SMOK Stick V9 Max Starter Kit Review | in 90 Seconds

– [Narrator] Go big or go home withthe SMOK Stick V9 Max kit.This stick mod/tank combo is all about giving youa lot while still retaining portabilityand ease of use.Are you already a fan of SMOK Stick Mod lineand need to add this to your collection?Head on over to VapeWild by checking the linkin the top […]

Mt. Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Tutorial Episode 1: Cartomizers

Oh, I didn’t see you there. Hey vape fans! Welcome to the first video in the Mt. BakerVapor video tutorial series. My name’s Michael. Today we’re going to be going over cartomizers.So, we’re going to show you these four types of cartomizers we have here, all of whichwe carry on the site. How to fill […]

Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Smok G-Priv 2 – Recenze (CZ)

Hello vapers and everyone, Mike Godwin is here with another video. Today i´ve got here Smok G-Priv 2Small, 230w, which working with 2 batteries, touch screenOn SMOK i dont like one thing – They can do in month 3 modes which is not finished.How its looking packaging: inside you can find atty, cover, o rings, […]

Smok Novo Auto Firing or Firing After Hit – SOLVED w/ Solution Fix pod vape

what is going on guys today right now I’m going to do a video on the Smok Novo.Okay so I gotta figure out which side the cameras on anyway so a lot ofpeople are having this problem from what I hear I can’t really find a whole lotonline about it believe it or not if […]