Why Do We Twitch When We’re Falling Asleep?

(orchestral music) – Good evening Brain Stuff. I’m Cristen Conger, and we need to have a talk about your little sleep problem. You know what I’m talking about. The one where you’re just about to fall blissfully asleep, when you suddenly feel like you’re falling as if someone threw you out of a tree. Now […]

Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, & Understanding Visionaries | TECH | Rubin Report

You’ve probably watched, listened to, or at the very least heard about Joe Rogan’s interviewwith tech giant Elon Musk from last week.Joe and Elon had a wide ranging discussion for two and a half hours about technology,evolution, markets, simulation theory and much more.Immediately after though, the headlines were all about the blunt they smoked in […]

Personal Disease Scanner? — Mind Blow #89

Researchers in Israel paired the smell of rotten eggs with cigarettes to form a negativeassociation to help smokers quit while they sleep.And a new aquatic exosuit will help archaeologists explore deep sea shipwrecks for longer periodsof time. It’s outfitted with cameras, can be controlled remotely and is basically likewearing a submarine.Vsauce! Kevin here. This is […]

Science on Tap – How space and place affect your health with Georgiana Bostean, Ph.D.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Good evening. How is everyone this evening? [CHEERING] Better. Do better. How is everyone this evening? [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE] Woot woot. All right. Thank you very much. Thank you for joining us for yet another edition of Science on Tap. My name is Andrew Lyon. I am the dean of the Schmid College of […]

Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

Translator: Peter van de Ven Reviewer: Denise RQYou probably don’t realizethat right now, you’re actually looking at something quite rare.Because I am a millennial computer scientist book authorstanding on a TEDx stage,and yet, I’ve never had a social media account.How this happened was actually somewhat random.Social media first came onto my radar when I was […]

Loneliness is literally killing us | Will Wright | TEDxBirmingham

Translator: Tijana Mihajlović Reviewer: Rhonda JacobsI’d like to ask you all one question:who here has never, not once in your life, been lonely?Now, I’m not talking about being alone.Being alone is a choice.People go on hikes alone.People go to the movies alone.Philosophers oftentimes think their best thoughts alone.No, being alone is good.I’m talking about being […]

Health IT Webinar: Tips For Generating and Utilizing Quality Data Reports Using Health IT

Mary Washington: Thank you, Jenny. Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to today’s webinar entitled “Tips for Generating and Utilizing Quality Data Reports Using Health IT”. My name is Mary Washington, and I will be your moderator for today’s webinar. I’m from NORC at the University of Chicago and work closely with HRSA on the TA Center. […]

Questioning the universe | Stephen Hawking

There is nothing bigger or older than the universe.The questions I would like to talk about are:one, where did we come from?How did the universe come into being?Are we alone in the universe?Is there alien life out there?What is the future of the human race?Up until the 1920s,everyone thought the universe was essentially staticand unchanging […]

This Painful Gadget Kills Your Bad Habits

What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video.Today I got a weird one.And I’m a little bit nervous, to be honest.Inside here is something called Pavlok.It’s a piece of tech – this is what I know – like, what I know is actually pretty vague.It’s a piece of tech that helps you break bad […]