12 Signs Of Cancer Mostly Ignored by Women

Twelve Cancer Signs Mostly Ignored by Women A woman’s body is constantly changing. The older she gets, the more her body will change. Unfortunately some of the changes that women go through may seem normal, but in actuality they’re not. In some cases, these symptoms can be cancer signs. Because of this, it’s important for […]

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers — Shane’s Story

No, um,everybody in my family had smoked,my parents had smoked, my oldest brother had smoked.And up until…Up until I got sick,nobody had ever had problems from it.Um…I mean, now, in hindsight,I guess there are other indications.My brother is now chronic COPD.My father had stomach cancer,but they can’t say that that was smoking related,but it probably […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Sharon’s Peer Pressure Story

(Sharon) I started junior high school. Peer pressure, that’s why I started. To be cool, to fit in. Everybody smoked, that was like the cool thing to do. With my granddaughter, she’s 12 years old. She’s in junior high now And that’s what I’m afraid of, you know. She’s gonna get in with a kid […]

Tips to Stop Smoking

Nearly half a million people die each year from smoking related illnessesBut the good news is these deaths can be prevented if you or someone you love is battling the smoking addictionYou’re going to want to see what this former smoker has to say I?Was so addicted to cigarettes [that] I just could not quit […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Tiffany and Sharon’s Ways to Quit Tips Commercial

(TIFFANY) I quit smoking. But I still get those cravings. So, I talked to my doctor and with counseling, exercise and using the nicotine patch and gum I quit for good. My tip is: get help to find the best way for you to quit smoking. (Announcer) You can quit. For free help, visit CDC.GOV/TIPS.

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers — Shawn’s Ad

When you have a holein your neck,don’t face the shower head.Keep your stoma covered when you’re outside.Be very careful shaving.Get used to eating only soft foods.Clean out your speech valve twice a day.(announcer)You can quit.For free help, visit cdc.gov/tips

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Sharon’s “Treadmill” Tips Commercial

(SHARON) I’m Sharon and smoking caused my throat cancer. My life isn’t the same after all those surgeries and treatments. But, walking every day makes me feel like myself again. Well, Well, almost. (Announcer) You can quit. For free help, visit CDC.GOV/TIPS.

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie Don’t Smoke Ad

(announcer)You can quit.For free help, visit cdc.gov/tips

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers — Shawn’s Struggle to Quit Smoking

[Through voice box] You know, uh…Seven years ago, I would have told you no,that I thought I’d have never gotten anything from cigarettes.As a matter of fact, when I did contract the cancer,I still was pretty ignorant of the fact thatit was smoking-related.I was so addicted to cigarettes that I just could not quit.Even when […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Sharon’s Diagnosed at 37 Story

(Sharon) I was diagnosed at 37. I had two children. Made the kids’ lunches, took ’em to school. You know, was on the PTA. I started to feel tired. Then I thought I had swollen glands. Life was going to change for me pretty quick. Went to the doctor and he put me on an […]