Hey what up peeps, it’s ya boy Ethan from h3h3.The sun finally came out, it’s a beautiful nice warm day here in New York Cityand I wanted to show you all at home what I’m about.A little peep into the world of E.K. from h3.Vape naysh, y’all!♪ chill synth backing track with vinyl scratch noises […]


– (man) I miss Blockbuster Video.– (Ian) SHUT UP!!!– Meet Eddie.18 years old.He only has two hours before he has to go to bedbecause he has school in the morning.But as he’s searching for options of what to watch on Netflix,his conscience comes into play.– Alright – stop!Before you waste hours on SharknadoThen complain to […]

The Best Of Minecraft Thus Far… (Best Moments Montage)

Error error. This is not a drill. He’s a head it just like really zoomed anal man. Oh, manI’m really gonna pick YouTube thing. Ah jeez. Ah, geez Rick. We’re really screwedWe can go to the multiverse and stop it from ever happening. Oh my god. Oh, don’t worry guysThis is not becoming a Minecraft […]

Plastic Pollution: How Humans are Turning the World into Plastic

When the gods granted king Midas one wish, he wished that everything he touched would turn to gold.Midas was delighted. Trees, rocks, buildings all gold.But soon he found in horror that his food turned into gold as well.When he hugged his daughter to soothe his pain, he realized his mistake too late.The richest man in […]

The Stolen Cigar Case | A Sherlock Holmes parody by Bret Harte | Full Audiobook

The Stolen Cigar Caseby Bret HarteI found Hemlock Jones in the old Brook Street lodgings, musing before the fire. With thefreedom of an old friend I at once threw myself in my usual familiar attitude at his feet,and gently caressed his boot. I was induced to do this for two reasons: one, that it enabledme […]

3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

All around the world,marijuana is being decriminalized, or even made legal.But is this really a good idea?In the online debate,the harmful sides are often downplayed.So let’s look at the three most powerful argumentsagainst legalizing marijuana.[Intro – Kurzgesagt]Argument number 1:In the last few decades,Marijuana has been engineered to become much more potent.Today, marijuana is so potent,that […]

I paid Belle Delphine $3,000 to be my girlfriend

Okay.You know what?I can make a lot of money from this.Belle Delphine: One of the GREATEST minds of our generation.More importantly, Belle Delphine is a WOMAN-…on the internet.Some would call that-being a GIRL GAMER.Now I first heard of Belle from various commentary channels making videos on her.[generic British commentator]: “Alright, for real, what is she […]

Ex-Pedophile Shares Tips On How To Make Your Kids Less Attractive

Every parent’s worse nightmare is of course their child falls victim to a sexual predator. But it’s hard to know how to keep their kids safe. Yeah it is but today we’re gonna get some insider tips from a child safety expert and ex-pedophile, Terry Parker, welcome to the show. Hi Jim, Tracy, thanks for […]

Homer Visits A Medical Marijuana Clinic | Season 28 Ep. 11 | THE SIMPSONS

Uh, yeah, I’m really anxious, Doc.I’m not sleeping at night.I’m not sleeping at work.OK, OK, I get it.Here’s your prescription for medicinal marijuana.I don’t want weed.I’d like a letter for a therapy animal of the pig persuasion.Oh, you fakers disgust me.Get out.You’re harshing my clinic.How many opioids would you like?I don’t want any.Oh, come on.You’ve […]

How Lil Tay Ended Her Career

Lil tay, stay away from the old-fashioned mediaI mean if you want to be completely wiped off your platform, be my guest, because if you continue to accept any of these likeThese more of these slip-ups are gonna happen in the futureLil tay youngest flexa in centurySpoiler alert, she’s not, that’s a factShe’s a nine […]