Alan Watts – Change Your Mind and It Will Change Your Life ( Motivation Video )

now as you do this you begin to notice arather uriens change in your generalfeeling of life you notice that theirseasons to be what I would call aninterruption or an interval between yourexperience and yourselfyou see in our ordinary way of using ourminds the chronic sense of strain thechronic attempt to think about and makesense […]

How to Practice Kriyayoga Correctly

The first important thing what is problem in practicepractice is very very simplethis is the art of concentration on self withthe true idea, true thought and true concept that head to toes whatever we feel is all in allall in all means everything we will find within all external engineeringdepartments, medical sciences and many other […]

OSHO: My Whole Life is Full of Jokes

silence shared in words presents My Whole Life Is Full of Jokes Sitting in front of us, what do you see? Do you find all these jokes while looking at us? Chaitanya, you are right. I have to confess it: looking at you, what else can be found? You are all a joke unto yourself. […]

Why Meditate? | Change your Brain’s Default Mode

In the midst of being charged at by twenty masked men armed with rifles and explosives,Sally Adee was able to calmly and smoothly shoot down all of her attackers one by one.Sally didn’t entirely grasp what had happened – from her perspective, the 20 minute skirmishlasted only a few moments, and when it was over, […]

Is Smoking Weed Okay? Should Marijuana Be Legal in India?

Journalist: Study released late last weekby the US National transportation boardhe found that states that have legalized Cannabis, are seeing increases in car crashescompared to states where Cannabis is not legal.(shouting: ‘ Cannabis legalization ‘)(news: It was billed to legalize Marijuana in India)Is India losing out on a ready-to-boom cannabis market by legalizing it’s use?Just […]

Stop Rushing Everywhere – When You Feel Like Rushing, Slow Down Instead

so today I wanted to speak to you as about slowing down and how most of ourinstincts most of my instinct usually and a lot of my friends I know a lotpeople i know our instinct is when you want to get something done me when youwant to achieve something is to in a work […]

How To Free A Cluttered Mind | Gurudev Shares A Beautiful Story

Gurudev, you have said that the creationare all anxious to fulfill your desiresonce your hollow and empty…but once you are hollow and empty, where are the desires left?can you please explain…That’s a Catch-22… That’s a Catch-22…But in advance course have you noticedthought you have all the desiressomewhere the teachers make you sit andsome gap comes […]

How to Deal With Evil Spirits – Swedenborg and Life

The world is not as safe as it seems. All around you, unseen, there are beings thatare constantly trying to harm you and even kill you. We come into contact with them allthe time and usually don’t even realise it. I’m talking of course about germs. It wasn’tthat long ago that people had no idea […]

How to stop suffering? Byron Katie

you hello Baran Katie hello little thank you for accepting to do this interview over Skype it’s my privilege um I’m really excited to interview you you are famous around the world for the work and I’m really happy to discuss this and discuss all the wonderful things that you’re about to to do you’re […]

Transform Your Life with The Synthesis Effect with Dr. John McGrail | Awaken Ep 5

this is episode 5 of awaken with dr. John McGrail here’s what’s coming upeverything that exists is made of the same stuff so we are part-and-parcel tothe very fabric of the universe itself we aren’t quantum beings energetic beansliving essentially is nothing more than an exchange of energy between us and theuniverse that exchange of […]