Deutz engine smoke problem

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again!Overhere we have our terrific DeutzWe drove it last time and we all saw it was smoking on one sideWhen it was running we checked which cylinder stayed coldNow we know it is this cylinder which causes the problemIt can have several causes; it can be a faulty injectorBut it […]

A Software Executive Becomes a Hypnotist

– Erika’s class was kind of beyondanything that I could’ve expected.You have all of the tools and abilities that you need,by the time that you’re done with that class,to go out and see clients, literally starting the next day.Through 5-Path as a hypnotherapeutic methodology,you have the ability to see a client throughany situation that they […]

Crazy Cool Inventions – Time Since Launch by cw&t – One Circle

and John Glenn launched into spacemillions of people by watching it had tobe on this timeline backup clock itstarted that to me is a really beautifulmoment if you mark something maybe itgives it a little bit more permanence asopposed to just letting it whiz bycan you make timekeeping devices thatalter your relationship to time 1 […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Marlene’s Vision Loss

(Marlene) I was 15 andmy mom was a smoker,and I took a cigarette andI started puffing on it.I was 15, I thought I was cool.Believe me, if I would have knownwhat the consequenceswere going to be, I would neverhave put that cigarette in my mouth.When I would watch TV, the letters seemed different.I couldn’t see […]

Don’t Go Up In Smoke! | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: I don’t think it’s good or bad.It is just quite stupid to be smoking.It’s not good or bad,it’s just stupidbecause this machine was not made to smoke.This is an eco-friendly machine.But now you are making it into a smoking machine,that means it’s stupid, isn’t it?A well, very efficient machineyou make it an inefficient machine,is […]