Smoking kills I Heart Touching Short Film I Hindi I 2017 | English Subtitles

HelloHello You are coming tomorrow right?Tomorrow!Babu yow know that I don’t get a break from my office Again the same thing!You have to come.Please!For me!Okay! I will try.I will wait for you in Park Street at 5pm.You come fast.Okay! I will try.Thank you babu.Love you. Bye.Okay babuGood nightGood nightHelloBabu!Where are you?I am standing outside of […]

It’s Like They’re Smoking

I smoked while I’m watching cartoons. I have my first cigarette of the day when I get up.We smoke in the car on the way to school. I smoke while I’m coloring. I smokeduring my nap. when you smoke around your kids, I’m downto about a pack a day, it’s like they’re smoking. Secondhand smoke […]

5 Ridiculous Victorian Etiquette Rules | What the Stuff?!

– Ah yes, Miss Havisham. But let me introduce the topic by pointing out that in London, it’s not the custom to put the knife in the mouth, for fear of accidents. – All cultures have their own unique customs for etiquette and protocol. They usually seem strange from the outside, but normal on the […]

Social Smoke Mint Shisha (Hookah) – Review

Hey folks. Paul here once again with another video review for you. This one is for SocialSmoke Mint. Not absolutely zero, just they’re straightmint flavor, which is actually a pretty new flavor. It only came out a few months ago.I really like it. I’m a big fan of street mint flavors. This one has a […]

The lethality of loneliness: John Cacioppo at TEDxDesMoines

Translator: Tatjana Jevdjic Reviewer: Elisabeth BuffardWhen you look out onto the world,it certainly appears the Earth is flat.The ground beneath youis stable and unmoving,and stars and sun circle the Earth.Hundreds of years ago,elaborated theories were developedbased on these common sense observationsto explain and predict the reach of the oceansand the movement of celestial bodies.When science […]

Passive Smoking (Social Awareness)

Do you know what is passive smoking?YeahAre you a smoker?I used to beWhat about you? Are you a smoker?Uhm no. Never was, never is.So have you been affected by passive smoking?Uhm yeah. When I walk around bangsar, there’s a lot of people smoking and i get affectedWhat about you?I have caused it.You have caused it?So […]

Effects of “Social” Smoking

Thinking of having a few cigarettes in your next night out?Sure, it’s only the few smokes, every now and again… It’ll be grand!Won’t it?Well, not really…It might only seem like a harmless bit of fun, but occasional “Social Smoking”means that you’re up to four times more likely to become a regular smokerthan your non-smoking friends!You’re […]

No Smoking, Please!

Brendan: Finally, I get to see what all this huff and puff about the devil’s cabbage is.Brendan: Thank you government for making it legal! (lights up)Brendan: $2000! But it’s legal!Brendan: With the legalization of recreational marijuana quickly approaching, a lot of governmental bodies are…well…Hippy Brendan: Totally Trippin’, ManBrendan: In the HRM, city councilors just passed […]

Social Media Vs Human Health | सोशल मीडिया का जूनून और इंसानी स्वास्थ्य theblissfulyou

Unable to sign out?Saying for a few minutes, spending long hours?60-70% people or more than that areunable to predictthat how much time they need to spend online?It is a kind of psychological addictionexactly similar to that of smoking, alcohol, gutkha etc.For an instance, consider mobile games…in which after clearing first level you get a reward,as […]

Sue Desmond-Hellmann on Health, Networks, Social Media

My first year at The Gates Foundation has been terrific. I feel like every day is agift. I have enormous respect and pride in my colleagues and every day I meet somebodywho amazes me. I think my self-awareness as a leader comes from the energy I get fromcolleagues. One of my favorite things to do […]