How To Pick The Right Cigar For Beginners

Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Gerard with, and I have a processthat’s broken down to three easy steps on how to pick the perfect cigar for yourself,but before I get started, I need your guys’ help. We’re trying to grow and build our YouTubechannel. So, I need you not only subscribe and […]

Blue Span Immortal RANK Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 500

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Blue Span Immortal RANK Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 500

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MONTECRISTO 80th Aniversario Cigar Release UAE

Hi guys! I would like to introduce the newest arrivalin UAE, only for la casa del Habanos, the magnificent Montecristo 80th Aniversario cigarMontecristo brand was founded in 1935,and we celebrate the 80th anniversary with this special release.As you can see the box has a very elegant velvet cover like in Behikesthe varnished box comes in […]

Traveling with your Vape | How To

– Hey everyone, it’s summer time!You know what that means, vacations!Flying is already a stressful ordeal, but whenyou compound being a vaper on top of that,packing all your vaping essentials,it just gets out of hand. So we are hereto take the guess work out of it, and show youstep by step what to do to […]

How to Hand Roll a Cigarette (For Beginners)

Skip to 1:21 to start rollingHi, there. I’m Gonna teach you how to roll your ownCigarettes using tobacco papers and slim filters so first of all this is my little kitIt’s just a lot easier to keep everything togetherespecially if youWant to roll while you’re out or whateverso first of all we have the [tobacco] […]

Electronic Cigarette Quick Tip #5: 510 and Ego Threading for E-Cigs

Hey there vape fans, and welcome to another Mt Baker Vapor Quick Tip. Today I really wantto go over threading. The threading is what connects your tank to your battery. So, MtBaker Vapor, thankfully, only carries two types: Ego & 510. Now a really easy way toremember is boy vs. girl. So, when you have […]


My dear friendsit’s time to talk sincerelymany subscribers ask meShould we quit smoking? Do we need to continue to consume tobacco?all these questions are bullshitANY BUSINESS IS REQUIRED TO DO AT EXCELLENTINCLUDING CIGARETTE SMOKINGDO NOT THINK ABOUT SPECIFIC ASPECTS think about the next momentculture of smokingseveral factors need to be connectedrequired to consume high-quality cigarettes […]

Daily Aspirin Use No Longer Recommended?

They used to say an aspirin a day keeps the heart attacks away. But a new study is showing that might not be the case. We are joined now via Skype by Dr. Joel Kahn, a cardiologist. And doc thanks so much for being here. How are you Joel? Hi Doctor Kahn. Hey, how are […]

CS:GO Practice Grenade throws and Training Smoke Spots

Hey guys! This is Browk! In this video I want to show you how you can practice your grenadethrows in game. The first thing you need to do is to enable the console, if you haven’talready, you do this by going to options, then game settings and set Enable Developerconsole to yes. Now you need […]