Cady Drowns – Cape Fear (10/10) Movie CLIP (1991) HD

Did you forget about that restraining order, Counselor?You’re well within 500 yards!Well, here we are, Counselor……just two lawyers……working it out!I’m going to kill you!You already sacrificed me, Counselor.“On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand“Oh who will come and go with me“I am bound for the promised land”

PLEASE MURDER ME! (1956) Engl.Subt./S.T.Fr. (optional)

To Ray Willis, District Attorney,Dear Ray,in exactly 55 minutes I will be dead.Murdered.First of all let me explain…I find myself completely sober, reasonably sane and not at all surprised.It started back in World War II.during the Iwo Jima Campaign.I was a captain in the Marine Corps.As you know, every captain needs a top sergeant.Well I […]