Your Brain On Shrooms

Psychedelic or ‘magic’ mushrooms have been ingested by humans for over 9000 years.Even today, this naturally grown fungus is commonly used as a recreational drug, causinghallucinations, but how exactly does it work?The main psychoactive ingredient in shrooms is call psilocybin. When ingested, the bodybreaks it down into the active drug psilocin, which makes its way […]

This Much Will Kill You pt.2

We all like to spice up our meals, but did you know that129 teaspoons of pepper all at once could kill you?Perhaps more concerning is that eating as little as a few teaspoons of nutmeg can induce convulsions,palpitations, nausea and possibly death. Of course sugar has also been linked to a myriad of diseases but […]

What Does Your PEE Say About You?

You produce between two – three pints of urine every day, but most of us still pay littleattention to our liquid waste. So, what does your pee say about you? And could it be aclear indicator of your body’s overall health?Before you pee, the kidneys filter water soluble waste by absorbing the nutrients it needsto […]

Your Brain on Drugs: Alcohol

BoozeAlcohol, one of the most commonly used and abused drugs in the worldcomes in a variety of forms and does one thing quickly and well.It changes the way you feelBut to what do we owe these feelings of release and freedom?How could ingestion of one simple substanceso drastically change not only your actionsbut thoughts and […]

5 Self-steps to stop smoking? Stop smoking advice Part 2

Hi this is Andrea Smith again at Hypnotherapy in Surrey5 Self-steps to stop smoking? Stop smoking advice 2I provide Confidence coaching for business through Cognitive behaviour therapy and Clinicalhypnotherapy.  If you don’t have the motivation to stop smoking for good and are looking for an easy way toquit smoking now easily and permanently then here […]

National No smoking Day 8th March 2017 Stop smoking advice Part 3

National No smoking Day 8th March 2017 Stop smoking advice Part 3Hypnotherapy in surrey run by Andrea Smith providing Confidence coaching for businessthrough CBT and Clinical hypnotherapy. No Smoking Day aims to bring awareness tothe dangers of this addiction. The day also tries to spotlight resources available tohelp people decide to try and quit.Whether No Smoking Day (8th March […]

How to Make Stop Motion Videos

Rob here with 52 Things and we have a really fun thing for you to try today.How to make stop motionAnd this, just so happens to be the first thing in our 52 things series.This is something that’s quick and easy and something that you should be able to mix intoyour videos no matter what […]

Smoking vs Vaping

Cigarettes and Marijuana and have been used for centuries, but only recently has the processof vaporizing these substances become popular. So, what does science have to say about thistechnology? Is it actually better for you?When smoking normally, the heat from fire causes substances to change from a solid stateto a vapor. In cigarettes, this releases […]

Will This Trick Your Brain? (Color TEST)

Humans can discern between 2.3 million colors – but try staring at this picture of us burstingthrough the periodic table and focus on the green dot as we invert the colors. Don’tstop staring there until I say the light is traveling as a wave to your eye, and thefrequency of these wavelengths determines the perceived […]

Your Brain On Coffee

With it’s stimulating effects, it’s easy to understand why coffee is the second mosttraded commodity on Earth after oil. For many, it keeps us awake and moving through our busydays. But how does it work? What exactly does coffee do to your brain?Whenever you’re awake, a chemical called adenosine slowly accumulates in your brain.And this […]