We’re Using Stem Cells to Reverse Baldness and It’s Actually Working

Some very hairy mice are bringing us another step closer to un-LOCKing a way to regeneratea full head of hair.Did somebody say a pun?!About 50% of men and 25% of women experience at least partial hair loss by the age of 50,whether due to age, medical treatments, or disease.Current options for those looking to reverse […]

A Vaping-Related Illness Has Turned Deadly, Here’s What You Need to Know

In recent weeks, reports of a mysterious respiratory illness have taken the U.S. by storm, onethat’s sickened at least 380 patients and turned fatal for seven.As health investigators from across the country begin to look into the issue, a common threadseems to be emerging: vaping.But medical studies are still in their preliminary stages, and there […]

The Mystery of Our First Interstellar Visitor Just Got More Complicated

Just over a year ago, on October 19, 2017 astronomers saw an object from interstellarspace flying through our solar system for the first time.It was dubbed Oumuamua — Hawaiian for “scout” — and almost as suddenly as it had appeared,it was out of sight again.Of course we at Seeker covered it and reported that based […]

Can Smoking Weed Increase Your Sex Drive?

What puts you in the mood for, you know…..Is it oysters?Chocolate?What about weed?The pot smoker stereotype is pretty ingrained in popular culture.They are depicted as lazy, unmotivated, sleepy.Nothing that really screams, “filled with crazy sexual desire.”And these headlines from a few years ago would agree with that: I mean, marijuana is obviouslybad for your sex […]

How Indonesia’s Kids Are Getting Hooked On Cigarettes