A Tattoo Artist On Smoking Scars And Ink | funded | Pros Who Know

Working in tattooing, there are a lot of people who smoke.I’ve tattooed several people over the years,who have had open heart surgery.Sometimes the surgery from smoking- related operations is pretty bad.You can never cover a scar. It will always come through a tattoo,but what you can do is you can distract from people seeing it.The […]

A Dentist On How Ciggies Can Damage Teeth And Gums | funded | Pros Who Know

I, many years ago, saw a patient in his mid-thirties.A very, very heavy smoker losing all his teeth.Looked 20 years older.And the funny thing was he had a young wife and young familyand he really looked like their grandfatherrather than the father.I’ve had patients who are virtually chain smokers.Young people in their thirties with every […]

A Plastic Surgeon On The Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes | funded | Pros Who Know

There was a patient who had been a phenomenally heavy smoker,which is why she ended up needing open heart surgery.She went on to have it done and then her wound fell apart,and she was sat there on the ward with her entire heart on displaybecause her wounded opened up.Heavy smokers as they get older they […]

A Barber On How Smoking Cigs Can Harm Your Hair | funded | Pros Who Know

The toxins and nicotine in cigaretteswill damage the DNA in the hair follicle.You’ll find a heavy smoker,you’ll start to get a slightly graying yellow tinge appear in the hair.Especially around the areas where the smoke is inhaled.So your moustache, your beard.Where the hair just starts to pick up too many toxinsand it actually changes colour […]

Why Did You Start Smoking Cigs In The First Place? | funded

What if I like this habit?So you like smoking?No.Hey, what’s going on.You’re probably thinking: “What’s this handsome guy doing here?”I’m going to tell you. I’m here on a mission to help people stop smoking.And what better way to do it, than to go up to them,with a camera and a microphone and ask them, why […]

Bollywood’s Bad Habit: Can You Make It Without Smoking? | funded

I understand I’ve got to build myself up here.If I’m not gonna get that opportunity.Then I’m gonna make that opportunity happen.So I’ve been offered a role in a film.And they’ve sent me the script.And it’s in Mumbai…The interesting thing is that…The guy smokes.I’ve never smoked in a film before.The director wants the character to smoke […]

How to give up any addiction: smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating. How to deal with one-side love

Hello my darling friends!My name is Lisa Grail and I really want you to watch this video if you have any addictionto: food, alcohol, smoking, people, sex, drugs.By addiction, I mean a person’s pathological addiction to something, when he cannot resistthe desire to do something and restrain himself.In my life there was an addiction to […]

“Passive Smoking Kills” Short Film by Dream Films

Bro, Lets Go To drink Cold DrinkYes.. Dude, Is Public Smoking Allowed Here? If You Have Problem Move AsideDon’t You Understand. I said Public Smoking is Not Allowed means It is not allowed.Smoking on road is Not Allowed.Will You Come to Police Station.Just For the Name You Are Educated but still you are Uneducated.Don’t Have […]

Cigarette peene se kya hota hai? (in Hindi) सिगरेट पीने से क्या होता है?

So you smoke a cigarette or bidi everydaysometimes even many in a dayYou probably don’t see any ill effect and thus keep smokingBut your wife or parents feel that smoking is not a good habit to haveand probably deep within you feel the same waySo today we’ll talk about the effects smoking has on the […]

When You Still Smoke But Your Partner Has Quit | funded

I’m Annabelle Knight, a sex and relationship expert, and in this series of short films,I’ll be talking to couples about how smoking affects their relationships.Today I’m talking to Luca and Amal about their smoking habits.So I want to talk to Amal, just a little bit, about how you became a smoker.What’s your smoking story?So I […]