New smoke-free initiatives needed to motivate Māori to quit

Despite a raft of smoking cessation programmes,tobacco use by Maori remains disproportionately high.That’s prompted the Maori Affairs select committeeto urge the Ministry of Health to come up with new waysto motivate Maori whanau to stop smoking.Irena Smith reports.Focusing on the good stats……but the number of Maori smokers is still quite high.So what is the Ministry […]

Stoptober: Smoker puts a stop to smoking

Today saw the beginning of Stoptober,an anti-smoking campaignwhich runs for the duration of this month.The goal is to get smokers quitting for life.Raniera Harrison caught up with one Maori womanmaking a change.October 1.A new day has dawned.Today marks the first dayof the quit smoking campaign, Stoptober,and Cheryl Waru of Ngati Maniapotois one of the expected […]

COPD survivor hopes to inspire others to quit smoking

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)is a crippling, debilitating disease and can be fatal.According to Asthma Foundation NZ,Maori suffer from it at high rates due to smoking.Heta Gardiner spoke with a survivor of the diseasewho has strong words of advice.The lungs of someone with COPD.This is Whetu Hata.Someone who was hit by this illness for many […]