I Watch 3 Episodes of Mind Field With Our Experts & Researchers

(soft music) (eerie sound) – Hey Vsauce! Michael here. Every episode of Mind Field is now free to view all over the world, all 24 episodes, all three seasons. Whoa! It is really exciting. And it’s why I’ve invited you hear to Vsauce headquarters. Why watch Mind Field alone when you could watch it with […]

How To Make a Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit

These desktop rockets might be tiny, but they’re impressively powerful, leave a cool trailof smoke, and shoot up to 40 feet away. Surprisingly, they’re only powered by one single matchhead. In this project we’re using aluminum foil and a box of matches, to make the ultimatein desktop weaponry. Homemade, Matchbox Rockets.All we need to start […]

What’s inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?

(dramatic percussion music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. And today we’re at the Phoenix Zoo. – We came here because we wanted to see What’s Inside of a rattlesnake rattle. A lot of you guys have recommended that, and I thought, “That’s a really cool idea.” But before we […]

Fire in ZERO-G!!

I’m about to experience weightlessnessfor the first time.Oh my god! Oh my godthat is so strange *Oh my god*this is totally freakythis is way better than I expectedI’m just gonna say that right now*um*I’m going up to the ceilingand here we are.I am ridiculously excited, because behind meis a Zero-G plane.I’m in France, I was […]

The Ebola Virus Explained — How Your Body Fights For Survival

What makes Ebola so dangerous?How can a virus overwhelm the very complexdefense system of the body so quicklyand so effectively?Let’s take a look at what Ebola does.(Theme music)Ebola is a virus.A virus is a very small thing.A bit of RNA or DNAand a few proteinsand a hull.It has no ability to do anythingby itself whatsoever,and […]

NASA Explorers S3 E1: Seeing Through Smoke

NASA.The Agency that landed on the moon, launched the Hubble Space Telescope,and took the first rover selfie? Yeah, that NASA.We also chase fires. NASA Explorers Introducing Season ThreeFiresThis team is in the middle of a recovery operation.The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protectionis using NASA satellite data to map the path of destructionafter the […]

Streamlining the Adoption Process & E-Cigarette Smoking Bans & Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets

17:17:11:18 �� 17:30:08:06>>>Coming up next on “Arizona17:30:10:15 Horizon,” we’ll see how Maricopa 17:30:12:06 County is streamlining its17:30:14:00 process for adoptions. 17:30:15:06 Also tonight, does the state’s17:30:19:00 smoking ban apply to 17:30:21:18 e-cigarettes?17:30:22:15 And an exhibit that shows how 17:30:24:09 archeologists uncover the17:30:26:03 secrets of ancient Egypt. 17:30:29:18 Those stories next on “Arizona17:30:30:09 Horizon.” 17:30:31:18>>>”Arizona Horizon” […]

How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma

almost eight years ago when this channel was fresh and before I had gray hairs inmy beard in fact before I had a beard I made a video showing that if you take agrape and cut it almost completely in half and put it in the microwave you canmake some plasmabut the explanation we had […]

We’re Using Stem Cells to Reverse Baldness and It’s Actually Working

Some very hairy mice are bringing us another step closer to un-LOCKing a way to regeneratea full head of hair.Did somebody say a pun?!About 50% of men and 25% of women experience at least partial hair loss by the age of 50,whether due to age, medical treatments, or disease.Current options for those looking to reverse […]

Why Couples Should Smoke Weed Together

We may have found the key to marital peace! It’s green, it’s pungent, and it’s thecause for nearly 1 million arrests every year.Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. The notion that people who smoke weed are non-violentpeace lovers may be more than just a stereotype. A new study in the journal Psychology of AddictiveBehaviors […]