The Smoking Spirit of Sachs Bridge – Paranormal History

in this video we’re gonna tell you the story of the Smoking Ghosts from Sachs Bridge in GettysburgWell Hello there parapeeps and welcome to another episode of our haunted travels I am yourhost Shawn Donley and I’m your co-host Marianne Donley that’s right we’re gonnago over a very interesting experience that we have done over […]

IT: The History of Richie Tozier | Horror History

If you want to hear about how Richie’s teenage years are documented in another Stephen Kingnovel, then stick around to the end of this video.You went online, clicked on this video, basically dragged me out here to this studio, and nowI’m gonna have to analyse this ******* character.So welcome to Horror History, my name is […]

The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals

(Lightning and thunder)(Lightning and thunder)The greatest stories ever told . . .Have a hero who must be bold.They learn a sense of right and wrongAnd better learn this sense through song!Musicals tell the impossible.(The impossible)They evoke the philosophical, yeah.So tonight we’re gonna chronicle a story so astronomical . . .The last remaining story to tell!The […]

PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker

hey yo what’s going on guys it’s Papa Jake here and as you know we arecurrently on the run from what we believe are either hackers spies orpotentially worse we were able to make it back to our house after the lastvideo we had to escape the haunted woods at 3 a.m. we used camera […]


Some of the material featured in this countdown is extremely graphic and of a distressing nature. This compilation is not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned.Top 40: Scariest International Public Service Announcements (PSAs)[Part Three]#20 “The Mirror” Anorexia Bulimia Contact 2007, SwedenSupport and assistance. For those with eating disorders. And for those who are kin.Anorexia […]


[郭尙奎] You know, it’s hard to quit smoking.So I didn’t give up smoking.I do know for surebut now it’s much harder.but now it’s much harder. [Smoking increases the risk of stroke three times.][Smoking increases the risk of stroke three times.] It gets harder if you don’t quit.Although it is hard to stop smoking,quit before it’s […]


They call it… throat cancer.They’ve come in… and removed… my voice box.Before… they did this.. they found out…I’ve got lung cancer as well.So, my future plans right now are…Alexandra… my eldest… is coming over here for a……holiday on December 13th.I will be alive for that.Call 0800 169 0 169.[television sounds][lighter ignites, fire burns cigarette]Every cigarette […]

Get Out Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Daniel Kaluuya Movie

– You got your toothbrush? – Check.– Do you have your deodorant? – Check.– You have your cozy clothes? – Got that.– What?– Do they know I’m black?– Should they? – You might wanna, you know.– Mom and dad, my black boyfriend will be coming up this weekend.Just don’t want you to be shocked that […]

People Afraid Of Roller-Coasters Ride One For The First Time (360° Video)

– How you feelin’ right now?– I’m so scared– I’m a little perturbed right now– It looks terrifying– It does– It’s just so high– Just a straightawayLike we have to go really fast to be able to get up to that– So fast, I’m afraid it’s not gonna work– Shit– Also, I wanna hold on […]

10 Scary Facts About Smoking

For the past century the attitude to smoking has changed. It once used to be fashionable,sexy, and wide-spread, but nowadays smoking is seen as an unhealthy habit which decreasesa lifetime of both a smoker and everyone around them. Today we will get you through some scaryfacts related to smoking, cigarettes, and people who smoke.Cigarettes are […]