FDA Ads Highlight Dangers Of Smokeless Tobacco

The US FDA recently announced that it is expanding its “The Real Cost” campaign to educaterural, white male teenagers about the negative health consequences associated with smokelesstobacco use. For the first time, messages on the dangers of smokeless tobacco use – includingnicotine addiction, gum disease, tooth loss, and multiple kinds of cancer – are beinghighlighted […]

Tobacco pouch keratosis – Etiology, Clinical features and Treatment

Tobacco pouch keratosis, as the name implies is a “white, keratotic” lesion whose clinicalappearance is “pouch” like and occurs due to usage of “smokeless tobacco”.This habit of using smokeless tobacco, is prevalent among people, especially in countries likeIndia and other countries in South-East Asia as well as United States and Sweden.Smokeless tobacco in the western […]

Why Quit Smoking?

In this world— where cigarette smoking is costing more than 7 million lives, 2 trilliondollars in healthcare and lost productivity… where smoking remains the leading cause ofpreventable deaths from cancer… people still smoke.What does smoking do?We all know that  smoking increases the risk for serious health problems, diseases, anddeath. We know about the increased risks […]

Clive Bates on e-cigarettes, vaping, and tobacco harm reduction – Full interview | VIEWPOINT

Sally: We’re here with Clive Bates, one of my most esteemed colleagues in the world ofe-cigarettes and vaping, and more largely, public health.He is an expert in tobacco control, has worked for many years in that.For a number of years, he was the head of Action on Smoking and Health, which is a publichealth advocacy […]

New study shows smokers of reduced-nicotine cigarettes smoke less 니코틴 함량 낮은 담배

Reduced-nicotine cigarettes are a popular choice for smokers in Korea.There is a common perception they might be the lesser of two evils,… but are theyany less unhealthy than regular strength cigarettes? Park Se-young has the details.Cigarette smoke contains over 4,700 chemical compounds, including nicotine, the highlyaddictive, and harmful, substance found naturally in tobacco.In recent years […]

Tobacco Addiction: Nicotine and Other Factors, Animation

Of the many harmful chemicals found in tobacco products and cigarette smoke, nicotine isthe major substance responsible for tobacco addiction.Nicotine acts to increase the amount of a neurotransmitter called dopamine in the brainreward pathway, which is designed to “reward” the body with pleasurable feelings for importantbehaviors that are essential for survival, such as feeding when […]

Clive Bates: What are the regulations the FDA is enforcing on the e-cigarette market? | VIEWPOINT

Sally: Last April, the FDA issued deeming regulations which officially put electronicnicotine delivery devices under the umbrella of the FDA.And in the course of doing so…well, that’s what I’m…I’ll throw that to you.What has the FDA proposed, or enforcing, I should say?Clive: With any regulation, your starting point should be what is the problem to […]

Smokeless Tobacco

NARRATOR: Veterans who use smokeless tobacco face uniqueobstacles when they try to quit. It’s not the same as quitting cigarettes —a difference many treatment options don’t recognize.There’s more nicotine in smokeless tobacco than in cigarettes,which can cause a stronger addiction and make itharder to quit. It can even more challenging to find health care providerswho […]

Effects From Dip | Smokeless Doesn’t Mean Harmless | The Real Cost

[OMINOUS SOUNDTRACK]When you see yourself like that,it’s hard to believe that it all began with a can of dip.But then you start to look back.When your teeth started getting loose.When you ignored the signs.When you thought white patches were no big deal.When you believed a can of dip could do no harm.Dip can cause mouth […]

Tobacco Harm Reduction Messages Targeted to Smokers

tobacco harm reduction messages targeted to smokers an approach whose time hascomethis proposal is to include thr messages with smoke tobacco products the thrmessages are designed to supplement existing tobacco control measuresoffering viable alternatives to smoking will likely appeal to the remainingsmokers who enjoy smoking or otherwise cannot quitthe thr infographic has five elements the […]