Do Smart Students Smoke More Pot?

Everyone knows that guy or gal who’s super smart, and can play soccer while recitingYeats backwards who also happens to be a SUPER HUGE POTHEAD WHATSUPWITHDAT?!Hey y’all, Trace here for DNews. This week a new 30 year, 39,000 person Canadian studycame out comparing tobacco smoking teens with pot smoking teens. Researchers learned thepopularity of pot […]

Does Ellen Smoke Weed?

I want to show you a video someone showed me. They were confused. I was confused. This is the title of the video they stumbled upon. Does Ellen smoke weed? Apparently, the pro-marijuana website put this video using things that I’ve said on the show to figure out if I smoke weed. And this is […]

ONLY Way to Legally Smoke Weed in Las Vegas – Hypno-joints!

: Hey, this is Marc Savard backstage at the V Theater.I told you I’ll bring you some behind the scenes clips of some things that were happeningthat were funny on stage well tonight’s no exception. I did the hypno joint routine whereI give it to the participants and sometimes funny things happen, well plenty of […]

Nobel laureate Aziz Sancar appears in public announcement, suggests quitting smoking

When you continue to smoke, the DNA repair mechanism cannot cope, and then you have cancer.So, when people ask me if I will find a cure for cancer, I tell them:‘If you do not smoke, do not use tobacco products,then there is no need for a DNA repair mechanism.’My advice is that, especially in regards […]

How to quit smoking

Hi everyone!This is Simple Fact Youtube ChannelIt’s a new channelWe want to talk about some simple fact…First of allIt won’t be a classic motivational speech or videoand i won’t talk about hazard of smooking tooas you can see in this photo…I know this can not able to deter you from smooking unless you face of […]

Penn & Teller – Smoking/Sleight of Hand Trick

This is not intended to glorify smoking.That said, looks simple, doesn’t it?But when you’re dealing with a master of sleight of hand like my partner Teller,even the simplest activity may be a complex deception.Let’s watch that routine again.Is he really crushing out his cigarette?Is he really adjusting his hat?Is he really pulling out a fresh […]

Deutz engine smoke problem

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again!Overhere we have our terrific DeutzWe drove it last time and we all saw it was smoking on one sideWhen it was running we checked which cylinder stayed coldNow we know it is this cylinder which causes the problemIt can have several causes; it can be a faulty injectorBut it […]

How does asthma work? – Christopher E. Gaw

It starts with a cough,or a wheeze.Soon, your chest feels tight.Your breathing speeds up and gets shallower,making you feel short of breath.These are common symptoms of an asthma attack.Around the world, more than 300 million people suffer from asthma,and around 250,000 people die from it each year.But why do people get asthma and how can […]

Peaky Blinders cast smoke herbal cigarettes when they are filming

Peaky Blinders star Helen McCrory has revealed the cast of the hit BBC series are actually smoking herbal tobacco every time their characters light up on screenThe cast, including Helen, who plays Polly Gray, and Cillian Murphy, who plays crime boss Thomas Shelby, are said to make their way through around 5,000 ‘cigarettes’ during each […]

Seafoam–can’t believe what it did to my engine!!

work on. The injectors need cleaned outso I’m going to put a can of seafoam ofthe tank I have a sticking lifter so I’mgoing to put a can inside the theuhm crankcase see if that helps some andawesome of us try to clean out some ofthe carbon deposits on the cylinder sotoday’s going to be […]