How to charge e-Cigarette’s batteries – ESTEEM Premium Cigarette

How to charge the ESTEEM battery. The battery is really important for your experience, if the battery is not fully charged enough you are not going to have good enough cloud and won’t have the same experience. So is a really good practice to repeatedly and continuously charge your batteries and keep them charged. To […]

What Is The Deal With Vaping? | Is Vaping Bad?

Is vaping healthy? Or is it killing you?In this video, we’re going to be discussing how vaping worksWhether it helps people quit smoking or just gets more people addictedand is it really dangerous…?Hey there guys, I’m Jesse Crowe, The Travelling ScientistAnd after studying pharmacology for years, I’m here to help you live smarter, happier & […]

Smokefree Housing with Mental Health America

Because of the HUD smoke-free housing rule, residents are just able to livehealthier lives and we were able to create that environment for them.The US Department of Public Housing and Urban Development set a policy in place thatwas scheduled for July 30th, 2018, and all of the public housing authorities had tobe smoke-free at that […]

Smoking Cessation with Mental Health America

Well because of the HUD smoke-free housing rule, residents are just able tolive healthier lives and we were able to create that environment for them.Smoking is just one more barrier in the road to recovery of learning how to cope witha mental illness. So if you feel like if we can if we can get […]

Episode 4: Helping colleges quit tobacco- University of San Francisco

(uplifting music)(upbeat guitar music)Welcome back, to Healthy Communities News.I’m Hilary Russo.Today, we’re on the beautiful campusof the University of San Francisco.(upbeat music)They’re one of more than 200 colleges and universitiesto get funding as partof the CVS Health Foundation Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative.This program is part of Be The First,a $50 million commitment by the company,and the […]

Save our kids from smoking

It’s really shocking.How old he is?But they are shown at the corner or behind of home,at rail station or any unusual places by this scenario.So keep your concentration on your child and create a strong platform for them.

We’re quitting smoking, so why is big tobacco booming?

Smoking rates in the UK have been falling for decades,but at the same time cigarette companies are making more money than ever.They’ll tell you they are moving away from cigarettes and towards healthier alternatives,but if you look a little closer that’s nowhere near the full story.So, what’s really behind big tobacco’s big profits?Cigarette makers are […]

Beginners Guide to Becoming a Regular Vaper

Hi there, this is Stephen from Vape Cluband today we’re going to be looking atthat transition between being a regular smokerto a full-time vaper.Now because there are some differences betweensmoking and vaping, there can be somechallenges that you might come acrossbut with a little bit of help in the right placeit can become much, much […]

Vlog: Want to quit smoking? Try Vaping… What have you got to lose?

alright alright so I’ve been a smokerfor what am I now 42 turning forty threeand I’ve been smoking some sort of 17basically of smoked a pack a day pack of25 sometimes smoked more than a pack ata day and yeah look over that time ofI’ve tried to quit so many times I’vetried patches numerous times […]

Lung and Bronchus Cancer Statistics | Did You Know?

(Music)Did You Know? Video Series: Lung and Bronchus CancerDid you know that lung cancer is the leading cause ofcancer death for both men and women in the United States?From 2009 to 2013, lung cancer caused more deaths than breast,prostate, colorectal, and liver cancers combined.In 2016, lung cancer diagnoses represented 13% of all newcancer cases in […]