CBQ Method Stage 4: Condition Your Smoke Free Life | Nasia Davos

Hi Nasia Davos here in this video we’ll talk about the fourth and last stage ofthe CBQ method which is Condition your smoke-free life. And I’m very excited youmade it to this video because being here means that you probably watched theother videos about the stages of the CBQ method. But even if you justwanted […]

How to reduce smoking?

7 symptoms when you quit smoking, and how to alleviate them

7 symptoms when you quit smoking, and how to alleviate them.You’ve decided to stop smoking.However, withdrawal provokes several symptoms.Here are the main ones and how to appease them.As part of the Tobacco-Free Quebec Week, taking place from January 14 to 20, 2018, the QuebecCouncil on Tobacco and Health has released a few figures on cigarette […]

Workplace Interventions for Smoking Cessation

Hi, my name is Catherine Shea – alongside with Maria Morais, to conduct arapid review to examine the effectiveness of workplace smokingcessation interventions.Tobacco use is an issue among Region of Peel residents particularly amongyoung adultsIn Peel, there are just under 70,000 residents who both smoke andwork in the Region of Peel.Given that workplaces are a […]

How to quit smoking | SuperDaddyTV

Nari, what are you eating?How old are you now, Nari? 9month! 9month! 9month!Today I will talk about how I quit smoking.but first I have to go somewhere. so lets go.(despite how I look it’s been 6year since the quit)so… how I quit smoking… like I workout nowI was quite enthusiastic about being fit.but why do […]

Break Free From Smoking

Male Veteran: I never actually smoked before I was in the military.Everybody else was doing it when we were on deployment; At times, it seemed like it was the only thing to do.I mean, I started out smoking maybe just a pack a day.If there’s time to stand around, well then there’s time to go […]

How Can You Handle Withdrawal and Cravings?

[Music]– So, the biggest challenge that most smokers facefor the first couple of weeks after they quit smokingis getting through the withdrawal symptoms.These are the ways that your body reactswhen it no longer has nicotine in it,which is the addictive drug.Now, it’s important to note that nicotine withdrawalis not dangerous.So it can be uncomfortable.It can […]

Heartbreak Hypnosis with Dr Liz

This is such a sad topic!Heartbreak sucks.I really feel that sometimes heartbreak should be classified as an anxiety disorder!Almost!Your mind if racing.Your heart is racing.Some people go into panic attacks.They feel bad.There’s aches and pains in your body.It’s so physical when you go through heartbreak.When you’ve been abandoned by somebody.Say somebody ghosted you or they […]

Be Smoke Free: Real Stories – Gary (short)

– I was a heavy smoker.I mean I smoked a pack a day.And depending what I was doing,sometimes a pack and a half a day.You don’t realize til you quithow bad you were, I think.And that’s the main thing.

Giving up smoking is ‘like winning the lottery’

The main reason I’ve given up smoking was because I was taken into hospital – with the sirens – and unable to breathe, and I had to go on this special machine.And I said to myself, if I get better and can get out of this hospital that is it – I’ll never smoke again.When […]