote tobacco-free living.Over there is the Hong Kong and Chinese border.It’s reckoned that billions of cigarettes flow out of China each year.Here in Hong Kong, […]

#TobaccoFreeMe | How Do We Build a Tobacco-Free Future? | Ep #5 | AXA

my name is Wonka this is Cynthia and Steve smoking has damaged all our lives together with AXA and concerns specialist dr. Bronwyn King we’ve made a series of short films about Taba Holdings about nicotine addiction the tobacco industry and tobacco free solutions dr. Bronwyn King is a leading anti tobacco advocate who helps […]

#TobaccoFreeMe | How Can We Achieve a Tobacco-Free Life? | Ep #4 | AXA

Can you guess the most common form of plastic found on beaches?The plastic used in cigarette filters.Cigarette butts leak deadly toxins into the oceans.Harming the environmentis just another way tobacco damages all our lives.It’s time we changed our habits.Our grandfather smoked his entire lifeand died of throat cancer as a result.In this film, I’m going […]

Smoking is Bad to the Bone

Smoking slows healing of fractured bones. I’m Erin White and THIS is a dailyRx Minute.Smokers take SEVERAL EXTRA weeks to heal from a fracture and ALSO have higher odds of thefracture not healing properly. For all types of bone breaks, smokers generally need 30weeks to heal compared to 24 weeks for non-smokers. That means by […]

Tobacco Addiction: Nicotine and Other Factors, Animation

Of the many harmful chemicals found in tobacco products and cigarette smoke, nicotine isthe major substance responsible for tobacco addiction.Nicotine acts to increase the amount of a neurotransmitter called dopamine in the brainreward pathway, which is designed to “reward” the body with pleasurable feelings for importantbehaviors that are essential for survival, such as feeding when […]

#TobaccoFreeMe | Why is Tobacco a Deadly Addiction? | Ep #2 | AXA

Imagine this.Hi, could I order something that’s really expensivewith no nutritional value, please?Certainly, sir.Would you also like it to be extremely harmful to the environment?Okay.Tobacco.Enjoy.And it kills people, right?Of course, sir, seven million of us every year.When you look at the facts, tobacco makes no sense.Question is whether we can ever live a tobacco-free lifewhen […]