Teen Who Claims To Smoke Marijuana Daily Says She Doesn’t Care About The Risks

you say you you smoke marijuana for breakfast lunch and dinner you said and lots of times with your mother do you have any idea what the research says about the neurological impact of that on a teenage brain no and I don’t care I told her that I told well that tells me the […]

Why Socrates Hated Democracy

We are used to thinking very highly of democracy – and by extension, of Ancient Athens, thecivilisation that gave rise to it. The Parthenon has become almost a byword for democraticvalues, which is why so many leaders of democracies like to be photographed there.It’s therefore very striking to discover that one of Ancient Greece’s great […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition-Episode 40 with Beth Hammond

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Self Hypnosis Instructions & Techniques : How to Use Self Hypnosis to Achieve Your Goals

Hi. I’m Beth Pry from Mindlinks on behalf of Expert Village. And today I have with meBrad Brewer. Owner of the Brad Brewer Golf Academy at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando,Florida. Today in this segment we’re talking about self hypnosis. And we’re gotten to thepart to let you know why it’s important to see yourself […]

Hypnosis Video – Most Disgusting Man Alive

I’m the mostdisgusting human being you’veever seen in the entire worldand I’m giving you those eyes,those hey hey hey, baby kind ofeyes.}Good to have you here LaurenNice to meet you.Good to have you here.All right, perfect.: Hey Lauren, where are you from?:: Where are you from?: New York.: New York as well. All right, excellent.Is […]

tomato hypnosis for ideal body shape and health 35 min

I wonder if a tomato plant can, as you close your eyes and listen to this, feel, reallyfeel a kind of comfort… you know, as you take a deep breath and think about it, a plantis a wonderful thing, and it is so nice, so pleasing just to be able to think of aplant as […]

The World as Self – Alan Watts Chillstep Mix

If you awaken from this illusion,and you understand that black implies white,self implies other, life implies death,you can feel yourselfnot as a stranger in the worldnot as something here on probationnot as somethingthat has arrived here by fluke. But you can begin to feel your own existenceas absolutely fundamental.What you are basicallydeep deep down, far […]

Hypnotized Blonde Girl Thinks She Has 11 Fingers!

0:06 Right now, you’re going to realize thenumber 2 has completely vanished from your vocabulary. It doesn’t exist. So wheneveryou count, it’s one, three, four — you just skip it like it was never even there.How many fingers you got? How have you had your whole life? And without counting them.1010, alright, so five and […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 150 with Tyler (self control / over eating)

hello hits themtyler hired yai and editing cmblue arms so you understand himoften college adultuh…i think that i must say that boston college that i am a communications majoruh… also taking some business in econ uh… coursesagian a sophomorei am nineteen years though and turning twenty uh… in november if the nextmonthuh…wealthi’m a dancer okaymuch […]

The Case of the White Kitten / Portrait of London / Star Boy

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