Hookah Smoking : Hookah Cost

If you’re going to go buy a hookah and you’re going to load your first bowl, some of thebowls you might get look like this, they don’t usually have the top on it like that, butyou can put your little top on it, it just keeps the ash in and it keeps the heat inas […]

Social Smoke Mint Shisha (Hookah) – Review

Hey folks. Paul here once again with another video review for you. This one is for SocialSmoke Mint. Not absolutely zero, just they’re straightmint flavor, which is actually a pretty new flavor. It only came out a few months ago.I really like it. I’m a big fan of street mint flavors. This one has a […]

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco – New Shisha Flavors

*music* Announcer: Welcome to Southsmoke.com, the web’s #1 premier hookah store.Enjoy this video and make sure to visit us on web at www.SouthSmoke.com.*Mellow music* What’s up guys?SouthSmoke.com here to talk about a couple new shisha flavors from Trifecta Tobacco.Trifecta Hookah continues to blow minds with creative flavored tobacco blends and thisrecent trio of shisha flavors […]

Smoking herbal shisha is not safer

Truth: Herbal shisha is not safer. Hi, my name’s Alistair and I’m a GP registrar workingwith Barnet Council’s Public Health team. Today I’m here to talk truths and bust mythsabout the health effects of smoking shisha as part of the Council’s awareness campaign.Many people tell me that they believe herbal shisha is safer than shisha […]

Adding E-Liquid to Hookah (Shisha) Tobacco

Hey folks. Paul here with a quick how-to for you. This one is for adding e-liquid to shishatobacco. I’ve been finding myself a bit fascinatedwith electronic cigarettes and mods and e-liquids and all that fun stuff and I figured thatthere are enough similarities between a hookah and an electronic cigarette that I would tryand combine […]

What is NON Tobacco Hookah? How its Made- Hookah Tobacco

whatsup everyone! guys today’s video is gonna bea little different than what I donormally i usually i’m showing you’llsomething or the other, but here ill just beis be talking and of course i’ll havesome video or the other to keep you’llinterested and make you’ll stay on myvideo and watch it anyway I had AnujKothari aske […]

The Rise of Arabian Tobacco ‘Dokha’ (دوخة) – History, Use, Myths, Health Effects

If you’re from outside the Middle East or North Africa region you’ve probably neverheard of the Arabian tobacco known as Dokha, which is one of the most rapidly spreadingtobacco products in the middle east. It originated in Northern Iran in the 15th century and wastraditionally smoked by Bedouins and Sailors in the Arabian Peninsula. Now, […]