Forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Trying to quit smoking may almost seem like you are walking into a burning fire. It certainly is not simple, and with the attitudes that many people have, you are looking at a lot of complicated issues trying to ensure that you get started on the right foot to quit successfully. To help avoid many […]

Bedfont Smokerlyzer Range of breath Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitors

Bedfont Smokerlyzer range of carbon monoxide monitors help people give up smoking They work by measuring carbon monoxide levels in the patient’s breath and indirectly in the blood The Smokerlyzer range is the easiest to use and most effective CO monitor available allowing health care professionals to accurately prescribe stop-smoking therapies such as nicotine-replacement therapy […]

There’s Always Hope … You Can Quit Smoking (John Hayes)

Hi, my name is John Hayes and I am part of the traditional healing programat chigamik and I’m here to talk about my journey through recovery from smokingcigarettes and other drugs. I just want to make it clear that there’s alwayshope for everybody. I smoked for 40 years and if I can quit anybody can […]

Why Quit? | Smoking Cessation @ Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

I quit smoking on May 14th which was the day that the doctor said I’m sorry to tell youbut the biopsy sample has come back positive and you do have cancer. So that seemed likea good day to quit smoking. We have enough knowledge that I can’t keep playing thisgame of thinking ‘it’s not going […]

Smoking Cessation — featuring St. Elizabeth Physicians

Quitting smoking reduces your chance of many different types of cancers, COPD, you know,heart disease.So I try to figure out, first of all, are they willing to quit, because if the personisn’t ready to hear those words, if they’re not ready for themselves to make that decision,oftentimes it just goes right over their head, and […]

From Smoking to Sax

My name is Charles Kaymer, I’m an Army veteranI smoked for 50 years because of my smoking I have COPDBladder cancer and my doctor told me that I have to use a machine to practice my breathingthat’s when I decided that I was going to play the saxophone andMake that my machine and how able […]

AUAA Quitting Smoking

>>From Penn State Health St. Joseph, this is Ask Us Anything About Quitting Smoking.I’m Barbara Schindo.Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, killing about500,000 people a year.And today we’re going to talk about the dangers of tobacco and some strategies to help peoplequit smoking.I’m joined by Diane Schmeck, who is […]

Programs to Quit Smoking: Compared

Looking to kick the habit? If so, there are plenty of support programs out there designedto help you quit. And a few of them have just been compared for the first time. I’m ShelbyCullinan with your latest health news.In this study, a team of researchers looked at the Web-based and phone-based tobacco cessationprograms available in […]

You Quit, You Win 15 Seconds

– [Narrator] Set yourself free fromhaving to hide from your kidsfree from the expense,from coughing and running out of breath.Set yourself free from the smokesand you’ll be free from all the crap that goes with it.Visit to find out how.

Cancer care: importance of discussing quitting smoking and referring to NSW Quitline

I think at the time of diagnosis of a cancer it is a very difficult time. Thechallenges that people face when they have a cancer diagnosis and when they’resmoking to quit is everything else that’s going on in their life. I thinkthey worry about being judged and really it’s a matter of being understanding andthen […]